Third Recommendation from a PhD candidate

  1. Would you not be able to get the supervisor of said PhD student to give the letter but the letter's contents would be based on the PhD student's experience with you and the letter could be co-signed by the student? This is done in a lot of cases.

  2. I'm a senior undergrad, and we had a physics professor from our department give us a talk on how to apply to grad school. I am pretty sure he's been on a few admissions committees in his time, and in his view, your letter writers really need to have a Ph.D. He feels that if they don't, they don't really know what it takes to succeed in grad school, and therefore they wouldn't be qualified to discuss whether you have what it takes to succeed in grad school. Just one professor's opinion, but it makes sense to me. If there's anybody else (especially since you already have someone from that lab writing you a letter), I would avoid asking the student.

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