Just got the Escudo engine, but can't find info on the compatible car (engine swap)

  1. haha really? I've had this sitting in my tuning parts for ages and never bothered to do anything with it. I figured it was just a replacement engine if you owned an Escudo. I guess I should get an Evo X then.

  2. What I don’t get is why does one need to go to a reddit community to find the information? Why isn’t it nice and simple, which the engine swap tickets specially noting the compatible cars.

  3. True. I think adding to that that some engines are just to rare to be listed on the forums. Someone mentioned GTForums, but I have not found the engine on there..

  4. Not weird. These are popular swaps that actually work on rl. If you were to try to shoehorn one of the ls engines into a civic, you’d be in for a ton of fab work, and a car whose balance is shit. It’s been done, but it’s hardly worth it.

  5. It's an inside joke in Polyphony. Most casual playrs don't even know engines can be swaped (no info about in game), SO PLAYRS JUST RAPLACE THOSE ENGINES IN THE SAME CAR. Look for it in google, tons of people who actually did just that.

  6. Just another comment to say that for a AAA, flagship title, the way that these engine swaps are tied to what appear to be in many (most?) cases a single car is unforgivable.

  7. Hell, NFS Heat did it. They gave every car a set of compatible engines, which you can pick and choose, buy duplicates if you want and save them for OTHER COMPATIBLE CARS, each of which retains compatible mods applied to it, which was albeit significantly simpler than what I'd expect out of GT7 at this stage.

  8. Completing some Extra Menus can reward you with a guaranteed engine ticket. The next best option is to raise your collector level to 20 to maximise the likelihood of getting a 4 star ticket with a chance at an engine.

  9. Got this too. From one of the cafe tickets. Bought the car for it upgraded it but haven't driven it yet. Probably rips.

  10. Another engine glitch? Or are you just a 1/1000000000000000000000 go buy lottery tickets homie just share me some cash when you win

  11. Either the evo 10 f.e is broken or the engine is. My op’s refused to adjust after about 794. The minor reseals register for the behavior of the car but can’t really tell what I’m losing or gaining

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