New to graphology :3 wanted to know what my handwriting says abt me!

  1. Overall you have good rhythm and pressure so that’s a good sign for fitting in socially and at work. The downward loops on your g and y letters indicate your physical side and the way you dive into physical activity and even your sexuality. Watch the way the stems dip into the next line, which suggests you may get tangled up into relationships wholeheartedly or take on exercise with fervor. Your t bars are often rather low which points to a self esteem that tends to need bolstering. Don’t underestimate your abilities. I also see that same issue in your signature where you cross out your name. This is a self cancelling mechanism where you may sabotage yourself or discount your own abilities. You may do well in law or education primarily but with capabilities for other fields as well.

  2. Thank you so much for your analysis! I didn’t expect that one could tell that I was really committed to exercise ;-; I also didn’t think my impostor syndrome would show through my handwriting.. great catch there!

  3. I see somebody who has self-destructive or sabotaging tendencies. There is a big element of self loathing here. You seem like a lovely person who feels the need to please others and has a tendency of putting others first which also shows me a lack of self-respect. How are your eating habits?

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