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  1. Technically they play the entirety of “Terrapin Station”, but they leave out the “Lady With a Fan” section.

  2. I can’t, because you’re right. The first show that ever really stole my face and all these shows later, it still might be the best I’ve heard.

  3. Don't know about you but my favorite show, hell, my favorite song varies based on unusual congruences: The moon phase, if I'm smoking Indica, Sativa or Hybrid, what pc game I may be playing, have I had a good bowel movement today (Hey, I'm 47), work day or weekend, am I wearing undies or commando, where's the cat at? and more

  4. I’m convinced the Europe shows were the best they ever were…the circumstances, the camaraderie, the Dark Stars…

  5. I’m adding 5/11/72 and seconding the Europe 72 opinion. Between the two souls in communion with pigpen and the morning dew it’s always been a favorite of mine

  6. I disagree!!! Great show 100% but the only reason the show got such notoriety is because it was one of the first Betty Boards that got circulated.

  7. It's good stuff, not weird enough for my tastes, but it's a hot one. Non DP3 source preferred with the full gig, it's probably a Miller.

  8. Absolutely blew my mind as a young deadhead. I think I first went into Cornell with super high expectations and of course it was still good but it didn’t resonate with me first listen like this show did

  9. It's definitely one of the best 77 shows, but I don't know it is THE best 77 show. I think 5/8, 5/9, 5/17, 5/21, 5/22, 5/26, 6/8, and 6/9 are all very good.

  10. While it might not be their best show, the Dancin' in the Streets from this show is one of the hottest jams the Dead ever laid down, maybe my favorite Jerry solo (and there's a lot of great ones)

  11. Your on! Listening on ReListen right now, nice recording! They’re a band beyond description! Thanks for turning me on! ⚡️😜⚡️

  12. My favorite show, so I'm in agreement. The only downside is that flubbed note Jerry hit during the main build up of Dew lol. But it's all good.

  13. Music never stopped opener from this show might be one of those songs I’d play for someone who never heard the dead to show them what I like about the music

  14. Definitely hot. Way better than the overhyped 5/8/77. However, for my money I’d take Tivoli Hall or any show from the Lyceum run in Europe 1972. One drummer swings harder, Jerry’s on his Strat…the band is on fire spring 72.

  15. just listened to it, music never stopped, peggy o, sugaree (!), and samson were off the damn charts! everything was smooth as could be and made quite an awesome run :)

  16. I never hear anyone talk about the help slip frank from this show but it’s hands down my favorite version of that entire suite and my favorite standalone franklins tower, like the second set is so stacked that the first half of the show gets overlooked

  17. I don't believe in one solitary best Dead show .... BUT these two shows would love to have a talk with you ...

  18. I can’t… after coffee and tree, drove through Tampa at 0430 today with intentions of just listening to help/slip and stayed for Franklins Tower, Samson. eyes etc and was blown away!!! Everyone was on point !!!

  19. There are a ton of epic shows out there from waaay before I got on the bus. After exploring the vast library of work, and I will die on this hill, my favorite show EVER, was my first live show with some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I think it’s the same for many of us. Which particular show it is, does not matter.

  20. Well I was only seven and not at that show but I’m pretty certain that between 85 and 95 what are the best shows ever all the ones I was at. lol jp

  21. I can't say that I've looked at the weather report for all 2300 show days, but a lot of old Heads will tell you Vegas 6/26/94.

  22. This is a great show, but I've never heard a great recording of it. Even the dick's pick legit release sounds "distant". Anyone aware of where I can find a decent recording of this show?

  23. I just typed the date in absentmindedly while doing something and up pops my favorite show😂😂. I love that show. That venue was a hot mess. But that show slaps for sure.

  24. Thank you for this meme. Listened to this show on Dicks Picks 3 and confirmed it is indeed fire. May be the best H>S>F of all time

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