annon is retarded

  1. Lack of empathy for your future self is one of the strongest negative correlations with success and happiness we have to measure.

  2. There was a period of time when id get really drunk then set random alrms on my phone with the message, "go fuck yourself". Haha good times...

  3. Weirdly enough I do the future me stuff as well, but always in a positive manner. Like I’ll work super hard so future me can thank me lol

  4. Cut out the middle man: I just time travel to toss things in front of past me's feet, watching that loser fall on his fat ass never gets old.

  5. Take the "coffee" out and substitute with peoples choices on education, careers, large debts, and health then this level of insanity unironically describes the behaviour of a lot of people.

  6. The short-sightedness of humans concerning the planet and our continued survival is honestly depressing and terrifying. Future humans are going to look back at this time period and think, "What the fuck were those idiots doing?"

  7. I trolled my future self by not doing shit at an amazing job that could sustain me for my entire life so i have to start from scratch again. Take that future me. Fuck you

  8. This must be how my wife feels after she told me to nut in her so now she's pregnant again basically as soon as it's safe to get pregnant after our first kid.

  9. As I always say. You can actually do almost whatever you want(until we can break the fundamentals of reality). But well well well if it isn’t the consequences of your own actions

  10. Is there a board where people post stories like these which isn't /b/? Seeing 927 "rate this asshole" posts while trying to find a single sensible one isn't really my preferred method of spending time.

  11. People like the above reference make it hard for my family to believe I have a real problem. Even though I’ve been married for 31 years and helped raise three great kids. Mostly provided for them financially. I had to quit practice got so bad. I don’t want to be lumped in with victimization platform or this is how I am I’m not going to try to improve. It’s hard but BP community has to understand the pitfall of our society from both ends of the spectrum. They try to understand and we try to get better.

  12. That's like.. the stupidest thing I've ever read. You're still you in the future. I understand the feeling of "there's no one that deserves to clean my stupid mess more than *ME!!!," but I'm lazy, and I could spend that time doing something else: various other forms of retardation.

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