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  1. Ngl I was one of those kids forced to interact with a parent who didn’t want me. I’d rather just stick to a once a year birthday card and monthly child support vs the literally physical abuse that I went through for eighteen years.

  2. None of that is the kid's fault. The kid just wanted to meet her. It's the least you could do to give her some closure.

  3. So is that now an empowered woman? Last time i checked when a guy reject his unwanted child, he is praised, he's a deadbeat, an asswhole and an evil person.

  4. So the father wants the child and the mom doesnt. Now anon is surprised that the mother has the same position she had 12 hears ago? Is anon retarded?

  5. right? I thought I was going insane. this little girl had a traumatic experience and now wants to avoid being reminded of that again. that perfectly reasonable to me

  6. I’d normally agree with you but the guy raised her for 12 years without any contact with the mother, then when she becomes interested in meeting her mother (probably just once) she just says she doesn’t want to meet her. Like even if I didn’t want to raise a child that I helped procreate and I wasn’t pressured into doing so, I’d at least want to meet my child. I feel like the bond I’d have with that child isn’t insignificant.

  7. Ther is a difference between raising a child for 18 years and spend 10 000s of hours and 100 000s of dollars on them. And saying hi to them once a year after they turn 12. in my book she would have been an asshole if she had an abortion and she is an asshole for not having the time to say hi to her daugther.

  8. she didnt want the kid why would she be expected to care for it? she disclosed that and honestly she shouldnt have let the dude pressure her into it.

  9. The guy who pressured her into having it is definitely way worse than the girl, but to be fair the child (allegedly) just wanted to meet her, it's not like they're asking her to step in and start raising it. But if that's really what the kid wanted, going to meet it would be nice.

  10. Crazy how if it was the other way around the fucking subzero IQ gorillas in this subreddit would be cheering the dad on for not wanting contact with a child he didn’t want. Heaven help these idiots lmao

  11. I get you but if the child wants to blame anyone blame the dad for forcing childbirth on someone that did not want it and by the looks of it regrets it.

  12. Can’t believe the hill you’re gonna die on is being shocked or upset that a woman who was coerced into having a kid she didn’t want on the promise that the other parent would care for it, still doesn’t want anything to do with said kid. Are you actually a complete fucking idiot?

  13. Fucking mental health movement is ridiculous at this point. Everyone has something. There’s goddamn tiktoks of people being like “I have adhd” and then being an asshole

  14. Lol yeah if you walk into the doctor and say your sad or anxious they’re say you have major depression/anxiety without questions and then hand you meds to get you high

  15. I mean, it's her good legal right? You're not forced to meet anybody. If the genders were reversed yall mfs would cheer for the dude for getting away from the pro life nutjob.

  16. 17 yo wants to kill a baby for no reason other than she doesn't want it. Father convinces the woman not to kill it and he will raise it alone. The child grows up and wants to see it's mother. Mother refuses. Woman bad.

  17. Situations like that are why I hate Reddit. The other day there was a post from a pregnant woman saying her boyfriend was pressuring her into an abortion that she didn’t want, and people were telling her to do it because her bf is an asshole who she shouldn’t have a kid with. They don’t care about women, they just hate children.

  18. How can you even read that as hating children? If she wants to leave her boyfriend and have the child by herself then whatever, her choice I guess, but to advocate bringing a child into an existence where it is not wanted and will have an awful upbringing? That is obviously bad for the child and to do it anyway just because you want one is gross. No one is hating children here.

  19. I wouldn't cheer her on, but she clearly doesn't want to see the child and wanted it aborted. She isn't an asshole for not wanting to see her child she didn't want to birth. Call it cold, but giving birth is stressful and at times traumatizing, especially if you are that young.

  20. Y’all are unironically surprised that a woman who was pressured into birthing a child she didn’t want, still doesn’t want it? Are you fucking stupid?

  21. Lets face it, the social media im general are trash. Either people who pretty much only use them to project themselves and their lives as much as possible to others (Facebook, instagram) or people who with the benefit of anonymity feel ok acting like complete retards online and writing whatever the hell they want (twitter, reddit). Oh also people who will fall as low as necessary to get paid (youtube, twitch). Not saying that there isnt some good content in all of these but the bad ones outweigh it by far

  22. Why do people think giving birth to a child will suddenly make you want it? She could have gotten an abortion but didn’t because he wanted a kid. She has no further obligation to this kid, which sucks for the kid but that’s life

  23. Most of this is understandable on her part, but come on, you could at least drive over and meet the kid, that's a huge deal to them, you can't just take that away from them because you don't feel like it.

  24. I believe something like that is possible. I feel more like it's possible Anon is a liar. I want a link to that AITA.

  25. thee definition of your typical reddit user (I say to myself as I write this comment on in while using reddit…) sigh

  26. Woman wants child, man doesn't. Reddit : that man is scum, he is a deadbeat, he should die, etc etc.

  27. What I have gathered from all of the comments here is that you guys assume that the Dad and Daughter wants the mom to literally take care of her.

  28. what closure? the closure was pretty simple the mother didn’t want the father and daughter in her life. what more closure can you get? she was pretty explicit.

  29. What do you think the outcome of the child and mother meeting would be? The child is 100% going to ask questions about why their mother wasn’t there and if she’ll stay now. The only answers the kid will get is “I wanted to abort you and never want to see you again”

  30. i went over to the subreddit and the first thing i see is a kid who's parents are into cuckhold and he thinks it gross and everyone is saying he is the asshole. WTF.

  31. Aita is a subreddit where people look for other assholes to justify their asshole behaviour. Unpopular opinion is where people post actual popular opiniom and downvote unpopular ones. Stick to 4chan, at least everyone theres really honest.

  32. Woman is forced to give birth underage (which is already extremely painful to begin with) because the guy who fucked her wants to keep it, when her daughter wants to meet her she does want to because she doesn't have a bond with someone she didn't want and was forced into having 12 years later

  33. To all the people saying she was "coerced" or "forced." Get a dictionary for god's sake. Pleading is not the same thing as coercing.

  34. I reckon if you don't feel any connection whatsoever to the child you carried and birthed, you have some sort of psychological disorder or you're just not a good person.

  35. how it’s better to have no mother, than an abusive toxic one who wishes you weren’t born imo.

  36. I hope she at least sent the kid family medical history, but that's about it. There's more then 1 reason people their kids in foster care, and most of them don't look back often.

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