Just moved to Greenville. Where can I find some pickup basketball games?

  1. You can try some of the branch YMCAs. The Taylors branch had a pretty good set up on Sunday afternoons, but it's been a while since I was there. Problem has been there are so many demands for court time from various groups that there are very few times when the courts are available. There are several branches in the area, I'd call around and if any of them still have one. Of course you'd have to join. Many of the local churches have gyms as well, but it would be pretty time consuming to find out where and when unless you had a connection.

  2. Relentless Church has a lot of regulars that play. I think you may need a membership but if you are a serious hooper I’m pretty sure it’s worth it. The guys who play there are good, and they’ve been going there a long time.

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