Am I the only one who never realized this? (S2 Spoiler)

  1. Fun Fact! This episode aired after the Superbowl. So they reeled in some new viewers with this shower scene and kept them devoted fans with the greatest episode to ever follow in GA history.

  2. This was the first episode I ever watched. I was in college, and it kept airing teasers about a “Code Black.” I just had to know what a Code Black was. I watched it and haven’t looked back since, ha.

  3. I love telling this story! When I saw how they started the episode, I called my husband in and showed him. It was a genius move!

  4. Yeah, it’s a story boarding technique called “framing”; basically you start and end the work (episode, film, theatrical play, etc) in a similar way; usually visually.

  5. Oh George saw them in the shower in the second pic? I didn’t realize he was looking in and I’ve seen the episode so many times!

  6. My ONLY complaint about this scene is that I get pulled out of it SO HARD by how Ellen seems totally disinterested in acting it out. Izzie and Christina are like OKAY I AM IN A FANTASY and Meredith feels forced.

  7. I've always thought that it was because deep down George always knew that she would never be interested in him. 🤷‍♀️

  8. Interesting! I saw it as each of them saying/doing exactly what George would fantasize about. Cristina tells him he's smart in an over the top way, Izzie says he's the strongest most masculine man and Meredith tells him she's in love with him all dreamy and breathy.

  9. I haven't rewatched that scene so I don't remember but hasn't she said recently that she doesn't want to do more sexual plots unless she gets a say in who it's with? Or something like that? I had heard that was one of the reasons we have Nick this season - because he's an old friend and she agreed to it with him.

  10. You basically summed up all three actresses approach to acting. When Sandra and Katherine were over doing Grey's and wanted to act in different projects, they simply left. They cont. doing what they love and put forth their talents.

  11. Same, feeling really dumb! I pick up on a lot of this! As a gay man I think I looked outside of the implied “perverted ideal” vs reality aspect and just never picked up on it

  12. Only on my 27th watch through. Funny, I never “got” the opening shower scene. Felt off to me. But the older I get the more genius the early seasons feel.

  13. I think it's used also to show how George really separates his sexual feelings for them. Like he's always seen them as people, but there's been a looming "hey I'm a guy living with 3 girls I desperately don't want to be friend zoned". He's very defensive season 1 and 2 about it, after this he isn't like that anymore. He's a way better friend and just a better person.

  14. The way they did this always bothered me. Like they were sexualizing something that ended up being tragic/traumatic and should not have been sexualized. If George needed to have his little shower fantasy for some reason just make it a standalone thing in a different episode

  15. I actually kind of liked that scene because it was clear that he saw that he was intruding and that it really needed to be a private moment with just the women.

  16. It was very clear this was solely done to bring in viewers. It was already a hit show, but this episode airing immediately after Superbowl Sunday - THE most watched annual event in USA - they wanted/needed to entice as many viewers as possible in the beginning scene.

  17. They didn’t sexualize the end scene at all though. George clearly recognizes that it’s a private moment, and that even though he would love to help support his friend, it’s not the time or place, so he steps back and doesn’t intrude.

  18. Agreed, the whole "girls in the shower, just not the way you thought" thing is just weird. i wonder if one of the producers at ABC was a Weinstein type who thought of this and forced shonda + directors to do it

  19. i noticed it on my second watch! i remembered meredith’s post-explosion shower but not the first shower scene so it really hit me at the beginning when i realized what they were doing

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