What is it with the writers' toxifying Link all of a sudden?

  1. Amelia seems to be "the guilty pleasure" of Krista. Girl needs to look like she is always in the right and innocent so the writers are making Link look like an ass. Nothing new really.😅

  2. Once KV crowbarred her away from Owen to matchmake her OTP Towen gag, she started using Amelia as her pawn for whatever she’s pushing - new character needs attention, a certain topic needs attention, etc etc.

  3. To be fair to baby fever Owen, the episode where he took care of Harriet for the day rather than take her to daycare was hilarious, especially the diaper change

  4. Link has to be the bad guy so fans can move on to Kai. I wasn’t a fan of Amelink but they were a very well received couple. This works for Jo’s character too because now she’s the voice of reason who will redeem him.

  5. I hated Amelink and don’t care for Link, but I also have zero interest in Kaimelia. I’m all for more NB characters on tv, but just like any other character I will like them or not, and I will ship who I like. I’ve been a fan of Amelia since PP, and I don’t feel this for her at all. And similar to Link, I feel like KV loves to use Amelia as a love interest to help introduce and build up new characters - or redeem old ones (see: teddy Altman.)

  6. YES! I always see people saying Amelia told Link she didn’t want to get married from the beginning and that’s not true. When Links parents came and his mother mentioned marriage, Amelia seemed to like it and also teased him about it. Then when they discussed it I think the most she said was she wasn’t sure, and to ask her the right way or something. Then he asked her the right way and suddenly she’s SO anti-marriage and not even sure she wants to be with him, then immediately fell for someone else. That came out of nowhere. And it’s the exact same thing she did to Owen. She said she wanted to have lots of babies and she wanted to start right away. Then all of a sudden she didn’t want to have kids at all and went straight from Owen to Link. It’s the same pattern. She’s constantly saying one thing and doing another, then playing victim when people aren’t cool with her deception. They tried to give her a clean slate by blaming her past behavior on the tumor, but then they wrote her into the same story again.

  7. It's like that movie Freaky Friday where they swap personalities but it's with Owen and Link! Wild honestly, I can't stand Link these days!

  8. Yeah I still don’t see him as a villain at all. Sure he’s had a few moments but everyone does. To me he’s nothing compared to most of the main guys on the show toxicity wise.

  9. The last ep of Grey's I watched was Link fat-shaming a patient. I could not have turned the TV off quicker. This is a character the fan base has, for the most part, really enjoyed and liked. He's shown NO hint of this, EVER. And now he's written talking down to a patient? That was my quitting point, it was awful, and it sounds like his character has still only gotten worse.

  10. So that storyline was totally cringe to me too… HOWEVER, I know that when i see stuff like that it’s the writers trying to call attention to an issue they want to highlight. The way they wrote it was trash, but they are trying to show that people need to be their own advocate and not just listen to asshole doctors.

  11. Did they vilify link or has he pretty much always been like this and y’all can’t accept that he kind of sucked because y’all hate Amelia? Because he hasn’t been likable since their discussion about addiction.

  12. I always thought Amelia was quite popular but wow this sub hates her. Amazing how much their perspective of a character changes when they hate the love interest lol. Link is this character who wants to be fun and sunshine but when things don't go his way or go outside his opinion he flips.

  13. Seriously you’ve never met anyone who’s easy and cool when things are nice and show their true colors when they don’t get what they want? A lof of people are like that so I don’t see the writers doing anything too over the top with Link. He’s affected tremendously by his parents. So growing up with bickering parents made him not want marriage, and then he saw his parents being out there happy together during the pandemic and he suddenly wanted marriage. It’s not that crazy to understand. They won’t do a poly-relationship because that’s just chaotic and the fans will go crazy lol.

  14. I get all of this, but this doesn't fit Link either! He is a cancer survivor, who very consciously wanted to remain positive through everything life threw at him, including cancer, his parents' divorce, the pandemic, and taking care of 4 kids for more than a few months.

  15. They won't do a poly relationship because it will come off as Link suppressing his wants and needs to what Amelia wants. The only way it could work is if Link has another 180 degree turn and realizes he is in love with both Amelia and Jo

  16. He said something he shouldn’t have once. That doesn’t make him toxic it makes him human. He was upset and he reacted impulsively

  17. To make Amelia look better in comparison. Jo pointed out in the last episode, that he will lash out when he's hurt.

  18. I'm not on s18 but I've seen scenes on tiktok. I'm on s17 and so when Link came in I was surprised how much I liked him. And I've seen the scene where he misgenders Kai but he had a nonbinary patient and respected their identity so that's very confusing to me

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