You can remove one pathetic storyline from a characters agenda...

  1. When Bailey kicked Ben out to manage her stress. This seems like something Karev would pull in a relationship but Bailey is a badass and the whole ordeal was unnecessary.

  2. Omg and then DeLuca just forgetting all about it and falling in love with Alex's best friend and testifying that it was not a big deal, really, in Mer's trial... realistically I feel there would be some resentment and trauma to work through, and perhaps that should have been addressed with him and Mer and could have even been introduced as an interesting point of conflict between them. But who needs continuity, right?

  3. The non-love-triangle of Link-Meredith-Deluca. It was juvenile and very season 1-2 of Grey’s for Meredith. The writers did her a disservice with that. She has grown so much since being the love struck intern dating 2 guys when she really only wants to be with one of them. It was a parallel that didn’t work for me.

  4. There was a time after Derek died that they kept trying to get her to date someone. Her taking so much time to start dating Riggs was better writing and felt more natural.

  5. Callie suing Arizona and trying to take her kid away saying well she's actually my kid cos I birthed her. I might be way off base but it didn't seem like something Callie would do.

  6. they completely ruined such a great character and then she left the show on such a low?? it made me so mad because she was one of my favourite characters

  7. April getting back together with Matthew and then separating again - lol I just love her too much to see her go thru so much pain. And Ellis Grey leaving out a sexual harassment survivor and her best friend from the award and taking it for herself - this was so clearly a retcon because earlier, they'd shown Ellis' award acceptance speech on the "Grey Method" with so much pride?

  8. Everything with Link this season. Becoming the worst version of himself. Not listening to Amelia. Falling into bed with Jo. Becoming angry and bitter and childish. Where is the self-aware, positive, amazing communicator from seasons past?

  9. April and her virginity crisis, and outright BLAMING Jackson for “ruining her relationship with Jesus.”

  10. I'm sick of Link being mean and whiny. He had so much potential. I feel like he could have just believed Amelia the first time she said she didn't want to get married.

  11. Izzie ghost sex, Arizona cheating, Callie going for sole custody, Maggie and Jackson, Alex leaving the way he did, April remarrying Matthew when it’s clear Jackson was still very much in love, making out Mer is universally well liked, breaking up Amelia and Link when they were so likeable and good together. I could literally go on all day.

  12. April and her virginity. Like I completely get it but jeez, it seems like after it came out that she was a virgin they made it her entire personality for a long time.

  13. Yeah it felt like a cop out to threaten his sobriety like that and then use it as a plot device to introduce Catherine's cancer advancing

  14. I would completely delete Dr Shane Ross. He just stirred shit up and deserved to be fired on more than one occasion for insubordination, endangering patients, lying about his own health, not following orders, literally commandeering the 3d printer that wasnt his to try... theres more but i just hate him. I cant look at gaius charles in anything without feeling hatred because of Shane Ross.

  15. Mark and the eye doctor he dated towards the end - why? I would rather have had Slexie for a few eps before the plane crash. Can never get over how Lexie died yearning to be with Mark.

  16. Meredith continually leading men on over and over again but backing out because “uwu sad about Derek” bullshit when it’s been YEARS since he died in the show. Pick. A. Lane. Give her love interests or don’t let her feel interested in anyone.

  17. most of mine have already been said, but i don’t like the new storyline of meredith choosing between grey sloane & minnesota. although i get meredith’s argument on leaving, i feel like it doesn’t make any sense seeing as how we know she’s not going to actually leave, especially since there’s season 19 still. i can’t see meredith leaving just for a man when she wouldn’t even do that w derek. she loves grey sloane regardless of what she’s gone thru there. plus she wouldn’t leave her sisters. at this point the writers are just running out of storyline ideas. i’m disappointed in almost all of their storylines currently.

  18. Bailey's OCD. For some reason whenever this storyline comes up in a rewatch it thoroughly depresses me. I think it's because I thought "this show isn't as good as it used to be" during that storyline for the first time. And Bailey was never the same after.

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