Wait. Am I reading this correctly? Only Shark Card money will transfer to extended and enhanced?

  1. Oof that's a badly written sentence. No it's just Sony/Microsoft not wanting to give up their cut from shark card sales, so they won't transfer something bought on the other platform.

  2. Rockstar made a clarification tweet. all money you earn will transfer regardless of platform, but any money from shark cards will only carry over if you stick to the same brand

  3. Pretty sure it means if you transfer from XB1 to PS5, any shark card money you have won't be transferred. The same system is used on cod and fortnite for their currency

  4. I came here to post the same thing. That's pretty messed up if you ask me and I don't even play on console. Who wants to start the grind over if you already got 50 million in the bank

  5. it won’t affect earned money, only money from shark card purchases. Sony and Microsoft probably didn’t want people on their competitor’s platform benefiting from microtransactions made on theirs

  6. id think its saying its only upgrades from last gen, not say the 360 and ps2 :P and theres no PC transferring at all

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