How satisfied are you with the current state of Gta online?

  1. Overall pretty happy. I think it sucks that you can't realistically play in a public lobby doing most content, but it's easy enough to create an empty lobby and invite your friends in. And when it's just you and friends the game is pretty great.

  2. Played it since launch. Had a lot of good times overall, but as someone who's mainly into racing (though I also play the regular dlc content a lot) I am overall tired of this game.

  3. Choosing “Extremely-dissatisfied” is putting it lightly. There's no anti-cheat. No server (still uses P2P which is a thing of the past, it also exposes your IP address without any effort). A shit-ton of bugs and glitches. Powercreap is nonexistent. And most importantly, greedy company.

  4. In general, security already seems to be written small in the social club launcher, if I think about the recent past.

  5. I agree. Personally I always like a good pvp duel if the other player is down for it. But the last couple of years the lack of diversity of vehicles and weapons used in combat really killed the fun for me.

  6. Yes I too agree. As much as I like the way better fps on pc, It still has so many glaring issues which are yet to be adressed. Which is such a shame really because it really has potential.

  7. There are game breaking bug littered throughout the game they will not even comment on much less fix. I’m kinda done until the next dlc, but I never bothered finishing the last one. I no longer enjoy driving the same map, doing the exact same crap over and over.

  8. I selected satisfied. I love the game, but it's not perfect and discount weeks sometimes suck. So far the majority of us are at least mildly entertained by the game.

  9. Sadly im on pc so having the game discontinued wasnt something I really liked, much less the discrimination against pc with reduced weekly event bonus

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