1. Post removed as posts aiming to complain about griefers/other players are seen as repetitive. Also the comments were getting toxic.

  2. So you started a fight with someone by blowing them up with a scramjet and now you're annoyed because they came after you? If you didn't want to fight you shouldn't have started one in the first place. If you wanna start fights that's fine but then don't cry about it when you get your ass kicked.

  3. Another one whining here after starting it. Sniping is also a function available and it's for people to use, I don't know what you're on about. In the end you did start it so it's a fight and he's not allowed to retaliate just because you're running away? There's something called minding one's own business, try it out next time

  4. Learn to read you're clearly not reading all the comments and full story you're entitled to your opinion but I don't have to care the point I'm making is I don't kill anyone unless I'm killed I just wanted to see how it feels to be on the side of griefers just with 1 kill I see that obviously there's a thing now that when someone gives a story and explanation of something some clearly don't read everything

  5. I take it you are not exactly a high level player. You killed a random player, then you got your ass handed to you by that player. If they only killed you up to 8 times you got off very easy.

  6. If it was you you're serious that bad that you have to snipe me use an RPG and oppressor when I'm trying to run away

  7. How can you blow someone up and get mad when they start killing you? It’s how it works. If you don’t want pvp then don’t kill someone.

  8. Thankyou one kind person oh my god the nicest comment so far I've been called names and had people fully explain why I'm dumb you just literally said what honestly is the truth but at the same time I wanted to know how it felt to grief someone and I got grief back

  9. Don't cry... You've been killed again and again because he wants you to leave the session, and this because you killed him first, like all grieffers do.

  10. You must be a griefer to seriously telling me don't cry probably need to after how people treat me in the comments have a read

  11. Not my point why kill me up to 10 times after at that point its just being toxic and griefing especially when I messaged to stop but of course I'm told to cry so my mistake killing a toxic player someone did the same to me in a different lobby I asked why then was like hmmmmm then we had a friendly 1v1 even added him as a friend

  12. Killing someone that killed you first isn't griefing or being toxic. You're just starting fights and then getting mad when you get one. As for why you get killed 10 times ig it's the same reason why you go out of your way start shit.

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