I’m 22 and I just bought a guitar because I’ve always wanted to play im pretty new here tbh, any recommendations for a beginner ?

  1. Play every single day. SUPER important the first 6-8 weeks. Once you hit that mark, you've developed a habit and will likely do it every day without having to prod yourself.

  2. This was beautiful. I'm a very slow learner and this really helped me. Also, I'm very stoned and took a break to check out Reddit. The "journey/destination" part freaking burrowed into my brain. Very cool. Thank you. Rock on!

  3. Learn some easy riffs. If you like metal or classic rock. Black Sabbath is great. War pigs is a great beginner song.

  4. Take in person guitar lessons so an experienced player can critique you in person. It'll start you off on correct form, posture, and tailor your learning to your interests instead of a generic program.

  5. The first 3-4 months of learning guitar are the most tedious and arduous. If you really want to play. Commit to playing (or learning) a minimum of 1 hour per day, more if you can. Learn how to tune your instrument and change the strings. Watch you tube videos made for absolute beginners.

  6. That's about the age I started playing. Find yourself a local teacher who you both mesh well with, as well as who can teach you the stuff you want to play.

  7. Be prepared to totally suck at first. But keep at it and you’ll find yourself sucking less and less as time goes on till one day you realise you’re actually quite decent

  8. Pit fall I found myself is I focused too much on one aspect and for me it was chords so even tho I can play most chords including barre chords with good muscles memory I however never gave much attention to the strumming patterns and rythme that really make it work in songs. So now I find my rythme, riffs, etc ( I’m sure you get the idea) really terrible and I feel like an absolute beginner again which is a bit frustrating. So my advice just dedicate a little bit of time to every aspect so it all stay consistent. But the most important advice I can give is to make sure you have fun with it all.

  9. Have fun :) and try to learn full songs as soon as possible, even if your play at a slowed down speed. Use backing tracks to improvise, and exercise with a metronome ^

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