[Rifle] Henry Steel Side Gate Large Loop 45-70 Government 18.4" 4-Round Rifle - $879 + Shipping

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  2. Damn which caliber would give me maximum Yeehaw? I'm torn between .22, 357, 45 long Colt, 30-30, and 45-70. I know nothing about ammo cost of these. I fear the answer is to get all of them....

  3. .357 can also shoot .38 for what it's worth. If you get a model that can accommodate a silencer you can shoot .38 subsonic for extra quietness.

  4. I just bought a Henry Goldenboy in .22LR and I am SO PUMPED. Watch Hikock45 on it and when he shoots .22 shorts its literally quieter than anything suppressed. Also dead accurate. Ammo dirt cheap, just seems like the best all around. I was town between the 20 inch barrel and the 16 inch carbine but the GoldenBoy is only 20 inches so I went with that.

  5. 357, shoots 38 special too. (Check names carefully! Its rimmed) Still retard prices but not crazy bad. Low supply though like many calibers. Before stupid it was very affordable to stock up.

  6. I was saying the reverse last week and ordered the X with plans to change the stock to the wood one. Now I see this one and ordered it too and will just sell off the X . I have to stop shopping for stuff that I'm no longer in the market for.

  7. Henry’s are smooth - I haven’t shot a Marlin so I can’t compare, but can’t see it being to much better - believe me, you won’t be disappointed in either the .357/38, or 4570 X

  8. I've already seen a complaint that it's not nearly as smooth as a Henry. I personally would rather have 2 Henry lever guns for the cost of 1 of those Marlins.

  9. Does anyone have experience with any henry big bore rifles? I found a brass 45 70 without loading gate at walmart but when I was checking it out, when I pulled out on the lever, the follower(?) would flop around inside the receiver. Especially noticeable when I turned the gun upside down. The action was very rattly in general. Thought it was broken and didnt buy. Could anyone tell me if that is normal?

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