[Pistol] Sig P320 9MM Full Size -$399

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  2. Seriously, I need this to go OOS. I’m trying to leave them for those that actually need one but it’s so hard to pass up a deal like this.

  3. G19 for the best track record of any handgun like ever, p10C for the best out of the box trigger. This is a fine blaster though.

  4. In for 1...thanx a bunch for posting! There were 21 available when I started the process, there are only 5 left as of 1134 4-17-22.

  5. The owner/guy that runs their Reddit account has said before that when they go negative they can still fill those orders, they just hold back some

  6. A flux raider chassis, if you're lucky enough to snag one when they restock. There's a lot of possibilities for the p320.

  7. ChongLi77 you have successfully tagged your submission as out of stock or expired. If you did this in error just ignore me and click the un-spoiler button (located where the spoiler button usually is.)

  8. Love my p320. Built like a tank but not as heavy as a tank. It’s on my battle belt. Got mine two years ago for 500 so this is practically stealing

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