[Rifle] Century WASR-10 7.62x39mm 16.30" 30+1 Black Receiver Hardwood Stock - $806.99 No Tax

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  2. I think I paid $349 for mine in 2011+/-. I couldn't find an AR for less than $900 and since I was only making $7.50/hr, it was the only aSsAuLt rifle I could afford. It was loose, rattly, and ugly, but that SOB ran.

  3. I got one for $350, came out to around 400 after taxes and fees. Bayonet, 2mags, leather sling and 3 cell canvas mag pouch included. Never had a malfunction.

  4. When I turned 18 in 2004 I bought a WASR 10 with two 30 rounders and an extra wood drugonov stock for 310 bucks OTD. Amazing experience.

  5. It's Romanian QC'd garbage rod imported by the second worst company in the AK business. It's reliable because of the resilience of the design, not because it's a great example of it.

  6. Sort of but not fully. WASRs have plenty of their own problems and 10-15 years ago they were probably worse than PSAs are now and were considered the absolute bare minimum level of AK one should even consider buying

  7. Curious as to why people say this? WASR went from being bottom barrel trash to somehow the golden boy in these threads. Before WASR was a plethora of other (better) combloc AK pattern rifles.

  8. These were $500 in 2012. Adjusted for inflation that is $625. These have also improved in quality somewhat since that time.

  9. Yes. After the AWB expired and these started being imported, the QC was terrible with canted front sights, poorly machined magwells, and shitty rivets, even though they were dirt cheap then. Nowadays, sure, they're more expensive, but the quality has improved and they're the cheapest AKM import available. Unlike a Zastava (nothing personally against them as I own two), you needn't worry about furniture compatibility with a WASR.

  10. Yes. Passed the AKOU test with flying colors. Their quality control has improved a lot in recent years and canted sights are no longer an issue.

  11. I had this rifle from 2017-2019 and very much regret selling it. Safety was stiff, wood wasn’t top notch, Pmags fit a bit rough at first, but my sights were straight and it ran flawlessly for two years. I’ll probably go with a WBP Fox next time but this is about what I paid for mine ($750) and I thought that was fair. It’s a solid rifle. Silly for the 1K+ price point but $800 really isn’t bad at all in 2022.

  12. How can they afford these prices? In the last 2 months I’ve snagged a P30L for $600, a Scorpion for $730 and now this. Every gun below what my local ffl claims their cost is and easily $200 below anyone else online. Crazy.

  13. M70s take their own type of furniture while WASRs use the standard AKM pattern of furniture. M70s are also noticeably heavier~~, but they also have a tunable gas block which makes them better for suppressing... or just correcting the pervasive overgassing problem on AKs.~~

  14. The only experience I have is from the couple days of research I've done this past week, but my conclusion was that the m70 is a better made gun, but is a Yugo style AK instead of an AKM, so there isn't interoperability with most aftermarket accessories (stocks, handguards, side-mounting rails, etc.).

  15. So century WASR is good but Century VSKA is horrible? How can you tell what’s good or bad if they’re both from the same company?

  16. Century is merely the importer of this rifle. The wasr is made in Romania. Century imports are good to go, their kit builds are hit or miss, and their US made products should be avoided no matter what

  17. From my limited knowledge, WASRs are imported AKs from Romania. They are ugly but are built solid. VSKAs are actually made by Century Arms and are not very good and can have dangerous quality issues.

  18. Yes. The threads are covered by a muzzle nut that is sometimes tack welded on. If it is welded, it's just a tiny drop so usually taking some vise grips to it and turning is enough to free it. Someone else in the thread says none of theirs have been welded though.

  19. These don't have a muzzle device, but is the thread protector welded on? Seems like a slant brake is kinda bare minimum, so I'd wanna be able to at least add one of those.

  20. Someone else in the thread says none of theirs have been welded but if it is, it's just a small tack weld. Taking some vise grips and gently turning is usually enough to free it. If that doesn't work, dremeling it off should take 30 seconds.

  21. Ok I have a lot of money and I have wanted an ak for awhile. Someone give me reasons why I should or should not get this. I expect to wake up to some convincing arguments.

  22. How many more years are you willing to wait to maybe save $50 (7% discount) on a purchase which will last you a lifetime

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