They may be slightly outdated, but I love USPs.

  1. My current USP collection. I mostly hunt for deals in pawn shops, it's surprising how often these still pop up for good prices these days.

  2. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of deals you’ve been getting on these? I remember always seeing these in the $800-1000 when I was looking at them.

  3. Dude… bout time someone puts the bullets in the mags correctly! Some dummies out here have the projectile facing forwards.

  4. Hk needs to modernize these. People complain about glocks feeling like a 2x4 grip. These are the original 2x4 grips lol

  5. I think that ship has sailed with the P30. At this point everyone who buys these does it for nostalgia, and that is enough to keep sales going for now. If they changed the rails to 1913 and altered the grip, you would probably hear a thousand HK fans collectively raging. That said, it would be nice to have these with a 1913 rail and an optics cut.

  6. Still want to pick up a USP .45. Good tip about the pawn shops. I might start looking there. Only thing I'm kinda worried about is most of the stuff I see go through pawn shops is pretty torn up.

  7. If you enjoy it, its worth rotating through all the pawn shops in your area to see what kind of stuff floats in. 9/10 its a bad deal, but that magical 1/10 times you get a steal makes it all worth it.

  8. The USP beats Glock in cool factor, but let’s face it: A Glock can do everything a USP does and better (size, weight, capacity).

  9. Firearms are a mature technology, at a normal defensive range a USP is as good as anything on the market.

  10. True, but its usually not someone's first choice for a defensive pistol. The market has moved on from the USP in every aspect except nostalgia and collecting. Luckily, that is enough to sustain them being made for years to come.

  11. I feel like I just got memories from 6 different video games from this post. I could go into detail about each one

  12. I just picked up a USP and completely stripped it down due to rust. It’s very neat but it makes me appreciate glock. That’s for sure.

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