Do you guys like my frog blanket?

  1. Besides the frogs here is my Springfield M1a in a Delta 14 chassis along with my Springfield mil-spec 1911 and a kabar.

  2. I always liked the idea of getting old guns that I think look cooler up to modern standards. So I like double stack 1911s, my AR is an A1 style gun I slapped a bunch of shit on, and my shotgun is a SPAS-12 which I added an adjustable sling and flashlight/laser combo.

  3. I like that delta stock. How do you like running the acog with no padded rest do you find it easy to get through the glass quick?

  4. It actually feels fairly natural, wouldn’t mind if it was a little higher. I’m not sure I’m gonna keep the sga on the back I might switch it to an ar stock and grip

  5. It looks kinda like the same drawing style from that book I used to read as a kid.. the Frog and the Toad or something. Very cool blanket!

  6. I’ve read these rifles are not worth it when in this configuration- anecdotally, what’s your experience? I’ve wanted one for a long time but have held off for that reason

  7. I feel like using the acog on that buttstock might be uncomfortable but damn if it doesn't look cool.

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