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  1. It's funny hearing Hila talk shit about other peoples fashion but then she leaves the house in this shit. Don't get me wrong, I kinda like it and definitely appreciate it. I just don't like her attitude on other peoples fashion some times.

  2. HELLO FELLOW SPOP FAN. How ya doing since the show ended? The ending was so perfect but I do miss them. Weird clash of my interests in the h3 sub lol

  3. That’s a tough one…the tights she wore in the Las Vegas get up hurt my eyes and made me feel so uncomfortable. The Vegas one was an attempt to dress up which is something they don’t do often. This is an attempt to look fashionable and cool which is something she’s supposed to be good at so I think that makes this one worse.

  4. All the comments under here are gross af. She looks adorable and quirky is clearly her aesthetic. I wear weird shit that doesn't go together but I pull it off because that's the vibe I want to give off anyways. The whole look down to the hair is chefs kiss. Fuck all you assholes in the comments. If you don't like someone's outfit you just don't say anything at all. Such absurd comments here. I couldn't even imagine telling someone everything they're wearing is ugly. Y'all would say that to random strangers in public? Wtf is wrong with all of you?

  5. I absolutely love this look other than the baggy wrinkled pants. If they fit a little bit better then this would be an absolute banger. I get that it isn’t for everyone but I love Hila’s style. It’s very daring and unique, which is refreshing. She’s very much herself.

  6. Everything but the hair and hat I like. Bucket hats are terrible but then I'm not a fashion designer so it's probably inspired by something ridiculously cool and niche.

  7. i can’t believe how much hate there is on hilas fit this look goes SOOO hard i audibly gasped when i saw it. all these people commenting hate wear kavanaugh fits fr fr 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. I love this outfit. Idk why a lot of people are shitting on it. Hila looks great in it. Also love the shoes. They're perfect for this fit.

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