For those who say there isn’t a issue with the ranking progression in this game explain this plz. I was onyx. Dropped 31-20-14-KDA. I had 1:47 with the skull & we won. HOW DID I DERANK. LIKE HOW LOL.

  1. I was reading the in-game explanation of rank, and it seems to suggest that your rank is based on your own past performance. If you don’t do as well as you did before then you go down. shrug It’s the best explanation I have.

  2. 2nd Your rank is determined every 10 matches as well as your total matches overall. So say if you play The objective a bunch and got Platinum rank first your rank would be platinum but then the next 10 matches you didn't play the objective rather than giving you the rank of silver it averages the performance of the now 20 matches you've played.

  3. Exactly this, that's why you don't overachieve! Just like work the more you do the more they expect from you for the same amount of pay and time.

  4. I mean…. 31 kills and 1:47 skulls and teamwork efforts. How is this not the best performance? Have to be the bestest performance is pretty dumb system it has its faulty right there. This guy did his decent performance and what I’m seeing here is probably oddball holding the longest gives best performance.… likely the system be like “Ahhh 31 kills garabge not good enough, 20 deaths that’s poor avoiding deaths…mmm 1:47 not long enough. you don’t deserve onyx and you gonna lose some ranking value. Let that be a lesson to you human GIT GUD!

  5. It likely means the people you played against were worse than you rank wise and so it expected you to do better.

  6. This is probably the answer, based on how I know bungie used to do ranks (I haven't really cared about them since halo 3, probably)... but the end result is heavily weighted by the ranks of your opponents, and how you're expected to do vs them.

  7. The oddball ranked bug has been around since launch - I’m surprised this isn’t higher up in the comments

  8. This post needs to be the highest one. I’ve had only 2 instances of this happening to me, and both times it was on oddball.

  9. Had an oddball win (23k 25d 18as and 45 sec on ball) that ended in me losing a large chunk dropping me to D3. Haven't played rank since and won't till this frustrating bug gets fixed.

  10. Why tf does the game in that case match me with players im ”supposed to lose to” Dumbest thing ive heard

  11. While lame, it does seem to be what others have said, it's based on personal past gameplay, and while 31 20 14 is great, it's probably below expected onyx gameplay? That said, maintaining onyx is probably an insane task, and I would just be proud you have maintain high diamond even on your off days.

  12. not really. Onyx is overly populated because of how bad placements for season 1 was. There are a lot of people in Onyx that shouldn't be there. Hell, lots of people in Diamond are supposed to be in Gold or Plat. See the distribution for yourself. This is really bad. Onyx is supposed to be top 1%, not top 8%

  13. Was this your first ranked game of the day? If not, then the red bar you're looking at is your TOTAL rank change out of every game you've played since you last booted up the game.

  14. 67%??? That's extremely inaccurate! So 1 in 3 games the algorithm will just be completely wrong? How does it account for being wrong so regularly and how do we know that isn't the reason we're losing rank unnecessarily?

  15. It’s a shitty algorithm. Shitty. I’ve had games where my team had a 33% chance of winning, where I topped the leaderboard and I gain 1 point. It’s straight garbage.

  16. Oddball is bugged. If the enemy team had more overall time with the ball, the game will treat it as if they won and you will lose rank. It's a stupid bug.

  17. You sure you went down that game? The red decrease is for an entire gaming session, just just your last game. It helped someone else realize at least.

  18. I don't get why every game uses the exact same ranking system nowadays. I miss the 1-50 and seperate ranks for every playlist and when you are in a lobby with people it shows your rank for whatever playlist the game is set on.

  19. I mean we have two different rankings right now, open and solo/duo and if we get new/different ranked playlists we will probably (definitely) get specific ranks for that too

  20. I wonder how much it’s based on the ranking of the opposing team? I noticed recently the opposing team all had much lower ranks than my team and my score didn’t move as much

  21. Onyx can only hold 5% of the population with a rank I have bin told ( needs official confirmation). So you might have gotten pushed out of it by people who achieved higher MMR to then you had

  22. Ranking system is extremely broken. I literally deranked after dropping 20-9 and 11 assists. How is that even possible

  23. Cue the hordes of ranked sweats trying to tell you dropping 30 kills an going 1:47 with the ball simply means your bad at halo

  24. Lol you come off like you did great but you really only did ok. And if you can't do that more then not this will happen

  25. The rank system is one of the best I’ve seen in a while IMO because it prioritizes performance over anything else for the most part. The way it does that is by analyzing the ranks, stats, and performance of everyone else in the game and then expects you to perform a certain way based on the analysis. My guess is you got placed against lower ranked or lower skilled people and the game didn’t think you did good enough or maybe being onyx makes the game expect more from you or it’s more strict about how you perform. This is just a guess though

  26. I was in Diamond 6, lost 5 in a row and didn’t lose any rank points at all. Won the next 3 or 4 and went up to Onyx.

  27. Agree with this! Have one squad that I play with and am Diamond 1 (started at plat 6) and they are the same skill and we move up and down normally. Second squad who is all gold and even if they play better and we lose i move down marginally. Doesn’t make any sense. Yes normally I play better then scone squad but I have my off days. I don’t get how the ranking system works at all

  28. It measures your expected performance against your actual performance. This is how all ELO systems work, but they usually only look at the result of the match, which of course has flaws (I played extremely well but my team was trolling, so I lose rank). This newer system instead judges you for you, which is fairer.

  29. It’s not at all fairer lol some stupid algorithm can’t quantify everything that wins or loses a game. One person could have a bunch of meaningless kills and choke at the vital moment while another dies repeatedly trying to secure a flag and eventually gets the kill that wins the game. It can’t account for taking trades that hurt your KD but improves the teams chances. Or communication or anything else not easily quantified that could translate into a win.

  30. So many deluded people here. This is a good performance, one that should boost your elo a little bit or not move it all. I'm double Onyx btw before anyone tries to say I have no clue what I'm talking about.

  31. Yes you did have 31 kills, but the 20 deaths is probably what did it. If you got like a 2.3 k.d the game before, you would go down because this is only a 1.5

  32. Yeah that 20 deaths is the problem. If he went 35-14 that would be ok. But 35-20 is a bad percentage. Too risky

  33. I have a friend who got ranked Gold 3 due to crashes and other bs. He is clearly a high Diamond or Onyx rank since his stats per ranked game are really good - usually is top frag or MVP of every game. But for some reason he cannot rank out of Gold. It's like he is permanently stuck in Gold Rank no matter how well or hard he tries.

  34. Some people are a little off here , this was a thing (is a thing ?) in league of legends. Onyx rank has a limited amount of slots. While you where in the game ( or maybe before depending how long it takes to update, someone else took your slot by winning enough or getting a big win. It’s not that you “got demoted for winning” as much as you where as the cusp of onyx diamond and another player on the cusp barely slid ahead of you. This is an issue in all games with an mmr system and a rank with a limited amount.

  35. Dude I’m right there with you. I’ve been stuck in high Diamond 5 for a week straight and I can’t tell you how many games I’ve had like this where I get just a small tick of progress after popping off but will lose half my points if I have an occasional bad game. It’s super frustrating and doesn’t make sense.

  36. Ranking in this game needs work. I’m a plat 2 and my friends are plat 6/diamond 1. We had a slayer match against diamond 1s, we lost but I was the only one to go positive with a 14-9 KD. However I was the only one to derank while my friends stayed the same.

  37. I think that 343, like many other aspects of this game, completely messed up the ranked progression system. There was a post on here a week or so ago where a guy was talking about how he intentionally did bad every match and killed himself over and over during his placement rounds and ended up being placed in diamond or one of those upper ranks. I absolutely destroyed the enemies in most of my placement matches, I had a negative KD in two of them but positive KD in the rest with some as high as 3 and 4, and I got placed in gold 3 lol

  38. meanwhile i’ve lost 6 in a row and didn't go down whatsoever and then one once and continued going up. not sure how that works out

  39. There's some fine explanations here, but the fact of the matter is, you should absolutely never lose rank if your team wins. It's just not right and it isn't fair. It forces people to play a specific way and that might not reflect your true skill.

  40. Does anyone know how the game weighs deaths vs kills? I assume it's relative to rank, but in general is a kill 2:3 value of a death? 1:1? I've never been in a game where I've deranked (only Plat 1 because I don't have much time to play).

  41. Yeah also the MM is just as big of a question. Yesterday I had a game where we had 2 onyx on our team (me being 1 of them) and a gold 6 and plait 2. We played a team of D4, D6x2, and D5. The gold 6 went 6-28 the plait went 15-22, I went 40-22 and the other onyx went 32-26. We lost CTF in overtime and I lost my onyx. Even though we were communicating and I was trying not to get angry with the bad players on my team they just didn’t have the skill to keep up. Really frustrating

  42. Regardless of play, you should never go down in points if you win. The only exception would be if you just got stomped and carried hard by your team. I’m right there with you, I won 7 games in a row with positive KD and objective score against high Diamond and Onyx players and didn’t go up a single point.

  43. I also think rank progression/regression is accumulative. So you may not see your rank change for 5 or so matches, then it all catches up with itself.

  44. I saw somewhere it really only matters what your opponent's rank is. So if you are ranked higher than someone but die to them 5 times in a game you are going to lose rank. The ranking system is really dumb. I've have 30 kill games and gone up a tiny sliver and I've had 15 kill games and gone up almost an entire rank.

  45. It seems like sometimes it takes another game for previous ranked point changes to take effect. Like I get bodied and lose a game ago, no derank, then I win the next game with a decent performance and there’s the little red bar. PURELY SPECULATION

  46. I have never played halo multiplayer as I have always had PlayStation consoles. Infinite is my first ever Halo experience. I was ranked straight into mid diamond after never having played before. Either everyone is terrible at this game or the ranking system is broken af.

  47. Halo 2 clan matches had the best ranking system. Level 1 thru 50. 50 being the highest rank. You played people very close to your number rank. If you went on a win streak you would rank up easily. If you win one lose one you stayed the same rank. If you went on a losing streak you deranked quickly. Simple, effective, and was a ton of fun competing to get as high up as possible.

  48. Shit game lead by producers who have no passion whatsoever in gaming. I love how AAA games are made by people who aren’t gamers. Feel sorry for developers who were forced to listen to all these stupid fucking ideas

  49. I’m pretty sure they take into account the lobbies ranks, as in players from your team and the enemy teams ranks. I play with my gold 6 friend and regularly top drag positive with a dub but don’t go up or do down in my diamond 2 rank

  50. I expect awful kds in onyx that's where the best players are supposed to be. I don't see how deranking based on previous performance makes sense in the slightest except for normies climbing silver.

  51. Well I've noticed if u look at previous game. After the match. It will say you lost even tho u clearly one that match. Have had this happen a few times. And all seem to happen in odd ball. Possible bug 😐

  52. It's weird man. I grinded plat 5 for a bit. Hit plat 6. Played 1 game. Did pretty well. It shot me up 3/4 of way through plat 6.. off one game.

  53. I’ve lost rank on wins only in oddball from the enemy team scoring more time (even though we won 2-1 and got the victory splash screen) check to see if your match was the same result.

  54. So I guess do really really shitty after placement and then crank out a few good games and you’ll rank faster??? System is broken, just stupid. Rank should be based on your performance against players with a similar level of performance. Common sense…

  55. You were probably against low people. I’m in diamond 2, I got my ass handed to me by 3 onyx people. My rank didn’t go down.

  56. What team did it show you on in the post game summary? For me, the game will say I was on the losing team when I win a match and derank me. It happens like every other match or so. Support has no way to fix it either

  57. I’m guessing someone disconnected at some point, or they threw you in with a bunch of gold opponents. Have had this happen too when either happens and I did more than 10 or 12 times regardless of how the rest of the match went, which is ridiculous because it is the games fault in both those instances.

  58. When you can consistently stay in Onyx above 1520-1530ish, and then this happens to you, maybe we will see it as a true flawed system. It's clearly a ranked game mode bug considering it only ever happens in oddball. Then again it's just bad luck on your end that you deranked on a win. More or less lost MMR, just so happened you were probably barely above 1500MMR.

  59. I knew a very smart guy in college. Due to extra credit he had a gpa over 100%. Every time he received a perfect score his gpa dropped. Same vibes

  60. It is so botched. I got my post deleted for posting basically this exact same post about 2 weeks ago

  61. I want to see a break down of the % of people per rank, because I have a feeling the rnaking system is making everyone feel really good about themselves. Myself included.

  62. I think there’s a huge balance issue TTK is absurd compared to previous title and I refuse to play until then. Im sitting at platinum 6

  63. What ive realized and accepted with infinite is that the entire system is different. Just keep doin you and play with a squad if you can. Maybe they'll change itt, maybe they won't. Or maybe there's more to it than what we all think.

  64. You have to keep improving, that score was you just coasting through on your skills without improving. Its difficult to keep improving for some gamers, but for those who know they want it they will find the way.

  65. To stay in onyx each game you have to perform better than you did in the last match or you de-rank. It's completely flaked once you hit onyx and worth just quitting to keep it until s2 so you get the best seasonal reward. 343 designed ranked not to grind infinitely (despite the name of the game) but to reach a height and quit the game for 120 days (6 month long seasons yuck). It sucks

  66. depends on who you go against. I played with my wife who is silver 2 and won like 20 games in a row and dropped 40 to 60 kills per game plus objective. essentially 1v4. but i was playing diamond 2s and onxy1500s. I didn’t go up a single time. makes since to me though. that rank is supposed to be how good you are against people of you own skill level. I am Onxy 1900 and ranked 1,500 in the world. It felt like I was farming kills, glad i didn’t go up, was just playing for a good time anyway.

  67. So did you all win overall ball time because if not you can go down game sees other team as the winners

  68. I've hated this ranking system since 5 I have no idea why it was brought back I mean should have atleast given us an overall ranking system way better than the Sr shit in 5 give us actual ranks to grind for like in 3 and reach and before anyone says anything I loved 5 mp just hated the whole ranking system

  69. Could it be using an ELO style ranking where the people who kill you factor into how much you lose?

  70. Fuck I want to play ranked so bad but the system seems pretty horrible right now. Ranked still has me crashing every 5 games too, and with no rejoin button there's no point in playing

  71. I love hearing people complaint about 343. Been playing MCC since it’s release and trust me and my Halo 2 squad, nothing has gotten better. Almost a decade after it’s release.

  72. I'm diamond 5, if I beat an entire team of onxy I got no xp. Then if I lose to them I lose tons. It seems to have some factor of randomness to it, I mean the way they match people with ranks doesnt even make sense. More than half the time the ranks I play with and against arent within even 4 numbers of each each other

  73. Had shit like this happening to me constantly when I was ranking up. I would lose a game and rank up because I was dominating. I’d win and have a meh game and derank. Seemed only concerned with personal performance at that point. But ever since I got to onyx it’s seems to be making more sense? I win and have a decent game, I go up ten. I lose and have a bad game, I go down ten. I lose a game I’m dominating in, I don’t move. There’s some anomalies but yeah idk. It became consistent out of nowhere.

  74. And how about when your teammates quit and you have to play 1 or 2 men down and you STILL lose rank. That's bullshit.

  75. Reason why I stopped playing 2 night ago. Grinded from Diamond 2 to Diamond 4 and then Diamond 4 to Diamond 6 and I was on my last stretch of D6, like 1-2 games max, and got into 3 games where people quit on my team from the start and some idiot with the “why is my aim assist not working, might as well let them win.” Like wtf.

  76. I have a question, is plat 1 a good rank? I was wondering since there aren’t many different tiers of ranks

  77. They do a daily tally it seems like, so if you lost 3 games and then won that one, you’d still show a red bar because you’re net negative

  78. What? Are you dumb? Why wouldn’t it? If you did good on a test would you like a F even tho you aced it? Hahaha no hate man but that made me shake my head alittle

  79. That makes no fucking sense. My stats wouldn’t even be there if I left. Goddamn do y’all even play the game? Ffs 🤦‍♂️

  80. did you disconnect or quit the match before that? the game takes a while to update if you quit, so basically you are seeing a drop because quittig removes a big chunk of bar, and your win wasn't able to compensate

  81. So I started out as a plat 6 I finally reached diamond 6 with a squad of the boys 3 of them are dogshit but I always go positive there have been a few games where I get paired with a couple onyxs and they obliterated us and my rank goes down. Another thing is 1 of my boys is absolute dog shit he knows that too but he started out as plat one he made it to diamond 1 but now he's back to plat 6 everytime I play with him he blames me for us losing even tho I carry the team in kd and objective score especially strongholds we barely win strongholds I've only won a handful out of 500+ games I've played already, what I'm trying to figure out is how in the hell did he get to diamond 1 when he's dogshit when he plays with me I don't like to play ranked unless I'm with the squad and we all have lives so sometimes he plays by himself I'm not trying to gloat I'm just saying I'm pretty good at ranked and 10x better in quick play and explaining that the ranked system is stupid I'll go positive every game almost and my rank will go down because the other 3 guys are bad and we lose the game I don't get why I have to suffer because we lose highest I've been in kills was 36k 12d 7a that was a capture the flag game and we lost by 1 point

  82. Maybe rank is volatile until you build volume. If it's comparing it with your past performance, perhaps it's balancing out your prior streak of tearing bumhole.

  83. Also if you keep slaughtering noobs to build rank quick, maybe that's also a factor once theres a bit of play time by the people you were supposedly of equal rank with.

  84. Is it too much to make a rank system where if you win you go up and if you lose you go down, and if you play decent while still losing you don’t move down as much? Idk about all this other fancy nonsensical stuff, but like rank shouldn’t be some mind bending math theory… and not keep me locked in place if I’m winning matches but not out performing myself every game… I’m a human not a robot

  85. I have had this as well. I won two games in a row and somehow lost rank -- then to lose one game and not rank. Will admit the next game I won I shot up a bunch of ranks.

  86. Maybe it's similar to apex? For example, you start a match in bronze rank with - 10 ranked points, you have to get 1 kill at least to break even, everything after that is raising your rank. You start a game as diamond with - 100 points, so you have to get 10 kills at least just to break even. Idk, just an idea

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