😂 The Queen

  1. I grew up with an irrigation ditch like this that ran along our property. It was our swimming hole on days it ran. When the algae got really slick, it was hard to stop and felt like a water slide!

  2. Queen is raising the water behind her because she's blocking it, allowing another cow to get close enough to drink.

  3. I am not absolutely sure that poor thing is there willingly and is not hurt or can’t get out as she pleases and is just super tired of trying. Can’t imagine it feeling good when concrete is sanding your joints like that under such a tremendous amount of weight and tiny skin. Any cattle people around to take a look at this video?

  4. Someone posted about how they used to play in these ditches and they would be covered in algae on the bottom making it super slippery. I’m not saying she isn’t hurt but I choose to believe she is just hot & decided to lay in the water and nature took her for a ride ❤️

  5. She’s not in any distress or pain, but is suspect she might be unable to get out on her own. I’d say the farmer would’ve gotten her out after seeing her, there was no urgency hence the video. Could be wrong of course.

  6. So I've heard that cows don't have (strong?) sphincters so they'd drown if they got into deep water because they'd just run full of water. With that in mind, is this cow just getting an enema here?

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