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  1. Stuck between Msr7 and Akg 553 pros. Pl0x help decide. Um, prefer mid range and low end over high end if that helps. Like darker sounding warm headphones.

  2. Hello. I'm looking into the Bose QuietComfort 35 and I'd like to know if there are better options for Wireless Headphones and maybe how good it is if compared to the Sennheiser Game Zero or Superlux HD668B. I have enough of cables.

  3. Monolith m560 or the fostex thx00? Just wanted to see if the fostex is worth the attached cable and extra price (basing the m560 without covers)

  4. Looking for noise cancelling headphones with good sound quality as I travel a lot. Which one should I buy. Which is the best all rounder? Suggestions will be appreciated. Need help, I just can’t decide.

  5. HyperX Cloud II's. With that Budget you're kinda limited. I spent $130 on my Cloud II's, I know they're a headset but they're really nice all around. Otherwise, look at. Sennheiser HD558, Audio Technica ATH M40X. Both really nice, first are opens (No isolation at all, wider soundstage (for positioning in music and games) better sound quality), second are closed (isolation, thinner soundstage, more bass heavy). Take a look at those 3. And reply if you need anything.

  6. Which one would you go for between "V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless vs. Sennheiser Momentum - HD1 Wireless"? V-Moda Crossfade 2 - Cost around 430 USD Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless - Cost around 305 USD Hope you guys can give me your thoughts about this! Also is the base on the difference big between these two headphones? Thanks in advance!

  7. Both, although it's more that if either don't isolate well, then the whole system doesn't isolate well. If the earphones themselves let sound leak in through themselves, then it doesn't matter how great of a seal you get with the eartips, you're gonna be hearing the noise leakage. Same thing the other way around; no matter how well the earphones block out noise, if your ear canal isn't sealed well, noise is coming in.

  8. $40-$60 wired earbuds, looking to get the best sound quality i can at that price point. Two things I would like to have though, are good sound isolation and a nice kicking bass. TIA

  9. There isn't much improvement you can get in that price range over the HyperX Cloud. Unlike most other gaming headsets, HyperX took a decent Chi-Fi headphone, the Takstar Pro80, and only slapped their paint and a mic on it, preserving the already decent sound.

  10. Closed back, over ear, wired but with a detachable cable (this is a must). I really loved everything about my HD 439s but the build quality is less than what I would really like. The cup fell off twice a day for three years and finally broke today, so I'd ideally like something with the noise isolation levels of the HD 439 (they basically are like open back headphones)

  11. If I were to say that I enjoy a stronger base and midrange than high end, which one of the headphones suggested would you say best suits me (ath-msr7, akg-k553, shure srh-840). (I just realized I posted this as an individual comment rather than in my thread with my original question, hence it making no sense?)

  12. Looking for closed back, over the ear, wired headphones for music, movies and general use. Prefer a flat sound signature. And low impedance to allow use with phone.

  13. Omars Vs FAD E2000 Hey was looking for a budget pair of earbuds below 45$ and came across these 2. I usually listen to EDM but don't really care much for bass. I also enjoy nice, clear vocals. Also looking for something with medium sound isolation. If you have any other better suggestions please leave them below but keep in mind aesthetics are quite important to me.

  14. Philips SHP9500 if you can find them within that budget. Their price jumps around a lot.

  15. Looking for a pair of headphones for pc: Budget: 200 dollars Amp: No. What I am looking for: A pair of closed back headphones with the best audio quality possible for the price. Don’t need Bluetooth or any wireless stuff. What I’ll be doing with the cans: Gaming, general use, music, editing. What music do I listen too: Gorillaz, Awolnation, Clasical Stuff, Some EDM, some meme toons, 80s And 90s shit. Previous shit: stock apple earbuds I prefer a stronger base and midrange rather than good highs if that helps.

  16. Budget - $200 or less Usage: EDM, bassy music, and a little gaming on PC. Main concern: My ears should not feel like they're suffocating. I had the hyperx cloud which sounded nice but I felt like my ears were congested and I needed to take them off every 15 minutes to let my ears breathe...How do I solve this?!?!

  17. Looking into getting a modmic that I plan to attach to an LCD2. Is it possible to have the mic connected to:

  18. It should. Just select the DAC/Amp you want to play music through in the Playback Devices and select that dongle you linked as the Recording Device.

  19. Up to $1000 is a huge range, but if you're serious about spending that kind of money, try the Campfire Audio Andromedas at a local shop. The B-Stock Andromedas are regularly available for less than $1K.

  20. I've come into some money recently and was looking at updated my phones from a gaming headset I have been less than pleased with. Since I now have a standalone microphone (Rode NT USB, for anyone curious) I need not concern myself with buying headphones that come with a microphone attached.

  21. Beyers for sure. I have the Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro, 80ohm, and they're amazing. At 80 ohm they can be driven from any source (be prepared to turn it up to max to get regular listening levels) but have a frequency response down to 5Hz. Human hearing stops 20-30Hz, so this is sub bass territory. Plugging mine into an amp makes them sound beautiful: bass is deep and you kinda feel it more than hear it when it gets real low; however, the sound is perfect and I can listen to mine all day without an issue. I used mine at my old desk job for 8+ hours a day, and I love them.

  22. Is there a way that I can make my wired headset wireless? Logitech G633 3.5mm and usb jack. I've been looking at bluetooth receivers but I'm not sure if that's what I need.

  23. I have no idea who you are talking to. But I would advice against 600 ohms unless you have a dedicated amp

  24. Budget - Around £40 GBP, less is better, can probably stretch. Source - Phone and PC onboard audio Requirements for Isolation - Not much needed, happy with more. Preferred Type of Headphone - Over ears, maybe on ear? Preferred tonal balance - I quite like a good amount of bass Past headphones - Replacing my AKG K77s due to a lot of wear. I love them, but they seem to be discontinued. Preferred Music - Mostly Deadmau5, some rock, a fair mixture. Location - UK Also, any suggestions for in ears at about £20 would be welcome.

  25. Can somebody recommend me a high-quality MiniXLR to 3,5/6,3mm headphone cable? For my K712 and DT1990.

  26. I've narrowed down my choice to between the RHA MA750 and MEE audio pinnacle p1, and I'm just wondering: is the much higher price tag of the p1 worth it, or do they not offer much improvement over the MA750s?

  27. I'm thinking on upgrading my gaming headphones to AKG 240 but they dont have a 3.5 jack connection. I don't even know what type of cable input they use. However I use my phones mostly for gaming and need a microphone (I've tried the boompro and it's amazing) Does anyone know of a "cheap" converter I could buy in order to be able to use a boompro with the 240?

  28. AKG K240, right? It's a 3-pin mini-XLR on the headphone side, so you'll need to find a 3-pin mini-XLR female to female 3.5mm to use the BoomPro with it. Something like

  29. Many receivers include a headphone jack almost as an afterthought. Output impedance on the jack can be a big problem for low impedance headphones, with many rated at 10 ohms or so, which can cause muddy bass in those headphones rated at less than 80 ohms.

  30. What websites are useful for keeping track of audio gear prices? I bought the HD 6XX and am looking for an amp/dac for them. I'm currently looking at either the schiit fulla 2 or the stack, but it'd be great if I could get them on sale somewhere.

  31. M40X is the best of the 3. CB1 build isn't good and Cloud 1 aren't portable, or the best sounding compared to the others.

  32. HyperX Cloud pads or Shure 840 pads. Slightly loose fit, so you might need to address that with a couple of tiny pieces of double stick tape, or black hair bands over the cups and down into the grooves that hold the pads.

  33. Well this offered no help to me whatsoever, but if you are mixing get a pair of Sony MDRV6 or Sony MDR-7506. They are studio headphones, that are relatively flat with a bit of treble peak. But really if you are mixing should be using monitors for that

  34. Modi 2 or Modi Multibit, Bottlehead Crack + Speedball (if you're not opposed to building it yourself), HD650.

  35. I think the beyerdynamic dt1990 would fit you quite well. You could pair it with a darkvoice 336 and a schiit Modi. This fills your budget quite well. If you're into DIY, you could get a bottlers crack as well. However, I would maybe look into getting a hd600, instead of the dt1990, as it will make you appreciate high end audio more, despite it not filling your budget. Sorry if the advice is a bit vague, but you just have so many options open to you.

  36. Budget: $100 or under Source: Acer R11 Chromebook, iPad 2 Isolation: Some Will use earbuds in public Preference: Earbuds Preferred Tonal Balance: Overall balanced pair Past Headphones: JVC HA-EB75; They were good headphones except the highs were terrible and the bass was bad too. Preferred Music: Alternative Rock, like Radiohead In the next headphone, I'd like to have just better overall sound quality and better bass.

  37. Can someone recommend me a DAC/amp? Roughly $200 budget, flexible. I have audio technica AD-900X.

  38. Your headphones don't need much power. Fiio Q1/E10K (both DAC/Amp combo) would do fine. Suggestions below are for lower efficiency headphones.

  39. Those headphones don't really need an amp, but if you just want to jump in, the Schiit Magni 3 and Modi 2 will be about $200 plus shipping. And you'll need cables.

  40. There is no such thing as flat for headphones. Compensated frequency response curves are based on averaged dummy heads and are not accurate to the individual.

  41. I'd avoid deep discount sellers on ebay that ship straight from China. Its just asking to get fakes.

  42. SMSL iDEA/Sabaj DA2 are superior but there are some android quirks because it is USB Audio Class 2. If your headphones are medium/low efficiency then you'd need a portable amp like Fiio A3/A5.

  43. Perhaps the ATH-MSR7 will suit you. Isolation is only average for closed back headphones though.

  44. Sennheiser HD 559 or the HD 598 SR. The latter is right at the limit of your budget however. If you don't mind very light bass response, also look at the ATH-AD700x or AD900x.

  45. Though I don't recommend them often, the ATH-M50x seems to fit your needs. Not wireless though, if that is what you are looking for.

  46. DT990 is a good headphone if you are fine with the treble/use equalizerAPO to reduce the treble.

  47. HD 6xx is a good headphone, but gaming is not a strong point for them. If you aren't having problems now with your source, don't see a reason to get a DAC.

  48. Fostex TH-X00 is a good choice but it does not have enough noise isolation to block out outside sounds in public.

  49. Hi I'm considering buying the SHP 9500 or the ATH m40x. I like crystal sound, and accurate sounds with clear crisp non boomy bass. I'll be using them for pc gaming. Hence meaning connected to my pc. Thanks

  50. Maybe see if you can find a used HS1551 if you want a dynamic driver, otherwise etymotic ER4 or ATH-IM02.

  51. Etymotic IEMs have a reputation for being clinically neutral with crystal-clear mids and highs. They're sometimes criticized for having anemic bass, but the recent XR version increases bass response a bit.

  52. Could you stretch the budget a bit? If your main concern is build quality, I'd look at a Sennheiser HD380, which sells on Amazon.co.uk for £130. If you're willing to wait, you can probably find them on sale somewhere. I'm not familiar with UK retail outlets, though, so I'm not much use finding cheaper deals.

  53. So with the HD 6XX drop back up i am really close to jumping the gun and getting one. However, my only concern is that i may end up not liking it enough to justify the price tag. Is there enough chance i can resell for at least $200 or will it end up going for less?

  54. I would expect them to go for a bit less as more people will probably sell it, i wouldn't expect to lose much though.

  55. plopping some random driver with the same size into the headphone will probably leave you disappointed. Why don't you get a proper replacement driver?

  56. So I'm from Denmark so the purchase assistant isn't very precise in terms of price and availability, so I'm going to ask here. I planning on buying a pair of HD650s for desktop use, so now I need something portable, either earbuds or IEMs. My budget is around 300 DKK (≈48 USD and 40 EUR)

  57. Will the Fiio A1 be enough to power the Pinnacle PX for a mobile phone? I'm also looking at the Fiio Q1 but it seems too bulky for my taste to walk with it to school every day.

  58. Hi! I'm looking for inexpensive headphones with nice quality for pop music. (my Sony 110 doesn't sound good at all) budget:50$, I will purchase them from Amazon. Over the ear, and if it possible to have Bluetooth+ an option to wire it to the laptop with 3.5 headphones jack. I'm going to use it with my iPad, Note 8 and Dell Vostro laptop. hope you can help :)

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