Is anyone else having trouble getting the last reward on the tavern pass it lets me pick but then freezes

  1. I have the same issue. I did read that once season ends if unclaimed it auto claims a skin randomly so not all is lost. But it’s an odd bug

  2. I was about to submit a support ticket for that until I saw one was already made. They say it’ll be patched in patch 25.0.

  3. Small indie. Can it be a result of the DK being included? Maybe we get its portrait in the new version.

  4. Same, i can choose a skin and confirm my choice, but no reward. I wrote a support ticket a week ago, no response...

  5. No, you are a unique snow-flake and this has not happened to ANY other person NOR has anybody ELSE posted this same problem numerous times NOR does the search function in this sub work any longer.

  6. Asked this exact question yesterday and I guess the neckbeard brigade was on pizza break got more abuse in the 20 minutes it was up than in my entire life.

  7. Sorry to hear that man tbh half the time I ask for help or a genuine query on here I get heckled baaaad it’s not cool

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