Daily Discussion Thread 07/05/2022

  1. Bino Rideaux doesn't get nearly enough love as he should. Solid tapes with Nipsey (nipsey hasn't done another duo tape if I'm not mistaken? That's a huge accolade) and BLXST.

  2. Mirage by Quelle Chris might be one of the best hip hop songs I've ever heard, especially Earl's verse

  3. i don't think ive heard more then 3 of his songs. the one with bobby shmurda, the one with the pierre beat and the one with nicki i guess. maybe one or two more

  4. Looking for a track from the 90s. There were a few different rappers. Can't seem to find it. Here are lyrics i remember:

  5. I do not have the words to convey just how great Usher’s Confessions is from front to back. You would be hard pressed to find an album as consistent for 21 tracks - the length of the extended edition - in pretty much most any genre.

  6. That's the only MGK album I think it's good tbh, but I like it. El Diablo and Candy with Trippie Redd are bangers, and I also like Roulette (nice to see the Spitta name drop on the last verse).

  7. Yeah she's pretty good in the limited stuff I've heard. Has that thick Atlanta accent and slides like a woman Lil Baby

  8. I love how every music thread on reddit barely mentions hip-hop artists, until someone on 'ask reddit' asks for the dumbest lyric of all time and now suddenly everyone knows hip-hop bars

  9. i think a lot of people who tend to trash on newer XXL lists are usually just young people who remember the 2016 list fondly because it was in their first years of introduction to rap music as a whole, the list has become legendary for the amount of stars (kodak, uzi, 21 are all household names now) it contains but it was fucking hated by a lot of people especially here - i dont think theres anything off in the new lists, every year some of the rappers become super popular highlights in the mainstream - i think you might just not feel the same way about the lists cos ur growing old and youre not as impressionable

  10. I feel like I don’t like any of the freestyles ever that much on XXL. Same person who freestyles there could be meh but then on a radio show sound way better. Anyone know why?

  11. This is actually the first year in like three years where I watched all the freestyles. Best class since 2016 imo in terms of the actual XXL content

  12. Any underground hiphop artist recommendations? I've listened a shit ton to Lucki and Nolanberollin. Looking for artists in that similar vein. Underground sound with a spacey/dark beat. The exact opposite of what I'm looking for are artists like Jack Harlow, Logic or even Lil Durk. So again, anything like Lucki or Nolan. Thx in advance for blessing my playlist!

  13. I would say check out some levi carter, daemoney and topsides mixtape, some deeper chief keef cuts (back from the dead 2 and 3), slimesito has some dark ass beats, slime dollaz, izaya tiji (earth is hell is amazing). Unotheactivist and thouxanbanfauni have their share of dark sounding stuff especially from the soundcloud days. i can post examples or more if any of these interested you

  14. Who remembers the 2008 tape from the artist REKS called 'Grey Hairs' , the tape was produced by DJ Premier, I used to think he'd be the next big thing.

  15. Songs like heart & soul by nba youngboy, choppas and ferraris, vaccine (shooting star) by nocap and cold hearted by polo g?

  16. why danny brown has XXXX finished and mixed/mastered and said it's coming out but hasn't? he's 41 and a half now, if he doesn't drop soon that's not looking good. but he's announcing jpegmafia collab, something with iglooghost collab, starting a podcast.. did he scrap it?

  17. I feel like I remember him saying something about how he didn’t want to drop it during the summer because it doesn’t fit the vibe, so he’s waiting until fall or winter to drop it

  18. I believe he said he’s still in debt from clearing samples for Atrocity Exhibition. I think he’s making money at the moment tryna pay it off with the podcast he’s been doing

  19. Damn nobody’s mentioned MF Grimm yet; def check out The Downfall of Ibliys, he and DOOM were friends and this album has a few features from him. The album was recorded in 24 hours right before he went to prison for a life sentence (he was released after a few years)

  20. It is damn near impossible to compare anyone to DOOM bur here's some folks that are witty and some produce their own stuff.. Edan, Del the funky homosapian, kool keith, Ghostface killah, j live, early Beastie Boys (Paul's Botique), de la soul, el-p, 7L and Esoteric, kool g rap, odisee

  21. Madlib produced some doom albums so listen to what hes produced if you like the unknown chopped up and stitched samples

  22. Lupe Fiasco sounds way different but he’s unique like MF Doom and has a lot of interesting conceptual songs

  23. DOOM is really one of his kind but you might enjoy these. A lot of new generation lyrical rappers have been influenced by DOOM.

  24. Kanye wanted to get controversial names on Jail for Donda but didn’t even call up my guy YBN Nahmir after he got clowned for Soul Train

  25. I fuck with the Lil Durk deluxe a lot, Huuuh might be one of my favorite tracks of the year so far, I def rather him rapping than doing that melodic flow shit though - I also hope that beef w Youngboy n his crew goes away cuz both of them are going hard right now

  26. Did anyone ever find that hidden Earl Sweatshirt album on YouTube? Saw an Earl/Alchemist leak here a few weeks back with some people mentioning that was part of the album in question, but I've been out of the loop since.

  27. It probably doesn’t even exist. Alchemist only mentioned it like 2 times on twitter and his tweets usually aren’t serious.

  28. Is there anywhere you can see an artists total number of songs, number of features, total play time?

  29. I have to say I am very disappointed in this sub that I wasn't informed of how good Ready by Lil Baby is even though it's been out for 4 years. Do better.

  30. Estee Nack is force to be reckoned with but most of his best work and most mind blowing verses aren’t on streaming. Hopefully more people are enlightened to his work after they hear him on the new wsg

  31. Someone on Genius said Superman That by Injury Reserve is in reference to Crank That? Because of "Superman that hoe" and Yuuuuuu as a hook on both?

  32. is washing Carti verse wise much of an accomplishment to begin with? even his stans/aspiring vampires tend to admit they aren't there for bars really.

  33. Part of me wanted to look into the shooters music out of curiosity but then thought fuck that. I’m against media sharing names on shooters (except when looking for them) so I’d be a hypocrite to look to it for morbid curiosity

  34. It really is weird how the media blasts the name of the guy after they have been caught. They are literal pieces of human scum they don't deserve to have a name anymore. One of the major reasons why I don't follow any of the main news outlets, they are all crap.

  35. It depends, I don't think Jada has a classic but he is great at rapping, Kanye has multiple classics but he isn't great at rapping. Both would still be on my top 50

  36. Just listened to Monster again. I really just want to know why I have tears in my eyes. Makes no sense, I'm just balling, never felt music like this before, seriously. I was fucking on a slut and I was thinking about you 😢.

  37. I think the Detroit accent is one of my favorites in hip hop. Artists like Tee Grizley and Molly Brazy wouldn't be nearly as good without that accent, it just sounds dope

  38. Imagine if drake retired after IYRTITL. He would go down as one of the goats. Take care, NWTS, and IYRT are all fantastic albums. Probably not one of the best runs in hip hop, but it’s up there. It’s just so sad to see the stuff he puts out now compared to those three projects. He obviously wouldn’t be as big as he is now if he retired then, but his discography would be pretty much all quality with all of the filler shit cut out

  39. Thank god he didn't retire then because he's put out a shit ton of good music since then, even if most of it isn't as good as his prime stuff

  40. don’t know if it’s my favorite, but the first song that came to mind was Raekwon’s verse on the “Freek’n You” remix

  41. Revisited E-Dubble's Freestyle Friday series over the last couple of days, such a fun and nostalgic set. He was such a cool dude and his music really showed that. Rest easy king.

  42. crazy how westside gunn butchered the starker x divino art with that font. also tbh that's my least favorite cover both of them have done together but it's still cool, the secrets artwork is genuinely one of my favorite paintings ever and i haven't even listened to the album

  43. Spent the whole day just listening to classic rock stuff (entirely Pink Floyd, AM and MCR), and probably gonna spend the next few days getting into more 2000s rock - would love some recommendations (gonna start with Arcade Fire, im already massively into the Strokes, so outisde of those 2).

  44. GZA is doing a show where he is charging people $200 to play a game of chess with him and $100 for those who just want to watch

  45. Dark Red was his first solo song to really put him on people’s radar, I’d definitely recommend that and all of his Apollo XXI album. My personal favorites on that album are probably Basement Jack, Guide, and Lay Me Down. If you like what you hear then check out his work with The Internet (their two most recent albums)

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