Daily Discussion Thread 08/06/2022

  1. What's the song that you listen to when you're feeling shitty and you need a pick-me-up? I'm not the biggest Key! fan but there's just something about Demolition 1+2 that helps me get through shit

  2. Sorry if this has been discussed a lot already, but this new Preemo tape is dope af. The RTJ song slaps especially hard. EL-P is such an underrated rapper it's insane

  3. Has any other artist had ALL their known snippets eventually get released/leaked in full like zay just did? Like beside Rocks ft. JID, every zay snippet I’ve known has now come out it’s kinda crazy

  4. Young thug, hundreds of songs leaked over the years, dozens of songs that were meant to drop that didn't drop because the albums were scrapped and songs eventually leaked

  5. When I add some local files to my Liked Songs on spotify, they get grayed out. Does that mean someone tried uploading it to their servers and it got caught? A few of those leaked Zay songs are unplayable from my Liked Songs list but work fine on the local files playlist

  6. Are they greyed out on your computer or on your phone when you try to transfer them from your computer to your phone

  7. the NBA tape that's closest in quality to sincerely, kentrell this year might be the Green Flag Activity label comp. rating it above colours, from the bayou, BETTER THAN YOU and slimeto

  8. Reddit has a lot of opinions. I think it's silly when mfers start acting like we all think the same shit.

  9. My man used to be real smooth. Now he sounds like someone who's been told he's real smooth to many times

  10. Really been enjoying Renaissance, Against All Logic, Vince Staples and Azealia Banks lately - as a complete newbie to house music, can anyone drop some recommendations?

  11. I was just thinking about this earlier. I know people consider them dated but I love record scratches. I’m constantly bursting at the seams trying not to add them to every beat I make lol

  12. zoomer take but, being a genesis owusu fan rn must feel similar to being a kendrick fan at section 80. new single and the video for it/roaches album title making it look like another banger concept album.. kinda person just really feel like is going to have a full career and never drop mid.

  13. I hate that shit. Paying so much attention to artists who put out so little content. Same thing with Jay Electronica.

  14. Six but your point definitely still stands. So many great r&b artists who get no attention because people would rather pay attention to his overpriced terrible clothing line

  15. I love SZA and I love San Francisco but she shouldn't be headlining any festival with just one album out. When she was announced as a headliner for this and Day N Vegas I thought that was a sure sign the new album was dropping.

  16. What do you guys think about Lil Tecca? I usually find his sound annoying but his latest release is pretty good.

  17. Yeah this song is nice. Overall he’s kinda whatever but he has a few songs that hit for me. We Love Tecca 2 wasn’t as bad as I thought it would’ve been

  18. When I was in high school in like 2010 he was insanely big and I wasn’t used to punchline rap like that so I thought it was cool, but I was never a fan of the weed thing

  19. Wiz is a hard rapper to place, because he was never as big as his biggest singles. Like, "See You Again" is one of the biggest rap hits ever, yet, it became a hit because of Charlie Puth and being the Paul Walker Fast & Furious RIP song. I remember when that song was big and Wiz was a complete afterthought with that song despite being the lead artist, like, people didn't even care that it was a Wiz song. "Black and Yellow" was also a #1 hit but rode a wave tied to being a Pittsburgh sports/Steelers anthem. Once again, it seemed like people didn't even know who's song it was. To a lesser extent, same applies to Sucker For Pain and Young Wild and Free.

  20. ONIFC sold 148k first week in 2012 and Blacc Hollywood did 90k first week in 2014 and I think of those 2 projects as like the peak of his popularity. We Dem Boys, Work Hard Play Hard, the collab with Maroon 5, the Charlie Puth collab of course, Black and Yellow and a few others were huge

  21. Can't answer your question but Wiz made me interested in US hip hop, I remember he was playing everywhere in the early 2010s

  22. El-P. But shout outs to Aesop Rock, Evidence, Brother Ali, and half of Slug from Atmosphere.

  23. The only white rapper who's consistently in my rotation (song or feature) is G-Eazy, but he is the only white rapper who collabs with artists I fuck with

  24. i wonder when it’s all said and done will eminem be regarded as one of the goats..because i think most people would agree at this point that he has more bad albums than good, yet he’s still (rightfully imo) thought of as one of the best to ever do it

  25. I just think that his style and core fan base is so disconnected to the core of rap that it's hard to make him the goat. If I wanted to show someone the mechanical skill it takes to rap maybe I'd show him, but if someone asked me to show them what the peak of the genre can do I'm sorry I'm just not gonna go with the guy who's best albums are some edgy white boy angst. Not to say that doesn't have a place and that I can't respect what it is to some extent, but it's just not the best example of what hip hop has done for art and culture. But I'm not the best person to ask because I really don't even like his classic albums

  26. Artist's highs are remembered more than their lows. Em is the best selling artist of the 2000s. MMLP is probably more people's first Hip Hop album than any other album in history. That kind of nostalgia and legacy will live on. Also, albums like Recovery and Kamikaze were received much better outside of online nerd music communities. Recovery still hangs around the Billboard Top 200 to this day. In the eyes of his core fanbase, Em has much less "bad music" than places like this say he does. Em just released a 2nd greatest hits album. He'll be fine.

  27. I don't see his legacy changing much from how it is now. he'll just be known as having a legendary run followed by some bad music. outside of these kind of communities his stuff pre-revival is still well liked and kamikaze was well received by mainstream audiences.

  28. Yeah absolutely. He’s too unique and was too insanely popular (Billboard Artist of the Decade for the 00s) for his mediocre albums past his prime to damage his legacy.

  29. His current releases doesn’t change the albums he’s already dropped. He already had such a big impact on the genre, he’ll be remembered as such

  30. I think it’s still my AOTY. Awesome from front to back. Circumstances and Beautiful Gravesites still get lots of plays.

  31. I want to plug Full Court Press by Wiz Khalifa, Big KRIT, Smoke DZA, and Girl Talk. It is just about the perfect music for a warm summer day like this. I listened to it back to back to back while playing basketball this afternoon and it was just good vibes. It is especially fun if you are my age and got to experience the come up of these artists to see them all still going strong after so long and still reuniting.

  32. This album is what I was hoping from these guys when I first heard Glass House and No Wheaties a decade ago. Its fun, breezy, and just cool summer music. They should make a sequel, and get Curren$y for more than one track for it.

  33. One of my favorite summer albums I’ve heard. I went into it not expecting much, but it’s a very fun listen

  34. seconding this as well, really fun album. you can tell it's girl talk by all the sampling but also because he clearly cares a lot about hip hop as more than just a gimmick for his music. love his mashup albums (like, so much) but it's nice to see that his love for the scene in and of itself goes further than just that one freeway EP

  35. I always have to think of Nate Dogg when I put on Ain't No Fun. fly the Coop is crazy too. Such a fun album

  36. nothing better than going on Frank Ocean's ig story with the smallest bit of hope its going to be music related in any way and see him selling some cock rings lmao

  37. “Tape a couple kilos to the bitch stomach, she look like she got a bun in the oven from me, preheat, believe me”

  38. The Funk Wav Bounces discourse is funny to witness ngl. I'm Calvin Harris' number 1 hater but even I'll admit the first one was pretty good, and while I haven't listened to the second one yet, just going off of Potion I think I'll enjoy it.

  39. generally agreed but i think maybe part of the reason ppl were so disappointed by the lack of slide is because slide was like nearly universally beloved. if vol.2 had just one song like that, it would be a much easier sell.

  40. I was a big fan of the first album, and while I would have loved a Frank feature on Vol. 2, that’s not an issue. I think it’s fine, but the beats are much more samey than Vol. 1, and I don’t think most of the features are as good. Lifting that Busta verse is pretty lame too. There are plenty of criticisms for Vol. 2 besides not having a Frank feature

  41. There's a snippet of Future rapping on a beat that samples The twin peaks theme song and that shit is hard asf 🔥🔥🔥.

  42. I think the thing that was most disappointing about Mr Morale was not even the music for me but the fact that Kendrick didn’t go on a media run for the rollout of it. I wanted to hear what the guy had been up to and how life was going for him these last 5 years since he dropped Damn. Like during that rollout, the BigBoy Interview and the Sitdown with Rick Rubin were great. Wish we could’ve got something like that for this project

  43. I recommend this album any chance I can, favorite album. Definitely give it a spin, it’s ultra long tho so I get it 2 double albums + an EP

  44. I have a collection. I’ve died off in the past few years. A huge issue for me is newer releases aren’t even getting cd releases. You have a small chance to buy an expensive vinyl or stream it.

  45. Milo, the old name of RAP Fereirra has twice the monthly listeners on Spotify, kinda sad. Does that happen often with a name change?

  46. What old songs did 2k put you on too they have a tweet on the 2k account about it & it’s crazy they had so many great songs from different genres

  47. By no inclination of my own, I now know all the words to Best Friend by Saweetie and Doja Cat. Bitch you look goodt with a T on the end, imma hype her everytime that’s my motherfucking friend.

  48. Best hip hop festivals on the east coast? I live in the NY tri-state area and want to attend as many as possible. I know I kinda missed the season but I want to be prepped for next year. If anyone can give me a list, website, or direct me to another subreddit that would be extremely helpful

  49. I might be in the minority or just had fluke experiences but all 3 hip hop fests I been to were so garbage. Only good experience was asap mob in flint

  50. Get the app Songkick. You can track artists and it will tell you when they're playing near you. Good for normal shows and festivals.

  51. Going to see Kendrick tonight I’m super geeked I was going alone but my friends not only ended up buying last minute tickets, we ended up getting tickets RIGHT next to each other. This shit feels like a dream 😭

  52. Enjoy it! I’m going in a couple weeks and have enjoyed the comments of people pumped to go over the last month.

  53. That controversial GOAT pick thread is hilarious lmao - people really acting like Ghostface and Prodigy are in any way controversial. Man say that Kool AD or Lil B are the GOATs or don't say nothing

  54. Man I was looking at some of the names. Did anyone understand the question 90% of the names wasn’t even controversial 😂

  55. ok hhh what is your favorite hip hop project that you think is severely overlooked? not necessarily underrated. like, you might think speeding bullet 2 heaven is underrated, but it has 5k ratings on rateyourmusic, it's definitely not overlooked, even if the people who are looking at it don't like it as much as you think they should. i'm talking something you consider a 10/10 or close but you feel like you're the only one who ever talks about it.

  56. YGTUT - Preacher’s Son is one of the best albums of the 10s and only ever gets praise when I see it mentioned but it doesn’t come up too often

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