Calvin de Haan's Uncalled Slewfoot

  1. Olczyk was giving him a lot of shit for this right after, and rightfully so. Wouldn’t be surprised if he got a call from the DOPS for this.

  2. I missed having Pat and Eddie in the booth. I was glad they really laid into him for it. Absolutely unacceptable and it’s a shame it was missed on the ice.

  3. The slewfoot was absolutely blatant. Even without it, it’s still a very clear interference though, what the hell

  4. saw that live, it was uncalled for, and clear retribution from him getting hit by puck. He was hurt from the puck and looked anywhere to let his frustration out on.

  5. Ok I thought it was a late-ish hit or something live but this makes me realize he just goes and cheap shot dummies him into the boards, karma got to him though cause he banged his wrist doing this. No call AND no Hab goes after him hello?

  6. The ref was on the wrong side……… which is why there needs to be some kind of eye in the sky or common sense review. That was egregious. It was worth two minutes at least.

  7. Unless the NHL is different from hockey Canada, you can’t get a minor for slew footing. In Hockey Canada, it’s a double minor or match.

  8. Yup we need a eye in the sky or a ref outside the ice that can review in live and communicate some information to the referees

  9. De Haan just stole Subban’s record for most blatant slew foot that went uncalled. He’s gotta be unhappy about that. Your move, Slewban

  10. "You're too damn selfish, Cole! All you had to do was pass it to me, but you're too damn SELFISH and that's why you're sitting there with a bad leg and why I kicked your leg out of your leg."

  11. de Haan had a great game and calling him a scrub is just reactionary but this slewfoot is terrible and I hope it gets the attention it needs.

  12. Pathetic? Yeah. But I'm pretty sure he was just angry caufield's stick hit him on the follow through, followed by the puck hitting him a second time lol

  13. Slewfoot, tripping, and interference could have all been called on that play. The NHL doesn't care about player safety.

  14. I was literally right behind the glass on that play my dad and I thought it was a good hit same with everybody around us. Had no clue he tried to slewfoot.

  15. That makes sense because that's not a great angle to view this play from, but even if he didn't slewfoot, I don't think you can check a player that does not have possession of the puck.

  16. Oh Calvin, if I didn't have such an unreasonable sense of loyalty to those who've helped my Chel franchises win cups I'd be furious right now!

  17. Man most slew-foots you could at least make an argument are somewhat accidental but this guy actually said “I’m gonna slew-foot the shit out of that guy.”

  18. Yeah but that wasn't his fault, Necas hit his head on the ice coming down. This slewfoot however is 100% on de Haan and he should be suspended for it.

  19. Oof. First time I've ever seen DeHaan make a dirty play tbh. Gotta tell you, not a fan. He had a really good game other than this blemish.

  20. Definitely don’t think slew food would be the correct call there (even though he did slew foot him) but I definitely can see and would have liked to see an interference there

  21. What mental gymnastics do you have to play to admit that it was a slewfoot but don't think it would be the correct call?

  22. It clearly wasn't done to hurt or injure Caufield and wasn't even done carelessly that Caufield was in danger. He was pretty gently dumped on the ice in retaliation after getting away with slashing de Haan. Anyways, the Habs are 7-24-5 so what difference does the powerplay make? What you're really mad at is how bad this team is, which I get. But, look, even if they called it and gave this garbage team a powerplay the Habs are only 10.5% on the PP and probably wouldn't have scored anyways. And even if they had and won in regulation instead of losing in overtime, that would still only be their 8th win of the season. Save the outrage for things that matter.

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