Post Game Thread: Tampa Bay Lightning at Toronto Maple Leafs - 14 May 2022

  1. "We're time travelers from the future trying to see what year we jumped back to, what just happened in recent news?"

  2. 2 teams have failed to win a playoff series in the salary cap era. One of those teams is the Seattle Kraken, who didn’t exist before this season, and the Toronto Maple Leafs

  3. Soup deserved better, it's no easy feat to duel against Carey goddamn Price then Andrei Vasilevskiy in back to back playoffs

  4. 6 straight years. I’m not even mad anymore. It’s just funny now. I can’t wait to see leafs fans talk about how next years team is different too.

  5. Easy for me to say, but we stole this series. Leafs played better in all but 2 games and we won 4 🤷‍♂️.

  6. This team was different though. Didn't you watch the games? This was not a team that floated through game 6 and 7 hoping for the best. Toronto should have won game 6, Tampa was lucky to get that 5 on 3 and was by far the worst team in overtime. Then a hard fought one goal loss in game 7.

  7. It’s gotta be more painful for Leafs than Jets fans. Jets fans at this point expect failure season after season. Leafs fans get their hopes up when they have record breaking season and then fizzle out a week later.

  8. Shame that because this is the first round, leafs will get memed to death but as a neutral fan this was an impressive series by both teams

  9. GG lightning bros! It sucks to lose and feel this disappointment but it was a hard fought series and I feel like you guys have a good chance at another. I’m hoping you go for the 3-peat

  10. I don’t know man, the Leafs were the better team in the series. Vasilevski played poorly until the final game when he was outstanding. I just don’t know how the Leafs blew that one.

  11. Man that was hard to watch. Leafs had the puck in Tampa’s zone for what felt like 10 straight minutes at one point. This year really felt different for them, but they’re still stuck.

  12. You need to exorcize the Ghosts of the Garden. Have someone come out and publicly disavow anything that Harold Ballard ever did; denounce him as the horrible person he was; and especially Gordon Stuckless. For as long as the Ghosts of the Garden haunt your halls, you shall not win.

  13. I actually feel a bit bad for leaf fans but I’m happy for Tampa fans and of course Nick Paul. Great guy.

  14. Leafs forgot that they had to actually shoot the puck and put it on net there at the end. Just a bunch of useless passes down low. lol.

  15. Congrats Tampa. Absolute reverence I have for your team. I think the Leafs were a legit competitor to end your reign and, as a Leafs fan, it's a shame it didn't happen. Good luck on the trilogy.

  16. This was absolutely the toughest series we’ve played in the last 3 years, I didn’t think we were going to pull it out. Leafs have a hell of a team, they just have to get over the hump.

  17. How do you keep going to a game 7 and not win one???? What are the odds and how much bad luck is it?? They're not a bad team at all but damn it's curious.

  18. Right? Like it’s one thing to continuously lose in the first round, you’d figure by this point some of the loses come in 5 games, 6 games, etc..

  19. that's the frustrating part. He wasn't even close to his usual self in this series and we still didn't pull it off. He was solid tonight but most of the leafs chances were easy stops.

  20. So proud of my boys. Showed up big time against the best team in a decade. Hope they were paying attention and learned some lessons for their own future success. Go leafs go til the end baby!

  21. I honestly don't think it was a bad loss? Bolts played a great game, and so did the leafs.. no one came in here expecting either team to run away with it. I think it speaks more to the structure of the playoffs rather than the make up of the teams

  22. Lmao it's just comical at this point, there's no fucking way the Leafs actually run this shit back again next year right? What a failure

  23. They need to run it back. They were really fucking good. They just happen to run into the back to back champs and the series was a coin flip. They would be stupid to change much.

  24. You say this like there’s a reasonable next step. They played well this year, atleast it wasn’t a choke.

  25. Honestly Toronto fans, I think you can hold your head up high this time. Took the two time defending Stanley Cup champs to 7 games, and lost by a goal. This was not a choke, this was a great series.

  26. Well, I can proudly say, the leafs didn't blow it, game 6 was close and leafs could have won, and they played great tonight. Vasy is a great goalie and has 2 cups for a reason. GG Bolts, good luck on getting your third!

  27. Ah yes the annual Leafs get eliminated in the first round thread. Beautiful, heartwarming stuff. See you next year!

  28. The fact that Tampa won this with Kucherov, Stamkos and Point having bad series is impressive. Even Vasilevskiy wasn’t great until the last 2 games.

  29. Maple leafs fans booed every US national anthem in Toronto despite their best player being American then got beat by a team from a state with 0 natural ice

  30. Imagine booing the national anthem from the wealthiest and most entitled prick filled city in Canada. They’re basically maple flavored Americans in that shithole metropolis. Worst city in Canada by millions of miles

  31. I really feel for Leafs fans, players, management..... I too thought this was the year they get over the hump. They played an incredible series but just came up short. My dad is a Leafs fan and he's devastated. I think this is the most I've felt for a team that is not my own losing. Damn.

  32. Great series leafs fans. Tough to lose another game 7 I'm sure. You guysbgave the lightning hell though. Very stressful series

  33. The lightning shut down so many lanes to the net all night. The Leafs had chances for sure but boy game 7 was the first game I thought they were actually frustrating to play against. Hopefully Point's injury isn't too bad but man it did not look good.

  34. Agreed with this take. Tampa made the Leafs play their game and it frustrated them. No more nice passing breakouts and the Leafs lost their will to dig in the corners like they were doing the past 2 games.

  35. They aren't. I don't know if people realized that Tampa are back to back champions. Shocking I know, who knew?

  36. They played well this series. I get memeing on their losing streak but this series wasn't an embarrassing choke like last year.

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