Playoff Game Thread: Game 1 - Edmonton Oilers (0 - 0) at Calgary Flames (0 - 0) - 18 May 2022 - 07:30PM MDT

  1. Oilers should’ve have kicked the extra point. But their defense let the Flames march down the ice and get the winning field goal.

  2. So I guess the only reasonable takeaway is that Oetter was doing even more than we thought and our offense was incredibly somehow doing even less than we thought.

  3. wild ass game, so much so people are forgetting the silver lining of 5-1 lead being blown lol

  4. Lol ya I think we’ll be fine as long as we stop turning the puck over. I think flames fans should be worried that they allowed it to be tied up lol

  5. My goodness, can we just watch these two go at it for 4 rounds? This was simultaneously beautiful and ugly hockey. Please go 7.

  6. Flames outplayed the Oilers in every facet other than goaltending, in which they both sucked. We'll see how Game 2 goes.

  7. Bummed nobody fought. Thought it was heading to overtime where the goalies would throw shutouts for 2 periods or something. Crazy game.

  8. Bummed nobody fought. Thought it was heading to overtime where the goalies would throw shutouts for 2 periods or something. Crazy game.

  9. Holy shit, did not expect a score like this. And then, come to think of it, totally reasonable score for a BoA.

  10. Top 10 highest scoring playoff game all time. Calgary and Edmonton both feature at 2 other points on this list each, all of them against LA.

  11. Went back and watched the ending. There was literally no action for like 30 seconds, and then Lucic's like "eh, fuck it" and started slashing a guy.

  12. GFG! Despite the score making it seem closer than it was, the Oilers got absolutely dumpstered that game because of the complete lack of a defensive game. McDavid can't outscore the entire Flames roster when they are given that many chances

  13. Both teams were trash tonight and both teams will get absolutely steamrolled in the next round if their game is anywhere close to this.

  14. You guys blew a 5-1 lead with us playing godawfully bad, but sure, “the score makes it look closer than it was” 🤡

  15. Yeah, I agree Oilers bro. There were some calls that were in the "whatever" category, but it went both ways and didn't materially impact the shitshow that happened out there.

  16. Was there another game in between or have the Flames scored 18 goals in their last two games against the Oilers?

  17. Edmonton scoring 6 goals on a Vezina finalist and still losing is just... i don't know. Embarrassing isn't strong enough.

  18. [CGY-EDM] Sportsnet tries to let the fans in Calgary take it home, but Lucic has other plans as he gets in a tussle with Kassian after multiple slashes on McLeod and a wrestling match breaks out at the penalty box. Wes calls the game at that.

  19. Kassian thought Lucic was gonna drop them and tried to get the jump on him, instead he got a facefull midair

  20. Lucic: The Bruins player who's gonna be forever remembered as the guy trying to escape Laraque at all cost.

  21. Kassian got dropped but you can't really blame him for jumping in when Lucic is taking garbage time lumberjack chops at ankles.

  22. I'm generally ok with how NHL contracts work, but the longer I watch McDavid die the more I wish players had more ways to escape.

  23. Only two games ago he said "4 goals should be enough to win games, we need to do better"... and now it's 6, and he had 4 pts...

  24. It's really common when a game is 100% out of reach and it's getting out of control. No point in settling everyone down, figuring out 4 penalties, and setting back up with less than 10 seconds left with a team up by 3.

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