Prime minister of Finland celebrating Finland's IIHF win.

  1. Pretty much the norm to criticize politicians to doing whatever. FFS they're on the clock 24/7, after all NATO/Russia things give her a break, enough glasses of chardonnay and a hockey winning party.

  2. The woman was literally just in a war zone wearing body armor. I can't believe people would be complaining about her being at a hockey game for HER COUNTRY.

  3. The fact that almost every other first world country doesn't work their people to an early grave is an alien concept to the majority of commenters should really be an eye opener how we've normalized giving up everything for work.

  4. Probably because they A) don't understand the role of PM in that country, and B) are reminded of the time she went to a nightclub without a cellphone and was unreachable

  5. The people who run the country get so much shit for no reason in Finland. I was 100% sure some boomers would complain about this picture too

  6. Yeah, though everyone knows who these people are. Basic Kok and Ps trolls with the misogynistic flavor added. If Marin eats a sandwich, they'd whine she ate it the wrong way, wasted taxpayers' money on it, and took too much time doing it.

  7. Those would be the same kind of people lambastinng a politician for NOT supporting their country's team...

  8. I don't get people writing that kind of stuff. People are not robots, intellectual jobs are also exhausting and brain need some break...

  9. It’s so weird, as an American, to see someone so young as the leader of a country. I wish we could elect someone younger. Older politicians are so out of touch and I think it’s problematic that they’re still mainly running things.

  10. The US seems to have plenty of young people in politics. It's just that they tend to be mayors or other county level positions. Since committee positions in Congress are usually allotted by seniority, it takes a while for someone to work their way up. Running for Senate or governor is expensive, and also requires a lot of allies. This also means that by the time someone runs for these positions, they've accumulated a few years. The same goes for presidential candidates. Obama I think was the rare exception because of the sheer amount of charisma be had.

  11. People say that, but they don’t fucking vote in their local elections which become the politicians running for their state offices, which then become the politicians running for their federal offices.

  12. Completely agree. We need young people of all backgrounds involved, I’m tired of seeing 60-70+ year old white dudes running everything.

  13. It's so weird, as an European, to see so many old people as coaches in the NHL. I wish you would hire someone younger. Older coaches are so out of touch and i think it's problematic they're still mainly running things.

  14. Of course then there's people like Boebert and Cawthorn that make you wonder if we're ever going to finally progress as a nation once the Boomers go into the light.

  15. Until lobbying is not allowed, it doesn't matter who is in office. They will all accept the lobby money and make the same decisions.

  16. I mean, the last time we had a younger person in charge, he just so happened to be black, and half the country decided they wanted to go fascist because of it....

  17. She's completely out of touch as well. Made tons of horrible decisions, basically taking tons of loans, funding lower retirement age of Italy with Finnish taxpayers monies, can't take criticsim at all (critize her bad decisions, it's sovinism), parties in town during covid, does nothing but shines her own shield but gets away with it all because she's young indpendent woman.

  18. And that is why we hate you, you annoying perfect ned flanders neighbour being able to be happy of our success while we cannot do the same. /s

  19. I'm just happily surprised that a public leader is this young. Can this become a trend? I'm sick of the walking decomposing fleshbags in public office with deteriorating mental agility.

  20. At Ducks games there is a wine bar on the club level where you can get bottles of some very good wines. They poor it into a decanter that you can take back to your seats. An actual stemmed glass is definitely a perk reserved for heads of state though.

  21. What's center-right in Finland mean? I'm American so I'm guessing it's a lot different than our center-right, but I have no true idea

  22. Nyt on kyllä paksua. Marinin hallitus ei tehnyt mitään koronan aikaan muuta kuin sähläsi ja veti talouden viemäristä alas.

  23. Cheers for yet another epic showdown. Team Canada doesn't know how to quit, it's just insane. Another stellar performance of the nerves of steel and incredible will to win. GG, Canada.

  24. I joined late near end and heard game is 3 - 1 from some one and tough Canadians are beating us again

  25. I live in the USA and look at this picture and think "why can't I have that for leadership?". Then I remember people worship Trump and believe he is a honest man and sent by God.

  26. I am Canadian, and I would like to extend my congratulations to the Finns. Some of the greatest players of all time are finns, congratulations and good for you.

  27. These tournaments always have the shadow of not having the best players. But, especially as a Finn, I love them. Okay, not the best of the best, etc, but damn I love some of these matches.

  28. Many finnish "news" stations highlight the fact that she drank wine.. Like an adult human being can't enjoy a single glass of wine??

  29. Ok America, can we elect some reasonably young people too? I’m tired of senior citizens bumbling there way around the capital.

  30. I was genuinely shocked by how amazingly rowdy the crowd was upon winning this. If Canada won the WC, I don’t even know it would make the headline on TSN. I guess WC is a lot larger overseas than in NA. Everybody is still watching the playoffs.

  31. Her and Trudeau would have good looking kids. I’m actually not sure if her abilities, but I’m sure the sub par ethical gene in Trudeau would make them great politicians too

  32. Trudeau , unlike most Canadians, has shown he likes things like surfing and skiing more than hockey. So out of touch. I like finlands PM

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