[Novy-Williams] BREAKING: The buyer nearing a deal to purchase the Nashville Predators is former Tennessee governor Bill Haslam, brother of Browns owner Jimmy Haslam.

  1. He’s gonna pitch a trade for de angelo and then get Avery on a coaching deal and then get voynov and basically create the actual predator squad. Who am I missing?

  2. Not always. If it's a struggling franchise, there's lots of rumor and speculation, so leaks are more likely. But for stable, non-major markets it's not unusual for sales to seemingly materialize quickly.

  3. I tried to post an update with more accurate information from The Tennessean, but mods shut it down... Haslam isn't outright buying the Predators, he is joining the current ownership group and will become majority owner over an unspecified period of time. The current ownership structure is not expected to change.

  4. Considering most Browns’ fans hate that family…I’m leaning toward not liking it

  5. Not ideal, but I'd wager most sports franchise owners are conservative assholes, the just don't have all of their views on public record like a governor does. A large chunk of players are too. We'll see how it goes and hope that running a hockey team comes with a different agenda than winning elections in a red state.

  6. He probably knows even less about sports than Jimmy. At least Jimmy has been in the sports business for almost a decade, for all of his faults.

  7. Jimmy Haslem would never have been voted governor of Tennessee after all the shady shit he pulled at Pilot…. Tennesseans hold Bill in a lot higher regard than Jimmy

  8. So….. Haslam buys the team, Trotz goes to the Jets, and Forsberg leaves. This could be one of our darkest off-seasons.

  9. So the NHL will have an inclusion committee and rainbow aperal and then let this guy buy a team... coool.

  10. His daddy is real rich. He started a gas station company. Bill was president of that company briefly from 1996-1999 but otherwise has very little business experience. He inherited most of his money stock outside of what was gained as the Governor of Tennessee.

  11. they don't really (at least not directly), it's more that having a lot of money makes getting into politics a lot easier. also you can easily serve your own interests, and the interests of others who are very wealthy.

  12. There's a chance that this explains what the Preds have been doing the past two seasons by refusing to blow it up when a golden opportunity was presented. Tread water and keep revenue as high as possible while the buyer does their due diligence. Let the wheels fall off once he signs on the dotted line.

  13. These reports of Nashville Predators being sold are really out of left field. But understandably, the potential new owners are making fans grimace.

  14. I seriously hope if this goes thru that weber just instantly retires to fuck these assholes with recapture.

  15. The new owner is from Tennessee (Knoxville). A large portion of the non-hockey revenue is that the Preds manage Bridgestone Arena, which is regularly in the top 5 of highest grossing arenas.

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