[Hockey Reference] Darcy Kuemper is the first goalie ever to assist on an overtime goal in the Stanley Cup Final

  1. Ferraro mentioned some stat about him being one of the worst goalies in the league in terms of save percentage in the crease area, and that was when it was 1-0 I think. I had so much doubt throughout the game, but the man just kept stopping pucks

  2. He got pissed off that someone made him lose his helmet. He's all about safety and he'll shut you down, goddamnit.

  3. Yep, I was definitely on the Frankie train, but I will gladly eat my words. Kuemps really showed up. I have been criticizing his compete level, but he was really fighting for the W tonight.

  4. Yeah it makes me sad that people were hating on him, he and Frankie are great goalies. And Kuemper showed up tonight despite two injures and having a bad game 3. There's a lot of pressure in the playoffs but Darcy is as much a part of this team and he deserved this win.

  5. Outside the Hedman backhand goal he looked really good. Weathered the storm in the first period for the Avs, especially after going down 1-0 in the opening minute. Avs being outshot 17-4 going into the first intermission and only being down 1-0 is pretty big.

  6. He didn't get rattle after the quick first goal. Kuemper has always been a goalie that plays better with a lot of shots against. He definitely kept the avs in the game until the offense started clicking

  7. He did look good but I think he has been exposed overall as weak from the angles. Tampa will feel that if they can find a way to keep the puck in the attacking zone they can beat him, meanwhile Avs seem to need total dominance to get one by Vasy.

  8. He did spectacular. There are a few things he could tighten up, but he deserves praise for how he handled everything and on the road.

  9. It was pretty strange how hard they drove that narrative one game after a shutout. I get he's not Vasilevsky, but he's started every game for a reason.

  10. Glad he had a good game. Vasilevsky was unreal. If COL lost you can bet goaltending would be the conversation.

  11. Even if we lost in OT I was gearing up to defend the milk man against all the idiots who would’ve blamed the game on him. Glad he could quiet some critics for the moment

  12. He earned it too. It wasn’t just one of those “settle the puck behind the net and then the guy who picks it up scores an end to end goal” moments. He legit made a great pass when he saw Tampa was changing and that’s what lead to the goal.

  13. I thought for a second that that couldn't be right since I was thinking all goalie assists before realizing specifically OT would be quite rare.

  14. Kuemper had a great bounceback game after a shaky game 3. Some people, including a shocking amount of Avs fans, are going to overlook it all because of the crazy first goal and the admittedly bad second goal.

  15. Atta boy, he bounced back and deserved that W and apple. Hope his confidence is rock hard going into game 5

  16. I wanted Frankie tonight and I called for him to be pulled after the Hedman goal. Happy to be wrong. He responded amazingly. What a performance

  17. Why would you call for him to be pulled after the Hedman goal? Pretty sure he was sitting at a .920SV% even at that point and was the best player in the first period.

  18. So many people were skeptical about his start but it was the perfect choice. Amazing game tonight, he’s earned the net no doubt

  19. Kuemper played really well. He was the main reason this game got to overtime. Colorado was badly outplayed in the first period and for a good part of the second period as well.

  20. I thought the Avs were outplayed in the first as well, but the TV announcers kept saying how they played great and were in control until near the end of the period...I thought I was watching the wrong game or something.

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