leagues to watch after NHL?

  1. If you can get into soccer the MLS is a really interesting league to keep up with. It truly is growing every month in different ways. It is of course not the top level, but I will watch anyone who is simply better than I am at a sport. At that it is a better level than it gets credit for

  2. When is MLS and NWSL season? I tried watching a while ago, along w the NWSL, but I started watching hockey moreso than soccer n fell out of it

  3. I'ma watch fiffa this year for sure . Never watched a soccer game but have played a bit it's a fun game to play, much better then basketball and 10x better then baseball.

  4. The World Juniors will be in August, but there are no real professional leagues that play in the summer.

  5. Ohh okay thanks for the reply, I really got into hockey this year more then the others cuz I moved from Florida to PA I've always liked hockey but Florida doesn't have many fans .

  6. The Australian league plays through the northern hemisphere summer, don't watch it regularly but I've found a few of their games on YouTube

  7. unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on how you think about it) they got a contract with one of the sports streaming companies here and most games are now streaming there (in their free category, but probably geolocked). they're still streaming the occasional game on youtube because there's 2 teams trying out for the league this season so they're just "exhibition" games

  8. There’s a three on three pro hockey league called 3ice that just started last weekend. They play every Saturday throughout the summer on tsn in Canada and cbs sports network in the us.

  9. Yeah after NBA and NHL playoffs, it’s a pretty dead time for sports aside from baseball. Just waiting for football season to start

  10. Expand your horizons. There is all kinds of racing going on right now. On weekend mornings, I can easily find something on YouTube. This weekend, it's been all Goodwood Festival of Speed. My favorite is Formula 1 and there are four races before the August break: British GP, Austrian GP, French GP, and Hungarian GP. The F1 22 video game launches next week and I'm going to be putting some serious hours in that.

  11. The Australia and New Zealand leagues are fun to watch if you can stay up late enough. Pro wrestling is fun if you can suspend your disbelief

  12. FWIW, HSBC Rugby 7's is coming up again in August. It's tournament weekends so it's easy to keep up with. They just finished up one at the end of this month but the tourney in LA in August is the big one.

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