Any machines you saw for the first time and just Noped the eff outta there?

  1. Saw this massive robo mastodon and tried to get the hell out, but this crazy redhead forced me to fight. I’m warning you - she is NUTS.

  2. I feel like the game developers must have had fun late nights thinking up the most terrifying names for things and then beefing up the sheer number of spikes, teeth, and claws for those things. Like ooooh, Slaughterspine! Just rolls off the tongue. What else can we add to it to make players run away?

  3. I didn’t see the slaughterspine until I was up close (though fortunately hidden enough in the plants) and when I did I swore then just turned around and noped right out of there

  4. These two. When I saw the Thinderjaw I was like oh a familiar face let’s meet and was basically 1 shotted. Then I saw the Slaughterspine im like hell no and left the beach. Waiting for the giant squid/octopus that tries to drown you in the next game. And go back to being terrified of going in the water again.

  5. It was the Slaughterspine for me too. Heard it before I saw it and noped the f out of there before even laying eyes on it. Came back around to it later in the game, and studied it with my focus and found out it was called my head I thought "that makes sense" and noped out again.

  6. When you’re about to hop on the boat to San Francisco and you see that big boy off in the distance on the beach…. I avoided that little stretch of beach like the plague!

  7. That was the exact same reaction I had. Like, this is some SotC sh*t level right there. Although I thought that, I was excited to bring one down, even if it was more of a puzzle fight… turns out it was just a puzzle. Maybe for the better… those things are too beautiful to just use violence hahaha

  8. Or that moment when you realize you're up against a fireclaw and you forgot to refill your berries at the stash....fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck.

  9. HZD I nearly pooped my pants at corruptors because 1. They are tough af and 2. It looked vaguely like a spider and my arachnophobia was awful back then.

  10. Man seeing like several tiderippers in one place was wild. I used to have really vivid nightmares with sharks and crocodiles and shit yet I still attempted to play a VR game where you swim around and get harassed by terrifying sea dinosaurs. Had to stop playing after a certain point lol

  11. Fellow scaredy cat here, you're not alone!! I'm freaking terrified everytime I'm underwater and a machine is nearby. It's a good thing I live alone because I find myself shrieking at the screen half the time

  12. This game really triggered my thalassophobia. Like I’d get all turned around in some of those underwater caverns and start panicking IRL. Or bump into some massive old world structure lurking in the deep. Nope!

  13. When I first started HZD, I was riding to Meridian and saw this massive, lumbering giant machine in the background. (Turned out to be a Thunderjaw) and as someone who was completely new and struggling I think part of my soul died seeing it.

  14. That TJ fight that you see on the trip to Meridian is so iconic! I remember seeing that for the first time and being like “there’s no way I could ever take those down”. Then I unlocked Tear arrows.

  15. My first playthrough of ZD back in the day I was wandering around staring at things (and maybe sorta heading to Meridian, but lemme just look at some more scenery a bit) and ended up in the valley with all the wind turbines in it...and saw something massive at the very edge of my view distance. I promptly noped the fuck out of there without even getting close enough for better resolution, let alone a focus scan.

  16. The bat. I didn’t even see it or register something THAT BIG hanging from a god damn airplane wing until it pulsed it’s radar just out of range and I found it using my Focus

  17. I was stoned when I got to that part. Couldn’t really process beyond some big thing just appeared and it was just like “WOOSH” and I’m all “mmmm no.” I had to put the controller down and go pet my dogs.

  18. Lol. Awww, is that Nessie? The lore says she’ll want to let me pet her… no, ok, actually, I don’t think she’s friendly. Dies

  19. Not sure love is what I would say about how I feel about them. Hatred when they 180 when I am trying to knock off their tail? Frustration when I get with purge-water again,? No. Not love lol.

  20. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that’s certainly one way to do it! And I’m now gonna hear that comment in my head next time I encounter a snapmaw

  21. Thunderjaws are likely based on Tyrannosaurus Rex! Thunderjaws do not have arms, similar to T. Rex which notably had very small arms in proportion to their bodies.

  22. Thunderjaws and glinthawks went straight to my kid to kill in Zero Dawn. We spent hundreds of hours on that game and she had those two down to a science, while they just kicked my ass.

  23. I didn’t even realize what was happening at first in HZD. I was somewhere out in the jungle past meridian. I thought I’d run into a rebel trap and was getting shot. When it happened the next time I put it together. And now they’re my absolute favorite machines to fight. It’s a game of cat-and-mouse, but mouse is smart and has big weapons.

  24. Stalkers became way easier to deal with once I learned that there’s this distinct low-frequency rumble that plays anytime you’re nearby them, so now I pay attention to what I can hear anytime I’m running around in jungles/forested areas (they like to chill on trees, so you usually only find them in those areas)

  25. Yep yep yep. In HFW I was casually killing some other machines, saw sitting in tall grass when the Silent Strike prompt came up and I couldn't see any monsters (at that point). Then I knew. And I was terrified.

  26. the low grumbling when close by. and one doesn't even need to see any alarm mines of theirs all the time to register that you are close to a stalker site....

  27. The first time I saw the slaughterspine it was night, foggy and it came from between the tree, epic... Didn't nope out, treid to fight it, died. Was epic even loosing...

  28. A fireclaw! I wonder if it’s the same you are talking about lol! I was walking along minding my own business, investigating something in the jungle - when it absolutely smoked me, took me completely by surprise. I was reeling a bit trying to get up and get my bearings (heh) then it stood up on two legs and literally tore up a massive chunk of earth to throw at me. I was overwhelmed to say the least. As soon as he stood up I was freaking out lol. My partner also had the pleasure of hearing me lose my mind when it started throwing tectonic plates at me.

  29. Yes! Fireclaw is NOT Winnie the Poo. I repeat, NOT Winnie the Poo. It is a horrible, mean thug that makes me look at my childhood Teddy Bear with suspicion.

  30. First time I saw a Slaughterspine I was legitimately like 'what the HELL is that', as I had no idea what kind of machines were added aside from the few we saw in marketing/trailers.

  31. I think slaughterspines make absolutely nobody’s list for “kinda cute” (like burrowers and chargers) or “kinda majestic” (like sunwings and tremortusks) and fall firmly into the “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT” category.

  32. Scorchers are still one of the hardest machines for me to deal with for that reason. Screw them and their rocket powered feet lol. They just gap close and roast you alive instantly

  33. when i first saw the “metal devil” i was like i swear to god if i have to fight this thing im never touching this game again 😭 i just finished HZD though so i still have a lot to see, havent even seen any HFW machines yet but i might get the game this month i hope :D

  34. meanwhile, those in OP:EV, especially the USRC-MRB-09 fireteam: "come and sit. let me tell you of one of our first BOR7 kills!~...."

  35. I don't know if this counts but the first time i saw am Apex fire claw in forbidden west, all of my nam flash backs of fighting regular fireclaws in frozen wilds came back all at once and I noped out as quickly as I could.

  36. Lol. This made me laugh. And fret - I didn’t complete frozen wilds but I’m going back after I’m done with HFW and now I have something “delightful” to look forwards to

  37. Rockbreaker in HZD. I believe I wasn’t at the right level for that quest anyway but I don’t know I fully understood just how seriously you take level suggestions at that point anyway since it was so early on. I hopped down there to fight it and immediately noped out. Ended up coming back probably 30 hours of gameplay later to finlally conquer it.

  38. The one in the quarry? I didn’t even realize what was happening until it was too late. Dur dur Dur wonder why the ground is shaki….OMG NOPE NOPE NOPE OMG. Dead.

  39. I’m a coward of a player. I probably go through more sharpshot arrows than half this sub combined. So big machines with nowhere to hide has me like Nope Nope Nope all the time.

  40. My first thunderjaw sight was On my way to Meridian in zero dawn. That one right outside the city on those stone steps. I saw that thing from a distance and even though I was WAY to far for it to spot me, I crouched all the way past it. XD later went backed all geared up and blew it to high heavens

  41. Did you ever do the thing where you refused to look in the direction of the machine like If I can’t see it, it can’t see me (while creeping by out in the open lol)

  42. Slaughterspine. I was about level 20 I think when heading to San Fran, and there’s that one spiky boi chillin on the beach right next to the boat. Bonus points, I crossed at night so he was an Apex.

  43. Spoilers but underwater machines always really scared me cause I was so defenseless. The first time I saw aTide Ripper was during the Poseidon quest and the mf was so scary swimming in this underground cage, hoping it doesn't see and demolish me.

  44. Slaughterspine. On that little peninsula before traveling to the Isle of Spires. "Nope... I'll deal with that later." Then came the main story quest where I had to fight one! (Gemini?) 😂😭

  45. Thr Daemonic Fireclaw from the frozen wilds DLC. Except I couldnt nope out. Only boss that took me like 6 tries to beat. I was only level 40 because i did dlc when i was only halfway through main game. Still the hardest fight of either game

  46. There’s a fireclaw in frozen wilds? Oh lord help me. I didn’t finish that before the main quest and I was planning on going back and replaying the whole thing once I’m done with HFW. Welp, looks like there’s going to be a lot of dying in my future 😂

  47. Nope, tried to kill every machine I saw for the first time. Emphasis on tried, pretty sure the first Thunderjaw, Tremortusk, and Slaughterspine I saw killed me

  48. Dreadwings, not the first fight with Alva, but after finding them in the wild did I find out they could turn INVISIBLE just like Stalkers! I’d rather fight a Slaughterspine or Thunderjaw.

  49. Ah, yes. Because the acid spitting, radar headaches, and BEING A GIANT ANGRY BAT wasn’t enough. They just haaaddd to make it invisible as well. 😂

  50. God I hate those kangaroos so much. The big machines are always going to be tough bastards to kill …. But the kangaroos are a teeming mass of assholery

  51. Across all games: the overwhelming anxiety when I, a dedicated sneaky sniper type, am forced to fight something huge and nasty head on in every. damned. cauldron.

  52. Sneaky sniper here as well. I’ve gotten to the point now where I’m willing to gleefully jump in and start a bar fight with easy machines like watchers and chargers.

  53. For HZD it was the Stormbird, I avoided those suckers right till the very end of the game. I completed the main story before I ever killed one xD

  54. I will add an amen to the stormbird. Pretty sure they still hold the most lethal record for me. In HFW there’s one near a kid (sorry if this is a spoiler) and I gave strong consideration to letting Darwin win for the day and ditching the kid. You’ll let me know when you make the same choice lol.

  55. I had resigned myself to Thunderjaws (and avoiding them). I had been absolutely pasted across a square quarter mile of ground when that first Shellsnapper spun up out of the ground and turned my semi-annoying fight with some Spikesnouts into an absolute faceroll. I had stood on top of a sand dune and stared at a Tremortusk with the jaundiced air of "oh, you absolute bastards are open world." But none of that compares to merrily skipping to the beach, keen to find out what the fuck the Quen were all about, enjoying the lovely sunset, admiring the pretty colo--WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT WHY IS IT APEX WHY IS IT SHOOTING PURPLE SHIT AT ME WHAT THE ACTU--aaaand, scene.

  56. Lol whenever a machine starts firing back… you know it’s gonna be a rough day. Because claws and teeth and speed and sheer mass ain’t enough trouble.

  57. Aloy’s Life Lessons: when the ground starts shaking, take cover, because there’s probably a Big Ugly too close for comfort.

  58. I still nope outta there whenever I see a Thunderjaw. Unless I'm looking for specific parts, I'll always avoid the huge machines!

  59. Apparently I made it through all of HZD without fighting stalkers cause I loaded up the game recently and decided to just explore a bit and ran into one and killed it and I got a trophy for killing all the machines of one class.

  60. HZD it's gotta be the Ravager. I was thinking you look like the sawtooth and I've killed dozens of them this should be easy but no. Motherfucker brought a machine gun to the fight like how's that fair.

  61. It was the Slaughterspine for me. It was where you got the drone and there was a Slaughterspine, Stormbird, and a few other machines. I'm like nope, I'm going to sneakily get the drone and run the heck out of there.

  62. Only Thunderjaws (HZD) because I knew I wasn’t strong enough to take it down at the time. In Forbidden West you see one pretty early though and I was like, “fuck it let’s go” and got obliterated lmao but yeah I only avoided fights early on cause it would’ve been a hassle. I’m max level now with some great gear so I kill everything in my path now.

  63. I’m so looking forward to having better gear. That said I haven’t found a button for “stop being a coward.” Anybody know where that is?

  64. The tide ripper you come across while swimming in a certain main quest had me screaming “THANKS I HATE IT” at my screen for about two minutes.

  65. Lol. Why couldn’t they have made the tide ripper the underwater version of the tallneck?!? Noooo, we get murderous Loch Ness monster instead

  66. In HZD I avoided Thunderjaws for awhile, I think maybe all the way until you have to fight one in the Talanah side mission.

  67. Are clamberjaws the kangaroos? If so, I HATE those things. My least favorite machine. They’re very very rude.

  68. Same! I’d gotten turned around and was looking for something when all of a sudden a nightmare appeared …

  69. Slaughterspine. I discovered it first in free roam at the snowy area near the drone. Didn't try to engage it lol

  70. That’s one of those machines where a phone-a-friend (or 10) would be helpful. Like, yo, Errand, how many favors do you owe me? Come do this thing!

  71. The fucking slaughterspine lmaooo. No lie, the first time I saw the damn thing I spun around so fast and got out of there I started laughing at myself immediately. Even though I was max level and it was LVL 45, I still didn't want to deal with it lol.

  72. In HFW, i was wondering around being on a low level and i ended up in the snowing parts of the map, i encountered a big ass apex thunderjaw on a frozen lake..., no fucking way for me to fight that shit

  73. That’s exactly how I felt about the death bringer. It was so far above my level that I just avoided it until I couldn’t anymore. And it wasn’t pretty when I finally drank some courage juice. The first time. Or the second. Or the third …

  74. HZD it was absolutely the Stalkers. They felt a lot harder to defeat in HZD, and were everywhere in the more jungle-like regions. Also the Fireclaw. Would always prefer to run in the opposite direction.

  75. Those specters had me screaming at the screen like go gogogogogogogogo SWIMMMM FASTEROMGGOGOGOGO. Absolutely wicked machines

  76. First time I met an Apex Snapmaw (and it was nighttime). So, you're covered in armor everywhere and your annoying Aloy-seeking splash attacks are acid now? Nope.

  77. Cool cool cool cool cool. It’s all cool.Everything is fine. I’ll just take my leave and go find a chemical wash station somewhere…

  78. HZD I ran into that quarry mission woefully unprepared for what was coming next. You can bet I noped right out of that mission when I started a new playthrough. “Sorry folks, you’ll have to continue to be unemployed, because I’m not helping you fight the thing that can just freaking disappear underground after throwing giant slabs of rock at me.”

  79. Ha. I’m in late game and I still feel this way! Except glinthawks… I’ve finally managed to be sorta ok with those

  80. Fireclaw and Scorchers in ZD and HFW and for some reason when I saw Clamberjaws for the first time I was like Noo… I can’t! As I later found out I was right. They are annoying as hell

  81. fireclaws are the worst. they are big and powerful like the thunder jaws or slaughter spines and fast on constantly on your ass like a ravager. felt a pit when i came across the rebel camp with one

  82. I loved it HZD; I’m one of those players that are afraid of everything and play with so much caution. Not biggie I guess, just everything we’re a nope for me.

  83. Dreadwing. It surprised me when I was heading over to discover a new fire. Saw it flying around and decided to try killing it. I did but it took a bit of getting knocked around like a ragdoll. It has LOTS of different abililies all aimed at erasing you from space/time. Felt like Batman on a REALLY bad day in the batcave. I of course promptly saved at the fire and quit for the night after the fight. I logged in the next time to find both the Dreadwing and it's 2 Redeye burrower friends. I noped right out of there.

  84. Me, seeing a giant thing patrolling in the distance. Sneaking closer, activate Focus... "Slaughterspine".

  85. Rollerbacks piss me off, can never get a shot off, and they are always with some other beefy machine which doesn't help.

  86. Lol when Aloy started yelling at Regalla I knew she was out of shits to give and this was going to be a very different game. Whether I wanted they or not 😂

  87. The Slaughterspine. I was just running around the edge of the map in the mountains, trying to uncover as much of the map as I could without running into a machine. I saw the Slaughterspine in the mountains from a very far distance, first thought it was a dragon because of it's hunched form. The spines also looked like wings folded up from far away.

  88. Slaugtherspine. I first saw the icon on the map, I was like uhh new machine. Then I actually saw it and said to myself "nope, I'm getting on that boat and forget I even saw that"

  89. My first experience with a rock breaker was riding a charger through the desert trying to explore the world, confident in my ability to outrun whatever would come after me, and then getting catapulted off the thing, into the sky, it basically killing my mount and destroying my health. And of course, I was in open desert, and so there weren't any rocks to hop on top of or anything (not that I really would have immediately known to, considering it was my first time running into the thing). I think I survived that encounter, but just barely, and do not fuck with deserts anymore if I don't have to.

  90. Omg. The flying machines are awful. If for no other reason than they can come at you from EVERY angle rather than just the horizontal plane. My encounter with a storm bird in frozen wilds involved me falling into a ravine and dying a half dozen times, getting blasted that many more, and so on.

  91. First time I saw the Slaughterspine. I saw it on the beach near my objective and said NAH WE AINT GOT TIME FOR THIS RN

  92. Nice thing about single player: nobody around to judge you when you nope out. Except maybe Petra. She’s a saucy gal

  93. Was it a rock breaker in the HZD quarry? I feel like it was. I was just gleefully running around minding my own business and enjoying the free loot when the ground started shaking. And then I got chased and died.

  94. I stumbled across the one part of the map where I first saw a slaughterspine and looked up to see both a Stormbird AND a dreadwing...

  95. Hunting Grounds DLC: kill a thunderjaw, slaughterspine, stormbird and 15 of those kangaroo assholes … with your bare hands!

  96. Slaughterspine….don’t even need to think about it. Barely had any weapons at the time, still getting used to the combat system. Told myself I know you want to but you’re not ready yet, kid.

  97. In HZD, the first frostclaw encounter during the Frozen Wilds main quest. I basically ran for the cliff and climbed the eff outta that fight. In HFW it was the slaughterspine. Saw it on the beach while looking for Alva and immediately went NOPE NOPE NOPE.

  98. I also found it surprising towards the end of HZD realizing I was just about invincible and could kill anything. I’d spent most of the game feeling so fragile. It was liberating.

  99. The fucking spinosaurus machine near the beach. If u saw JP3, i felt like it would be waaaaayy harder than a thunderjaw so yeah.

  100. Slaughterspine, Rockbreaker and that one quest after choosing a desert commander where you fight a Thunderjaw and then a Stormbird immediately after.

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