Crafting directly from Stash

  1. Well that’s an answer I suppose. The game explains so much without really explaining anything. What do the yellow numbers mean during combat? Why does she randomly climb ladders like her legs are asleep? Why does she jump to a ledge but then not move? I see why people like this game but I’m finding it hard to get there. Constant stun locking is my main gripe.

  2. You can craft potions out in the wild, hold down on the dpad when the potion is in place and it'll bring up a menu to craft the potion or reposition where it is on the "tool belt". You do need to have the items on you, not in the stash. You can craft at a shelter and use items from the stash for ammo, but it doesn't do it for traps. A good habit is to always reload from your stash after you craft at the bench before heading out. Also potions require Vigorstem, which is randomly collected whenever you pick any plant, so pick them all as you move through the world.

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