Which movies scared you the most?

  1. The Ring was my first ever horror film. I watched it when I was 12. The TV scene near the end gave me nightmares for quite a while.

  2. See, for me it wasnt the tv scenes, but rather, closet girl, the tape itself and then the random bizarre scenes - where the sun sets behind the red tree, where the girl comes out of the well on the tape where she didn't in the previous viewings.

  3. I'm 18 and there's a movie theater that is showing 1st run, Evil Dead (1981).Just started college the month before and hadn't seen anything remotely as bizarre or frightening at that time of my young adulthood. Nearly 41 years later, The Evil Dead holds a special place in my appreciation of horror movies.

  4. The Strangers and first Paranormal Activity in theaters was awesome and scary as F! Veronica and Rec 1 also stuck with me for a while.

  5. The Exorcist and, to a far lesser extent, Insidious. There are others that gave me the creeps or that I think are phenomenal films, but those are the only two that actually frightened more than just in the moment. The Exorcist ticks many boxes for me - mental health, faith, guilt/abandonment, etc. The books is many times more frightening. I'm not entirely sure why Insidious scared me so much, I even felt it fell apart during the final act.

  6. First movie my dad ever rented when he bought our first Betamax player was Poltergeist. I must have been 3 or 4 years old. I was doing fine up until the scene with the steak. The dude peeling his face afterwards did nothing to me whatsoever, but the image of a steak just sort of vomiting up bugs and rotten meat just absolutely terrified me, likely because I've always loved steak and it was my favorite food at the time..

  7. The Blair Witch Project (1999)...no supernatural stuff...nothing seen...fear of the unknown. Was living alone, lights out when I watched it...great scare.

  8. Yeah see I'm one of those that thought Blair Witch was actually really good. Horror for me is at its Most Fuckiest when it's implied or vague - the rock noises at night or things added to the campsite the next morning did me in. It's just like The Ring, where, the "big scares" didnt do much to me, but you just shift something out of place and Ill lose it, haha.

  9. The Ring. That movie fucked me up when o saw it. But watching it years later is almost laughable. Jaws and the exorcist also.

  10. Child's Play - my grandma didn't stop my from watching it when I was 7 and it damaged me lol he still scares me. His look, voice, movements. Aterrados (Terrified) 2017 - pretty much everything. The directors really focused on the scare factor and I was pleasantly surprised, I was afraid to turn the TV off and be in the dark.

  11. Most recently was sinister. I watched it for the first time, about 3 years ago. It built a weird sense of dread, and the clips of the kills always made me uneasy. It was just an unerving movie the first time I watched it.

  12. Haunting in Connecticut 2 has been proven to have the most jump scares (32 I think). While the movie isn't really scary, the jump scares are a lot of fun.

  13. Absolutely the same. I can't stand it even today. The idea of something slimy and gross being in my home destroying my things? Come on. I'm old and I had to work to get those!

  14. Blair Witch - That ending….and I think the fact you don’t ever see the witch and what it looks like your imagination runs with it.

  15. I went not the first paranormal activity blind and it scared the bajeesus out of me. I was living in my first apartment by myself, every light on, and when the furnace kicked on for the very first time I had a heart attack. I’ve seen scarier movies since then, but none of them got me the same way.

  16. Phantasm when I was young I had a nightmare about the tall man. As an adult I was watching Juon and was super into it (having to read subtitles and all) when my wife woke up and came into the living room without me realizing it and scared the shit out of me.

  17. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (1973 TV version). For some reason I was 6 and saw it, probably because of my big brother. Those little creatures living in the darkness gave me nightmares. The original Halloween had the same effect, particularly when the door swings open and he’s standing there silently, wearing a sheet and Bob’s glasses.

  18. I don't know about scaring me but Hellraiser certainly brought the creepiness and gore. Clive Barker's masterpiece created atmosphere that goes beyond visuals and had nothing to do with what became the horror icon that is Pinhead. I love this movie but it still gives me the chills watching Frank and Julia's relationship blossom

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