Joey & Phoebe

  1. I never liked the idea of Joey and Phoebe, especially after Monica and Chandler got together. All six friends ending up paired off seems too unrealistic. Also I like that they ended the show with Joey comfortably single. I just feel like that fits his character better.

  2. for me, I think that Joey and Phoebe had great chemistry and I thought (especially after watching the episode where Joey dates Ursula) that they would be a couple by the end of the show.

  3. It's called Friends, not Lovers! They were great as Friends and showed that straight men and women can be BFFs. There's so such thing as "just" friends. Plus, it woukd have been far too neat for the 6 to all pair off (looking at you, writers of the Deathly Hallows movie...).

  4. I agree with u, and I’m pretty glad that they stayed friends. I just remember watching the show for the very first time and thinking that they had good chemistry and that they would end up with each other as well as Ross & Rachel! Little did I know Mondler would happen :)

  5. I kind of liked that they didn’t all marry each other. Not every group needs everyone to pair off, and Phoebe was best suited with Mike. Also, not everyone needs to be paired off to be happy, so while I know it was for the spin off, I always liked that Joey got to be single and show that happiness isn’t always “happily ever after.”

  6. If I wanted any of the friends to be together (ignoring what actually happened) I would have preferred joey&rachel they seemed like a really cute couple

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