1. It really feels so wild to have something like that in a show as mainstream as friends. That feels like Paul rudd being an amazing weirdo.

  2. Mike. David just wasn’t there and Phoebe suffered enough abandonment in her life that she needed someone stable that would be with her most of the time.

  3. Exactly what I was thinking. It was already heartbreaking enough watching Phoebe having to say goodbye to David in season 1. Meaning, she didn't need it in her life. Knowing Mike took his chance, earlier and better, to reconcile with Phoebe and admit his mistake of not wanting to marry her etc. That was the crucial moment and decision that made Mike win it for me.

  4. I like Mike for Phoebe better than David mostly I think because all we saw of David was literally one episode in season one where they were supposed to be madly in love but then she doesn’t bring him up again until she sees him in season 7, and then his small story arc in season 9. He’s not developed and their only relationship trait is based on him being unavailable physically.

  5. Yeah, this is the issue. We get to see how Mike acts in a relationship but we haven't seen that for David. He becomes Phoebe's true submarine guy. Even when they're dating after Mike, we don't really see their actual relationship and proposing due to insecurity was insane.

  6. I like to think of the "this cat is my mom" scenario when thinking of which man is better for Phoebe. David would have just let Phoebe live in her delusion, Mike would have found an interesting way to make her realize she's being crazy without having to say it.

  7. I feel like I comment this every week or so, but Phoebe and Mike balanced each other out perfectly. He was the sweet and stable person she needed and she was the shot of weird he needed in his. And honestly, we only saw David for like, five episodes. I’ll never understand how the two even compare. We watched Mike & Phoebe’s relationship grow and develop.

  8. Yeah, I mean in fairness David had so many voices to cover, how was Phoebe meant to fit into that schedule

  9. If David had stayed the same David he was at the start, he would've been perfect for Phoebe. Unfortunately he was hit by the same thing that Friends did where they picked one character trait and overdid/emphasized that trait to the point of ridiculousness in the later seasons. David went from a nerdy but sweet and perfectly capable guy to someone who barely knows how to utter a single straight sentence.

  10. If David had enough emotional base in two episodes for the fandom to remember him all these years later, all they had to do was develop him more. Mike felt rushed to me and like a cheap attempt at a third will they won't they.

  11. David was her one that got away. He literally only left cause she told him to. And whenever he came back it never timed up right. Then it does, right at the end of the show, and the writers did a rug pull to have Phoebe dump him for the guy who refused even to consider marrying her one day.

  12. When I first watched it I was team David. Having rewatched it a few (dozens, lol) times, it’s clear to me now that Mike is absolutely perfect for her. Long live crap bag

  13. I would have said David until Mike came along! But I really hate what they did to David in the end! They didn't have to do him so dirty for her to end up with Mike.

  14. In real life, David, but in friends, Mike, I think they were both great for her but something tells me in real life Mike wouldn’t have just randomly compromised and decided to get married and if that’s what phoebe wanted then she deserves to be with somebody who also wants that

  15. This is literally the only romantic dilemma in any TV show or movie ever where I actually find the choice difficult. I find both Mike and David, and their respective actors, really attractive and they each have wonderful personalities and love Phoebe a lot. DONT MAKE ME CHOOSE

  16. Mike, but mainly because I felt like Phoebe and David’s moment had passed. If they had an opportunity to develop their relationship before Mike came along, they could’ve been great. But by the time they did, Phoebe was in love with Mike.

  17. Mike. He was the one Phoebe in the end wanted to be with. Timing has a major part in this. It isn’t about who’s best for Phoebe. I liked that Mike was more down to earth and more “normal”, but he still loved and appreciated Phoebe for who she was, and never tried to change her. Season 10 Phoebe was a different person that season 1 Phoebe was.

  18. The only reason one may like Mike more is because David never got his shining time and for one think David fit better cause Mike was kinda molded so she can have a no issue guy you know David on the other hand could've been more of a character

  19. Mike! David was her first love, it was more about passion, while Mike is here forever love and more mature relationship.

  20. Mike was one of the most loveable characters in the show. And I'm glad Phoebe ended up with such a genuine, hilarious and passionate guy.

  21. Mike, he loved her through and through, no matter what was thrown their way, David was sweet but he didn’t care much about her

  22. Mike for Phoebe and David for myself haha. Mike is a better fit for Phoebe but I personally just like David more.

  23. I liked David better, mostly because I really like Hank Azaria. But Mike was the most right for Phoebe

  24. Mike playing air piano was one of the funniest small jokes in the show. I was team David for a long time, but I’ve migrated to Mike on rewatches.

  25. Mike. David and Phoebe’s relationship was an enternal “What-if?” The basis of their relationship was to spend time together before he’d leave her. And the second that aspect of their relationship wasn’t the central focus, all Phoebe wanted was to be with Mike.

  26. “That’s right medieval person, this magical tablet connects me to almost everyone in the world so I can communicate with them instantly, holds the collective knowledge of billions of people, holds billions of hours of entertainment and arts, and even has a magical light to illuminate places in the dark without using fire”

  27. Mike, definitely. He got past his insecurities of not wanting marriage with one damn phone call from Monica aka weird Al, and treats her like someone who is worth it. He loves her enough to get over one thing in his life that traumatized him enough to end that relationship in the first place! They’re compatible in bed, plus playing the piano is freakin awesome! He quit being a lawyer for his dream job, which seems to make him enough money to support him and Phoebe. He was going to propose in a few different ways after Phoebe made fun of the first way, so he wasn’t deterred after one lousy idea being put down. He kept Phoebe from making one of the biggest mistakes ever, changing her name to that weirdo name, challenging her with an example of how it seems to other people.

  28. I have never gotten the David obsession, it was barely a relationship! She doesn’t even think about him till she sees him again, I feel like she made David more than he was.

  29. Mike all the way... but I do think if David had been given more time he could have definitely been a deeper version of "the one that got away"

  30. clearly an unpopular opinion, but i always supported david. he's just way too charming, even more than mike, which i always thought he was just plainly there. i like nerds tho.

  31. Mike, but really because of my deep personal adoration for Paul Rudd 😂 I do think that David is weird like her and they're probably better suited.

  32. Sorry, but my choice is David...he didn't want to go to Minsk at first...on New Year's Eve, Phoebe "forced" him to go... And yeah, I know he had few cameos, but in the end, I wish she had ended up with get scientist guy...

  33. The catch with this plot point is that both were good guys that could make Phoebe happy, and it was ultimately on Phoebe to choose one of them

  34. I think Phoebe in the early seasons was different than Phoebe at the end of the series. I think Phoebe at the start of the series should’ve ended up with David if her character stayed like that throughout the show. However who she was at the end of the show was someone much better suited with Mike. He got her eccentric-ness I don’t think David would’ve as much.

  35. People will say Mike as David and phoebe's relationship wasn't pursued. The writing could easily have developed ghat and you'd say David. Either could have worked, tlespeciallu considering how nice a Guy David was (offering to meet Mike to party in Minsk is an outstanding scene).

  36. David was great but Mike was actually perfect for Phoebe. In fact I'd say Mike and Mona are probably the two best partners of all the series, they're literally what everyone should aspire to have one day in a significant other.

  37. MIKE!!!!!!! mike not only understood and loved phoebe unconditionally but he loved her enough to call her on her crap. a relationship where your partner puts you on a pedestal the way david did to phoebe will never last in the long run, they would have had a boring domestic dynamic imo

  38. Mike! Mike fitted so well with with others… except Ross lol I loved that episode with Monica and her crazy hair + table tennis lol

  39. I think if Hank Azaria had of had better availability they could have had a really beautiful, fuller storyline, but he would always kind of have her on a pedestal. A lot of "how could this gorgeous woman keep choosing me" kind of stuff, and creating an ideal of her in his head.

  40. Mike. This is a really good example of why your partner should have qualities that balance out yours. Like when Mike nicely says “OR we could not let the box of rats ruin our lives.” David probably would’ve gone along with it. There’s more stability with Mike and he’s goofy which goes well with Phoebe.

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