Obligatory picture in between screen protector change. Not a single scratch

  1. I’ve owned the same iPad Pro for 3+ years and taken it around the world without a screen protector and it’s still scratch free.

  2. Came here to say the same thing. Screen protectors are a sham. I can kinda see it on a phone where it constantly goes in and out of your pocket. But the keyboard folio has always been all the protection mine needed for going in a bag.

  3. Idk about op but my main reason for screen protector is the matte/textured finish for drawing. The safe feeling of knowing it's not going to be scratched from either my pen or something else is more of a secondary prio for me.

  4. I have the 2018 iPad pro and never used a screen protector and although It has no scratches, I kinda wish I’d used a protector anyway. Noticed it definitely picks up fingerprints and things much easier now.. Oleophobic coating is definitely all gone

  5. Same here. But even if I had one tiny scratch, it would be still leagues better than staring at a much more scratched up screen protector all the time.

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