Disrespectful motherfucker on train blasting music like anyone wants to hear it

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  2. Sadly those narcissistic morons are just about everywhere these days with their Bluetooth speakers. In cars, trains, walking around in public, at the park, camping, biking,hiking, boating, everyfuckingwhere! They truly suck ass.

  3. This and when people walk around the store on speaker phone loud af…. We don’t want to hear your shitty music or conversation.

  4. I actually slap the glasses off people that do this and continue after I ask them to stop. Truly. I Just slapped a speaker phone talkers phone out of their hand in Target last week. Marshals earlier in the summer, same shit, blasting music with questionable language, walking the aisles shopping. Slap the phone out of their hand. Allowing it to happen in your presence is why more and more people are doing this shit, because they think aint no one going to do shit about it. Do it.

  5. This kind of shit is so annoying to me. Similar situation today where a dude pulled up on a cruiser bike in a shopping center BLASTING his shitty music. He parked the bike and walked into the store with the music still blasting so we could all enjoy it while he was away.

  6. There was a biker next to me blasting his music the other day and the speakers pointed outwards towards the drivers around him.

  7. Same with people who blast music on either their phone or a Bluetooth speaker while hiking. Dude. We’re hear for nature.

  8. My microphone doesn’t pick up the best from far away. But it was loud as shit. I could hear it over my fucking headphones is the only reason I even gave a damn or noticed

  9. That's a pretty good "whatabout-ism". Anyone with common sense knows that it is almost never respectable to play your music on public transportation so that others can hear. Especially when it's loud enough so that OP could hear it from beyond their own headphones. It is highly unlikely that the alleged POS here is simply making a one time mistake, especially when the style of music is of the same genre that is typical of this type of situation. Chances are, if this man has such disregard for other's peace here, he behaves in a similar fashion in most other places. I could definitely be wrong though.

  10. And it's always some distasteful music that you can't even vibe to. Or it's some garbage that you wouldn't play Infront of your children.

  11. I hate this kind of behavior. It is more an issue of cars blasting music at gas stations for my area. Not sure if it's just selfishness, disrespect, or both - but it is irritating as shit. Don't care what kind of music it is - it is rude to force everybody else to listen to your shit without their consent

  12. That’s exactly what I’m saying! I feel like people his age have had twice and three times as much time on this earth to know what to do in society and if they choose not to then that means that they never have cared and never will and it’s a fucking problem. I can take this off of some fucking kids because I know that they’re going to grow up one day this guy right here? With his ankle monitor, his homelessness, is talk of being in rehab, plus this inconsiderate ass shit? Let me know he’s just a fucking piece of shit. Like if you would’ve seen the guy get on and listen to him and saw him the way he was looking around to see if anybody was going to say anything you could just tell he was a goddamn to Piece Of Shit.

  13. I hate stuff like this, noise cancelling headphones are a huge help but it's not the point. It's a total lack of consideration for other people that annoys me.

  14. I’m sorry that you live in the bay. I stayed out there for a while and I’ll be honest, sometimes I miss it. I live in Emeryville and it was lovely. The people were so fucking kind of nice compared to the people that I live around here in Phoenix.

  15. Why do you think it’s OK to be a disrespectful piece of shit that annoys and bothers everyone around you? This kind of behavior is shameful. Especially from a man his age. I could almost understand if it was some fucking teenagers but no. This is a man who is pushing senior citizen

  16. This kind of thing makes me wanna carry my own speaker! When I’d encounter this kind of inconsiderate human, I’d turn on some opera or jazz to drown out whatever music they’re gracing our ears with. Definitely not the right approach but burdening them with my music may lend me an ounce of satisfaction.

  17. I've found that the best way to deal with these people is to fight fire with fire. I find the most annoying music like werid AL or polka music and blast it just as loud. I've found that they will get annoyed and either turn down thier music or put in headphones because they can't stand your music. And no one can say anything because you're just doing what he is already doing.

  18. Do you know? I used to do that. I like a wide range of music and I have a couple of Bluegrass albums on my phone. I know that most people don’t like it but I grew up on it so foggy Mountain breakdown doesn’t bother me a bit. The fact that shit gets me kind of hyped up honestly But now, I’m like why the fuck do I need to do something like that to get someone’s attention that they’re being a dick? It’s just creating more noise for more people.

  19. I was sitting at the water one day and this guy rolls up with his boombox blasting some real garbage electro hip hop I don’t even know. He’s sitting there all smug with himself trying to stake out his terrority when two girls come up with a real ghetto blaster and completely drown out his trash music with their trash music.

  20. Turnabout is fair play here. Find some music that directly opposes whatever music they're listening to, and play it as loud as you can while staring directly at them.

  21. Why should I have to ask you to turn down your fucking speaker on the train? You shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

  22. This kind of behaviour isn’t some minor fault; it’s a very deliberate F U to all of society. Similar to throwing litter in the street or putting your feet on a train seat. What they’re saying is “I don’t care about your life, I don’t care how bad a day you’ve had, and I don’t care if I damage public property or make you angry”. I would honestly make this kind of thing a public order offence. In Japan you would be thrown off the train for acting like this.

  23. I was on the Shinkansen with a buddy traveling to Kyoto. My buddy was listening to his iPod with earbuds and you could hear a faint beat through the ear buds. An attendant walked up and told him to be respectful and lower the volume. I miss Japan.

  24. Worst part is they don’t use any security on the weekends but during the week you can’t get on without a fleet of em

  25. Holy fucking shit. I get that playing music loudly isn't exactly mindful, but 1) In the video itself i can barely hear it 2) Even if it IS loud, just ask him to turn it down. You cant judge a guy as a total piece of shit for not using earphones. Tell him politely to turn it down a bit ffs.

  26. This is pretty typical and it's like they are hoping someone will confront them so they can whip out their phone and be like, "look at dis racist mofo right hur fittin' ta tell me my moosic is disturbin' ya'll. Sorry not sorry my urban beats botha yo white ass!"

  27. Returning from a John forgery concert, me and other concert goers board bus, 3 black kids join too start playing rap, I shut down saying "we all came from a rock concert you would be crying talking about put that hillbilly music down" so yeah turn off that music or there's going to be an issue (I'm Latino 6'6) he turned it off

  28. It’s a form of self expression. They desperately need attention. They also crave confrontation.

  29. Well when he got on he was pretty loud because apparently he recognized the security guard who was wearing a mask below his Chin. Then they got to talking about being in “recovery” Not to mention the guy has an ankle monitor on as well so, the way I see it, hes probably a piece of shit all around.

  30. Pre-Covid I was using the gym at work and some woman was blasting her shower radio for everyone else in the shower and locker room to hear. Like WTF do you not have any consideration for others?

  31. No, he was looking around the whole time because he knew he was up to no good. Occasionally he would glance at me and I would make iContact with him and I could just tell that he wanted me to say something but I didn’t really feel like having a long drawn out argument with some crackhead tonight

  32. I bet you didn’t ask him to turn off his music. Stop being a bitch by posting things on Reddit to have people comfort you and instead just ask the dude to turn off his music

  33. Calling someone a “disrespectful motherfucker” and a “total piece of shit” for playing music? That sounds muffled in his bag at best not “blasting”. If this bothers you THAT much you gotta get the fuck over yourself.

  34. Jesus Christ man why would you even compare the two things? They’re obviously not the same or even similar.

  35. So many racists in these comments, you seem to be more annoyed that dude’s black than anything to do with the music.

  36. You know, these comments would probably be racist towards whatever person it is because most people on this website are fucking racist.

  37. Boo hoo either get your lazy ass up and move down the car or switch cars so you don't hear that music that you don't like or tell the guy to turn it down You bitch about it online like you're some kind of fuckin man

  38. This is the kind of thing that only bugs u if u let it, like u can just mind ur own business and get that stick outta ur ass

  39. To be fair I expect all kinds of bullshit to happen in New York. Phoenix is just now turning into a shit hole

  40. There’s this revolutionary technology called headphones. It’s like a boombox in your head that only you can hear, now you can listen to your tunes without making other people jealous of your refined taste in music.

  41. That’s what everybody was used before these damn Bluetooth speakers came out. I don’t think I ever saw somebody walk around with an actual stereo.

  42. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I don’t think people of total pieces of shit when it happens because it’s a bit harsh but it’s just impolite and inconsiderate. That’s when you gotta pop in your headphones and tune it out.

  43. think about it. He’s in his forties or fifties. He’s been around for over forty of fifty years knowing this is inappropriate

  44. This is the most annoying shit, especially when I’m trying to enjoy a hike and a group of people with their speaker are blasting music at the summit.

  45. Go to A VA Hospital in Texas. This kind of shit happens very frequently. The majority of the time you are unsure if is an actual medical professional building or you’re back on the block.

  46. Tell me you’re on the Phoenix light rail without telling me you’re on the Phoenix light rail- Endemic these days :(

  47. ive started carrying around a $20 bill for this exact moment. waiting for the chance i can walk up to someone with a speaker blaring on the train, hand them some cash and when they say “huh?” ill tell them its so they can go buy some headphones :)

  48. When he got on the train he was looking around at people to see if anybody would say anything to him or not. Makes me wish they had never and then it goes down speakers. Or there a certain demographics have never found out about them

  49. Actually, I can attest to how he feels. After a long bike workout, the last thing on your mind is what other people think of you. If you really want to do a kind service to him, just offer to buy him a cheap pair of wireless earbuds

  50. I can comment that on everybody’s video that post something about something annoying on public transportation?

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