What’s the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard?

  1. I second Clair de Lune. This song has always been so overwhelmingly beautiful to me it makes me emotional.

  2. Yeah I came here to say Clair de Lune. Also on classical i'd say a lot of impressionist classical (like Debussy). Satie Gymnopedie 1. is in a similar vein.

  3. The live performance that introduced this song in 2001 and the studio version from 2016 have different listening experience IMO. For those who never listened to one or the other (or even both), I highly recommend listen to both of them.

  4. The end of how to disappear completely where he sings ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh is just so hauntingly beautiful. I don't know how to describe it better hopefully that made sense

  5. The performance of that song during their Central Park set is sublime. Art had such a beautiful voice in his prime, it set that duo apart from the rest just as much as Paul’s brilliant writing did.

  6. I mean I can't actually decide, but Porcelain by Moby is just gorgeous. As is Teardrop by Massive Attack.

  7. It’s definitely up to personal taste, but these are some of the ones at the top of the list for me:

  8. Max Richter's reworking of Vivaldi's Spring 1. I'm not very educated on classical (usually into alt/metal/shoegaze) but it's wonderful:

  9. Came here to say Roberta Flack's "The First Time Ever I saw Your Face". Her version of "Bridge over Troubled Water" is a close second for me.

  10. Notion by Tash Sultana There is just something about the way this song is composed that is so beautiful. Sometimes I can't listen to it, because it makes me too emotional. I've seen them live and if you watch numerous videos , they never play this song the same way twice and I love that. You get hit with that newness all over again.

  11. I absolutely love this song,the first time I heard it was when she performed it in her TED talk. I was completely blown away and it has been on repeat ever since. Especially that guitar freestyle riff near the end of the song..omg

  12. Florence just sounds so ethereal! What an awesome pic. Have you seen that video where she performs Sky Full Of Song (iirc) during a thunderstorm? It's totally magical.

  13. One of the songs off The Court of The Crimson King by King Crimson, most likely Epitaph but I Talk To The Wind is close. Those songs are beautiful as fuck

  14. I always thought Mykonos by the Fleet Foxes almost felt holy to listen to... and the song Poems by Hippocampus. They both give me this out of body feel where my eyes tear up and it’s like a mental orgasm.

  15. My two favorite bands!! The first time I heard Poems was such an incredible experience. I still get glimmers of that experience every time I listen to it.

  16. I really love the lyrics to ‘You Love Me’ by Devotchka. It’s a simple, beautiful song, and you can just really feel the lifetime of longing, especially the third verse.

  17. Wow I knew Simon & Garfunkel had some great songs but this is just amazing. Beautiful imagery of the lyrics compared with a sweet melody and their heavenly voices, amazing song.

  18. This is one of those songs that I can remember the exact details of the first time I heard it. It's EASILY one of my all-time favorites.

  19. Robert Plant stated in an interview that he would rather Led Zeppelin be remembered for Kashmir than Stairway To Heaven. I agree.

  20. Yes to all of that. This song is so beautifully lilting and bittersweet it never fails to make my chest tight and give me eye prickles.

  21. Mark Knopfler's "Romeo and Juliet" from Real Live Roadrunning. Compared to the original you can hear the age and experience in his voice, as if he is reflecting on what was vs just trying to get over it.

  22. Easily From Here to Utopia by Pat the Bunny. It’s kinda everything that he is and that I love about his music. Though it doesn’t have the same ‘epic’ or fantastical vibe others are going for here, but that isn’t my sort of thing.

  23. if I was introducing someone to pat, I think first song part 2 would be a pretty solid summary of what the album's about, but from here to utopia is easily my favorite song and IMO his magnum opus

  24. Where’s My Love by SYML is up for there for me. Also Debussy’s Claire de Lune and Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major.

  25. Touch by daft punk. Not beautiful in the way that I think you want, but it’s honestly just a celebration of life and music and everything.

  26. Concerning Hobbits - Howard Shore. When I hear that song, I think of literal heaven. Listening to this song feels like coming home.

  27. The Glory of it All- David Crowder Band Helped me beyond belief when I was grieving. Can’t listen to it without crying

  28. I giorni (Arr. for Violin, Piano and String Orchestra) by Ludovico Einaudi, Daniel Hope, Jacques Ammon, Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin

  29. Hello! The most beautiful song I’ve heard is the Tiny Desk Performance Gaelynn Lea- Someday We’ll Linger in the Sun. The song opens with a gorgeous rising and falling instrumental that sounds like every emotion I’ve ever felt. Her warbling voice makes me tear up every time I listen. I simply love the song, it‘s probably the most beautiful song I’ve ver heard.

  30. Maybe not the absolute most but soothsayer by buckethead blows me away every time and it’s all instrumental. Same with tender surrender and for the love of god by Steve vai. Both will give anyone a new appreciation for guitar music

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