What Do You Guys Like In Idle Games

  1. I enjoy having different systems that feed into each other boosting overall progression but that also have their own individual progression.Idle Skilling best game.

  2. I also like this style of game. Do you have any suggestions for games that are like this? I've played Idle Skilling already, and another reply suggested Orb of Creation.

  3. unfolding is *the* key mechanic of idle games - as you play, new mechanics and features are revealed

  4. Ways to automate out older features should also be included. You don't want to bore your players with the same old tedium of an old mechanic. But this also doesn't have to be permanent and you can use other features to make older ones more engaging again.

  5. Also with this, you can leave a little open space to hint that something will unlock the, but please don't have it as a huge space. Ie space for once everything is unlocked, just keep adding some extra space as things are unlocked to have the hint that something will come eventually. I hate when it's just huge space of nothing, just because in a hundred hours or whatever you might have it all unlocked...

  6. Preferably i would like it if the game doesn't force me to use only 1 playstyle to make any significant progress. NGU after the early game needs you to always do 24h rebirths to gain permanent progress at a reasonable rate for example.

  7. Unfolding and story, really. Things like A Dark Room or Crank's minimalistic, evolving logs. Not opposed to a good lore dump, either.

  8. For the love of god, please don't make the mistake that many new devs in the genre make by confusing Idle, Incremental and Simple games. These are measures of different game characteristics.

  9. I probably have to make a hard choice in the near future. I called my game "Cards n Catapults Idle" which is certainly not an idle game by those standards. While I think I agree, it sucks because I think it rolls off the tongue better than "Cards n Catapults Incremental". And omitted the word makes it not sound like an incremental/idle game at all.

  10. make sure the game gets faster and faster over time, not slower and slower. Games that keep getting faster are interesting. Games that get slower and slower are boring.

  11. Keep in mind that it's highly subjective and doesn't work for all games. If you intend your game to last longer than a day or so you pretty much have to slow it down otherwise you'll have to provide new content even faster than at the start.

  12. For me it's the QOL improvement during the progression, if i have to grind ascension/reset, i would prefer if it was easier overtime with some upgrades i can unlock at a certain point, some idle games are amazing but it get so repetitive and boring to set up a new ascension that i just uninstall them

  13. If I am actually allowed to idle in my way. I want to idle with game open or closed and NOT be punished for idling the game while its closed.

  14. ye i know thats very important but the problem is are u willing to wait 1 min for the game to calculate everything u got offline?

  15. Same as last time this was asked. This gets asked often enough that a search should provide you with some good answers.

  16. im looking for ideas and i searched like 2 times when questions like mine were asked but couldnt find any good ideas so i asked by myself :D

  17. I've got carpal tunnel from working at home ( and general constant tech use) so i drop alot of games if they require to many repeated clicks. Say a game has a prestiege reset and you have to do a bunch of clicks to reset everytime.

  18. I enjoy it when there is some graphics, but not some fancy 3d ones, some simple graphics 2d style, may be just character pictures and environmental background etc. as well as no clicking involved, what I mean is that from the get go it is idle, you launch it click ones to start and done, no option to click here for faster charge or something, imho ruins all "idle" thing. imho idle is when its idle not asking u to click to speed it up or smth (goo example cookie clicker, it can be idle but it also click intensive)

  19. I like when they have some kind of 'quest' system that helps guide players progression. I guess you could use achievements for the same reason.

  20. Personally I'm a sucker for a good story. One of the first ones i played was spaceplan and it pulled me into this genre. For me an incremental game doesn't have to be infinite.

  21. My favourite idle games are the ones where you can *see* stuff happen. Don't get me wrong, plenty good games where's it's just bars filling, numbers going up / down etc, and that's cool too. But I love love LOVE games where stuff actually happens on screen.

  22. ye i understand your idea of a good idle game but i dont really know much about 3d modeling so if u want that u'll have to wait alot :/ but i know a little about 2d design so i might make a 2d game but im still thinking

  23. Collectibles. I have found that the pure 'numbers go up' is no longer sufficient motivation for me. I want a boatload of aesthetically pleasing collectibles to work towards, either as part of the main game or as a side thing.

  24. but that wouldnt make any sense.. maybe in the late game it would but i dont think most people will play that long

  25. Prestige systems are cool, as long as they're not half-assed (reset whatever took you 2 hours to complete for a 1.1x boost). Multiple layers are cool as long as they aren't repetitive (like in Omega Layers where I think the layers were procedurally generated).

  26. I like ones that start very minimalist, and gradually give you new features. I can't make myself start playing one if there's too much information being given all at once at the start. So I quite like ones like Crank, or A Dark Room.

  27. I like games that have just enough security on the save state to discourage 99.9% of users from trying to hack the saves. Then I like to hack those saves, make 5 years worth of progress in an hour of gameplay, then go read forum posts from people who are literally wasting their lives grinding away hours and days and months and $$$$ on idle games.

  28. i also feel the joy of being able to hack game's saves but my problem is that im on mobile and its hard so i just grind :D

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