CPI (M) celebrates Stalin’s death anniversary

  1. Growing up in a communist ruled WB, I remember very well the disgust regular people had for CPIM. They were considered fascists by the majority.

  2. CPIM across India still has the same issues that right wing parties and centerist parties have Family dynasty, a lot of uppercaste leaders in important positions and discrimination etc. Post a few years after their establishment they lost sight of what they stand for and became typical Indian political party

  3. Dumb fucks. Our country men love cruel authoritarians regardless of whether they are right or left.

  4. I am pretty sure even Russians adore Stalin. I never knew until I watched How to Become a Tyrant mini series. Stalin episode had a positive ending. They acknowledge that his measures were cruel and unpopular, even inhuman but in the end, he did best for the country and made it an industrial state.

  5. What do you expect from a party that is even more ideologically bankrupt than the Trinamool Congress? At least the TMC is all about holding on to power at any cost through violence. These guys on the other hand are something else. They are not only the same as the TMC when it comes to style of governance but pretend to be morally superior just because they claim to have read political and economic theory.

  6. They idolize genocidal maniacs who killed millions... and then wonder why Ukraine and their other Soviet republics all wanted independence -_-

  7. Lol if Stalin actually ruled led these people he would have starved the shit of them for his own gains if we go by his track record

  8. Pretty sure he was named that cuz Joseph died few days after mk Stalin was born. He was named that in honour of Joseph. Back then in 1953 Stalin was probably remembered for his iron will and his fight against fascism idk.

  9. The true horrors of The Soviet Union during the Stalin era came out only after his death and our Stalin was already 5-6 years of age by that time. Him retaining that name even after all these years is a big deal though. A lot of people in his own party have changed their names while entering politics so it wouldn't have been a odd thing to do

  10. Aah! Again, this fetish of bloody affinity that communists carry really makes me laugh, I mean seriously Stalin was similar as Hitler, killed millions of people, suppressed freedom of speech, democracy. When will people understand that both right and left both wings are of opportunistic, hypocrite assholes.

  11. This party is just RSS and BJP of the 'left' . Jyoti Basu was the biggest bourgeoisie. Shit show party that now supports bjp internally

  12. Looks like Indians today forgot all about the close-knit alliance between India and the Soviet Union. Saved us from becoming another Vietnam in 1971, literally built power plants, sent the first Indian on space,etc.

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