Help needed!!! Please help 🙏

  1. If your goal is to lose some kilos without going to gym and worrying about diet plan, I would recommend you to start running at least 5km a day and 30-40 minutes walking both brisk and slow. However this alone wouldn't be efficient without proper diet. To create calory deficit, you may resort to cheap (well, not that cheap in today's time) items like pulses, gram, chickpeas, green veggies, oats, eggs, milk, etc. You have to take them in a balanced way. Eat oats with milk/water in the morning, dal-rice in lunch and boiled veggies in the evening. You also have to cut your sugar intake and oil use completely. By doing this only, you'll be able to shed good amount of weight in 2 months only. Remember, consistency+discipline is the key.

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