Help Needed!!! please help me 🙏

  1. Try watching hybrid calisthenics on YouTube for at home exercises. As for diet start tracking the calories to reach your ideal weight or buy an induction and cook for yourself. Better yet buy some eggs daily(Indian diet has very less protein to begin with) and eat it with the hostel food(don't eat intuitively, eat about 1/4th less than you would normally eat) and if it fits your budget stock up on oats and other whole foods.

  2. Subah 5 baje utho, walk pe jao, fir turn walk into jogging and gradually running. Make this a habit. You will stay healthy and fit irrespective of you have a gym or not.

  3. if you are not in a really prestigious college, you would automatically be on a diet. the food is garbage. absolute trash

  4. First get a second hand cycle and go for cycling whenever you are free. Also, you can purchase pre owned weights from olx etc or a shop near you.

  5. If u want to lose weight just eat 200-300 cal below your TEE . Calculate ur BMR n TEE first. Keep ur protein .8-1gm/kg of ur body weight. Prepare a diet chart which suits u ( dont go aggressive on diet else u wont b able to sustain n end up gaining weight) . Check out Facebook group Fittr for more info everything is free there. Edit :also buy a food measurement machine (around 300rs on Amazon cause unless u start tracking what u r eating u will never be able to calculate macros n calories )

  6. Losing weight is simple, eat fewer calories than you need. You need to fix your diet tbh. Try doing things like supported pushups and try to walk around a lot. Eat your vegetables and high fiber foods and have adequate protein. Try to have a 300 calorie deficit. Apps like myfitnesspal can help you track your calories. You can find your calorie requirement from any online calorie calculator (they aren't accurate, but they help you get started). Try to gain some muscle with bodyweight exercises, you can find tutorials on YouTube , it will help you become stronger and help you in the long run. Your diet will depend on your workouts and your desired body( athletic body/ bulky body/ slim model kinda body).

  7. Install any podcast app find a park or jogging track nearby , wake up 6 or 7 am, and start running ... Just do it without thinking of any benefits, dont push too much, but make sure hou are hitting the road 3-4 days a week ..

  8. Start with walking on a daily basis. Dedicate some time for this either morning or evening. Start with brisk walking, try a bit of jogging once you are comfortable and then gradually running. You can also do body weight exercises like push-ups - maybe start with wall push-ups if you are not able to do full push-ups. Do jumping jacks, skipping. Check for YouTube videos regarding these exercises which helps you burn calories.

  9. Merely by walking for the past 4 months.. That is 9-11000 steps a day, I lost my belly fat. I was 74 kgs and now I am 63. I ate rich food only on Sundays - that is, once a week. The other days I would eat oats and cut back on wheat bread. I wake up at 3:50 am in the morning every day and walk for 45 minutes and then 40-50 minutes more throughout the day. My calories remained nearly 1800 kc a day. I am still doing the same and it is working.

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