Does this scene feel a little too familiar to anyone else?

  1. Penny Dread! It’s a great show, if you like dark and gothic atmosphere, great characters and a blend of classic monsters woven together. You should check it out, though it can be gory and over-nudity. Eva Green is incredible in the show

  2. I loved it but thought the fighting scenes were dragged out way too much and the good vs evil became a little cheesy end it Se02 imo

  3. Ah, I enjoyed this show, mostly for Vanessa's story <3 This part made me hate that doctor for knowing too much at first, and then love that doctor for knowing her.

  4. I’m usually to nervous to post anything…anywhere… ever… because I’m too affected by people saying rude or mean shit. I have to thank this sweet group for being nothing but love. It’s kinda nice to share something and have others relate❤️ Thanks fellow weirdos🤓

  5. Well ok. But what if I’m ok with all this. What if I’m happy in my isolated lil world. What if I don’t NEED someone to fill the gaps. Just let me be alone already ffs

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