My biological mother’s opinion on my severe ongoing and long-term mental health issues along with my upset that my boyfriend couldn’t visit for the holidays.

  1. Insane. This is one of the worst I’ve seen on here. Totally unhinged. I’m so sorry OP. Here is a virtual dad hug for you. This parent thinks you’re awesome.

  2. Wow they figured out the cure for depression! Finally, after countless research by professionals who overlooked this one simple solution! It's so glaringly obvious!

  3. I think people like don't realise that the brain is an organ. Your thoughts are physical things and are affected by a number of things such as hormones. Sometimes the brain can struggle to produce these hormones or another factor can result in horribly negative thoughts constantly.

  4. “Here’s a prescription for the song Don’t Worry Be happy by Bobby McFerrin, and Three Little Birds by Bob Marey. To be listened to 3 times daily, or when needed. This should cure any and all mental health issues”

  5. Have you tried just not taking medication and getting professional psychiatric help? Maybe that's the magic cure for poor mental health and mental illness is actually just caused by psychiatrists to keep them in a job!

  6. Damn, I didn’t know it was that easy to change my life lol. Instead of waking up every day sad and hating myself I could just be happy and positive in a flip of a switch?? /s

  7. She’s always villainized prescription medications for mental health, but of course not for anything else health related.

  8. My sperm donor is like this but he does it to my mom, and tells her to smoke pot instead when literally all of her meds are what’s keeping her alive right now.

  9. You’re completely right. My grandmother had to swap medications because the antidepressant was causing facial tics. The dumbass doctor on call told her to stop cold turkey and two days later she’d completed suicide.

  10. I learned the hard way about withdrawal symptoms of my meds when the pharmacy was dicking around and I essentially went cold turkey for a week. Not only did my mental health take a nose dive, but I physically felt like shit. I literally could not even drink water without feeling sick to my stomach and being plagued with the drive to force it out of my stomach so I'd feel better. Though I can't make myself throw up so I'd just basically suffer regardless.

  11. Yeah... When I read that, I thought about how the last time I went off my meds, I had a panic attack and had to run inside and cry because I saw a lizard. The lizard did not touch me. The lizard did not even move. It was there, and I just freaked the fuck out.

  12. Being a dumbass who has quit cold turkey due to dealing with my problems by avoiding them and social anxiety so I go months without a refill. Yeah don't do that. It's a really fucking bad idea. Please take my word for it. I am a dumbass so learn from my mistakes.

  13. It absolutely makes people like me not want to speak about it. It gets completely stigmatized, and why would you want to talk about something when all you’re going to do is get berated and humiliated about it?

  14. This is probably the most insane example of an insane parent I’ve seen in a long long time. She’s literally trying to get you killed. This is the type of parent you cut off while you’re in survival mode trying to keep yourself alive. She’s not only throwing gasoline on you, she’s lighting the match.

  15. The amount of pain I feel every day is instantly invalidated because of her. She’s turned my brother against me.

  16. No idea what kind of situation you're in, but I'd suggest to do your best to work on getting away from this person so you won't have to rely on her. Nobody needs this kind of toxicity in their lives.

  17. People with clinical major depression: "My mind is so fundamentally broken on a chemical level that on many days eating, drinking, and even breathing are exhausting, joyless chores. Everything that once made me happy now only causes physical pain, taunting me with the torment of lost joy. Nothing even feels real, I go through every day in a tired haze, pretending to still be a real person."

  18. Once I got blocked for trying to explain that clinical depression can be treated, not cured because apparently Mr. neurotypical decided he knew my own experiences better than myself and my therapists/psychologists/med specialists.

  19. Sounds like she's one of the types of people who got older but never grew up. I'm convinced that my mother is only six and my dad is 10 or 12. You'd almost definitely be better off without them imo

  20. update - bio mom had a talk with my adoptive mom and proceeded to berate me, humiliate me, and insist that she’s right. Brother went on and mocked me. I’m done.

  21. I am so so sorry that this is what you are dealing with on top of mental health issues, and especially now during the holidays season. You deserve nothing but love and kindness and I’m so sorry your bio mom is the way she is. I don’t know you but you seem like a good person and no one deserves to be spoken to the way you have been spoken to, and treated. I’m glad your adoptive mom is in your corner and I hope things take a turn for the better here soon. All you can do is focus on doing the best things for you. Things will be better❤️

  22. That's awful and I'm so sorry, but ⬆️ for the last sentence. I'm sorry these people have been in your life so far, but I am glad you seem to have people who love you and care for you. You got this, just please look after yourself.

  23. Thankfully, I have a wonderful adoptive mother who would never do this to me. This woman lost custody of me when I was 1.5 years old and instantly lost custody to my older brother and sister. She was a serious drug addict starting my age and through a couple decades and still has the audacity to say that I’m exactly like her.

  24. YIKES. I’m sorry this is what you have to deal with. You are on the path to healing. Don’t let her ruin it for you. xoxo

  25. She sounds like a 14yo with jealousy, bullying and attention seekers issues… holy fuck that is horrific. I’m so sorry you’re going through this when you aren’t in the best place mentally. Hope you can have a break from her horrible personality and focus on yourself.

  26. I'm so sorry. No one should ever deal with parents like this. And the phrase at the end: "you think you know everything, but you're wrong"

  27. My mom is the same way. Tell that bitch to kick rocks with glass feet. That will probably do more wonders for you than anything.

  28. Wowww! SO sorry, omg this is horrible. I don’t even usually comment on stuff. But holy shit this is unfathomable. Hope things start to improve for you soon 💗 I also struggle with mental health issues and can’t imagine having to deal with this bullshit from a parent. So sorry OP.

  29. Where did these fucking idiots get the whole “definition of insanity” shit from? Whenever I hear someone say that, even offhand, it makes me think less of them and everything they believe.

  30. She lost custody of me when I was one. I turned 17 on the 19th. Hopefully I can get a place far away from her with my boyfriend once I’m older, but she always uses every loophole to get to me. Exhausting.

  31. Legit don’t get why y’all don’t tell ya horrible parents to just stfu I don’t get the back and forth with someone who’s this ignorant, regardless of their bullshit title

  32. My mom "uhh...antidepressants are worthless, my mother beat me and abused me emotionally when I was a child and we absolutely neglected you until you were 15... SO WHAT, why are you depressed, it's bullshit, get over it". Meanwhile, she pays some random dude 100 currency to come and cleanse their house of evil spirits.

  33. I don’t understand how anyone could speak this way to their literal flesh and blood child. You’re likely the cause of most of their mental conditions, and yet you talk to them like it’s not your fault. I’m incredulous at the thought.

  34. Nothing pisses me off more than somebody telling me to get off my fucking meds. If I was off my fucking meds I would be dead. If I could function properly on positivity I would be, wouldn’t you think? Nobody chooses to have a chemical imbalance. But I did choose to fucking live instead of take my own life. For me to live, I need these pills. Your biological mother would prefer a dead child, plain and simple. She’s a fucking disgrace and when she dies, let me know, I’d like to go spit on her grave.

  35. When I stopped taking my antidepressants cold turkey because I decided to listen to a bat shit insane relative all I wanted to do was kill myself. Don't listen to them

  36. I fucking hate when people tell someone who is depressed to "just be happy". It's literally the most stupid thing you could fucking say. As if they haven't tried to just be happy. That's not how the brain works.

  37. Everything up to moms text about “personal experience” is my mother & grandparents. I am in recovery from drug addiction & have diagnosed ADHD & Borderline personality disorder.

  38. i relate to this too hard considering I’ve had almost this exact conversation with my mother lol, insane asf

  39. Block her for a week. Only unblock if she agrees to stop her shit. Say what you will and wont talk to her about. If violates thos boundrys block her for a while. You dont need this kinda negative in your life.

  40. What a nightmare. I hope you can see your boyfriend soon and have the ability to hug a horse, or a dog or any other being that gives you comfort for the holidays.

  41. You could just block her. If you're adopted by a good family, why not just drop her drugged out ass if she can't be a shade of a decent person to you?

  42. Wow this is like an actual conversation I have had with my own mother recently. It's so draining. I was no contact for 3 years and broke it and now I'm miserable again and want to die . How can one person do that I don't know but here I am living it.

  43. Love the transactional nature of her relationship with you. “Give me back the money I gave you for your birthday.” is a very telling statement.

  44. I don't understand why the conversation continued past the second page. This applies to almost every post I see here. Parents or not, ghost these fuckers.

  45. You should just speech-to-text (because I certainly wouldn't want to write that out) her comments back to her, but include punctuation.

  46. I hate when people say that doing something over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity

  47. Punt that bitch to the moon! Then block her from everything. Move to another residence asap and don't tell her where you live. I can't fucking stand people that gloss over mental health issues like this. Meds are taken for a reason and they come with side affects so you still have to put your body through other shit if you want to be mentally stable.

  48. This is so evil it makes me wish you would publicly post this so that her friends and family can see what a vile piece of shit she is. You’ve tried, she basically won’t stop until you’re dead. I would go no contact for your safety and your sanity. Virtual hugs.

  49. I hope you get independent enough you can go no contact. I couldn't even dream of putting up with this much ignorance and insensitivity. All I have are good vibes to send for now, take care of yourself.

  50. Are you financially dependent on her in any way? She immediately brings up money. When I was getting tossed out for being gay, after I cut anything they were helping me with, it got better.

  51. No. She hasn’t had custody since I was one. She’s just spiteful and will do anything to upset you in exchange for making her feel better.

  52. God this sucks!!! How do people still not get it?!?!?!?!? good for you for standing up for yourself even though she ignored it. When people have said thing like that to me (you should be dependent on the meds) I tell them they are dependent on the same thing, it just so happens that their brain makes the it naturally and mine doesn't. So F off.

  53. God, some posts just make me wish I could text these people and just tell them to go to hell and that they suck, this is one of those. Good luck OP, it's not much but strangers on the internet are in your corner

  54. Personally, meds keep me sane enough not to off myself. If it weren’t for pharmaceutical intervention, I wouldn’t be here.

  55. Only a shithead believes depression isn’t real, suicidal people are putting on a “victim act,” and stopping meds that are working will fix everything.

  56. I want to punch your mother in the face and what the hell is with the fucking I was you shit. No lady you weren’t your daughter is her own person. I hope your therapist and physiatrist help you. And I really hope you don’t live with your mother.

  57. No, it's pretty insane to tell someone to stop taking their meds, saying they're just depressed bc of a boy and need to just cheer up

  58. I don't understand why some people have kids. I could never imagine speaking to or treating my child like this. I'm sorry you have a shit parent, op.

  59. Oh My GEEEEEEEZ BROOOOO! wtf?! i’m sorry you deal with that. my best friend has the same issues with her mom, i’m blown away a mom can be this clueless and mean! you hang in there!!!

  60. You don’t deserve to be treated this way. You’re brave and amazing for seeking treatment and pushing forward. She should be proud of your perseverance but she’s not so to hell with her. I’m proud of you, OP. You deserve a healthy life and all the happiness and love.

  61. Your mom is the equivalent of someone who beats the broken limbs of their own children. I am so sorry you have to put up with this. Digital hugs. We believe in you.

  62. Ah yes narcissistic gaslighting at its finest. With the "You don't know everything, you don't know me, you don't know yourself" special and the "I think I'm smarter than multiple mental experts" on the side

  63. Reading this makes me feel like I’m talking with my own mom over my mental health. Sorry you gotta go through that.

  64. I can't understand how people can be that stupid. I think that if all it took to cure depression was trying to be positive and feel happy, then no one would be depressed in the first place.

  65. I don't know what it is about the parents in this sub, but they never use punctuation correctly and it annoys me so much. Like, goddammit if you're gonna be an asshole, than atleast make it readable.

  66. Fuck her. Seriously. She can fuck right off. You were much more polite than I would be. Gee, just tell myself everything is fine and my 20+ years of major depression disorder will just disappear? Who knew? I am glad you have a solid psych team. Give yourself the gift of boundaries.

  67. Been to this exact spot many years ago before cell phones, except my mother said it to my face. Put that bitch on a very strict info diet. The less she knows, the healthier you will be. Start making really defined boundaries with her, too. You keep doing what you are doing and stay strong. You will wear her down to the point that she will play by your rules. I can say this 20 odd years later. Being consistent is the most efficient way to get through to people like this. You got this ❤️

  68. You deserve better, OP. You deserve love and compassion. May your condition, whatever it may be, improve and may you experience a state of wellbeing as a result. We are here for you!

  69. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, she’s an absolute narcissist. Got to be somewhere on the narcissistic spectrum to flip this around and make it about her. Sending big hugs.

  70. Sounds like my mom. I bet she's also pulled the "your pain is my pain and knowing you're in pain hurts me more than it hurts you". Just so much BS packed into words - I had to limit conversation about the dog and the weather.

  71. I hope you can have nice holidays even if you cant spend them with your boyfriend in person. long distance relationships in the pandemic are rough, hope he can visit soon

  72. Hey, I have a mom that does the exact same shit to me. She was supportive at first but as I've aged and learned my depression has got much worse and it's hard for me to see the light most days. In this time she started to slowly but surely integrate what she thought would "help". Telling me to get off my meds. Telling me therapy wouldn't work. Wanting me to let people back in my life I've cut out for dragging me down. You're not alone just so you know. These texts reminded me of the hundreds of arguments I've had with my mother. Stay strong. Once you have everything together for yourself mentally you can totally cut her out. That's my plan. I know she isn't good for me. I just have to deal with it for a little bit longer.

  73. Her reaction is a reflection on herself, not you. She seems like a person incapable of compassion, and probably cannot see past her own needs. You are exploring ways to feel good and be treated. Please continue doing what you are doing - it is a task/journey, but there are ways to feel better.

  74. I knew she was trouble when she used the wrong your then proceeded to say why she knew everything. Girl, you don't even know contractions.

  75. block her, maybe send a text saying you are and that you just want personal space. reconnect with her when you are mentally able to. Same with your brother at this time it's probably better if your getting negativity. sending positive thoughts your way I hope you start feeling better.

  76. i want the bday money back, lady once you gift it, its not yours. I feel so bad that this is your Parent. So cringe.... Ignore that cont and do what makes you happy. Sounds like she needs alota help, she is in no way good enough to be handing out terrible advice lol

  77. Wow. Insane and the lack of punctuation is just maddening. OP, you're better off just letting this woman go and move on with your life. It's not going to improve with her, but you can move forward, heal and have a life free from this madness.

  78. I’m so sorry that you have someone like that in your life. My dad’s been bugging me nonstop about a Christmas party that I don’t give a fuck about. For three months.

  79. Sorry, but your mum can just fuck off and die in a hole for all I care. She is so insufferable. So sorry you're dealing with that shit.

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