Blue cheese has mold in it

  1. And yet none of them replied to defend their choice. I would've been like, "bitch, my moldy cheese dressing is DELICIOUS with bacon wrapped dates!"

  2. Blue cheese is made using a type of mold called Penicillium, which is responsible for its distinct taste, smell, and appearance. Unlike other types of mold, the types of Penicillium used to produce blue cheese do not produce mycotoxins and are considered safe to consume.

  3. Can we get a bot that replies "blue cheese has mold in it" to any comment containing "blue cheese"? I think it would help educate people about the hazards of blue cheese.

  4. American cheese— like the actual cheese, the stuff from the deli— is objectively better in all applications where you’d use Kraft Singles if anyone needed to know. I mostly use it on sandwiches (or eat two slices straight from the bag like some sort of transient cheese goblin).

  5. Cathie is apparently unaware that ranch is made with either sour cream or buttermilk, which are both basically spoiled dairy products that have bacteria growing in them.

  6. Last time I was home, I made a flippant comment to my mother about how she and my stepdad always cooked their steaks well past well done... honestly, I'd rather eat my shoes than their cooking. She responded with something about not wanting to get sick from raw meat. I think she and Cathie would get along great!

  7. I like a lot of cheeses, and there are some tasty fungi, but blue cheese dressing tastes fuckin' nasty. Few things are worse than getting them mixed up at a salad bar, expecting the taste of ranch based on the appearance, and getting a bite of swampass instead.

  8. She is not even the OP asking the question about salad dressing. She's just some random on a campaign against Blue cheese.

  9. Check out Lubalin on Instagram, he sings this with Jimmy Fallon and Alison Brie. So good 😂. Blue cheese has moooold in it 🎶

  10. Who the fuck eats bleu cheese with tuna?! I’ll admit I’m allergic so I don’t eat tuna at all but I imagine fish with bleu cheese would be awful!

  11. It may be edible mould, but I still don't like the taste. I love cheese in general, but I just don't like blue cheese.

  12. I like it more than ranch on my fries and fried chicken (I’m talking stuff like hot bar grocery store chicken and fries or their homemade counterparts— fast food ranch is acceptable. Store bought ranch is weird, and dine-in ranch is inconsistent.) Typing this made me realize I kinda have issues with food, huh

  13. Haven't seen this one before but I looked at it and completely expected the line to turn into a meme. I was very excited to see it in the comments already being deconstructed, and then very disappointed to learn this one's an old fuck like I am I guess

  14. Still trying to find out what my sister is allergic to in certain types of cooking, but she can't have certain types of food from Indian restaurants because of a reaction. Sucks since she seemed to enjoy the dishes until noticing a reaction.

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