Please help me with my instant pot nemesis: rice

  1. I gave up and went back to my rice cooker. I use both at the same time pretty frequently, so it is worth it to me to have both. Rice turns out 100% of the time.

  2. While I agree with rice cooker, there are a few recipes that benefit from making the rice PIP method in the IP while you make the main coarse in there too because you can potentially use less water in the main recipe (use already hot water for the rice so it heats up quickly and builds pressure before you get a burn notice).

  3. I've tried rinsing and not rinsing both come out the same for me. For me, the ip is the only device that rice comes out perfect in.

  4. I wasn't rinsing and convinced myself this was the issue, was really disappointed when I tried rinsing and still ended up with rice stuck to the bottom of the pot.

  5. I will look into this, thanks. I think I would need to purchase a new pan to use as an inner pot though, I doubt any of my current ones are suitable.

  6. I have a rice cooker. I love it; use it about once a week. More than justifies the minimal amount I spent on it at Costco.

  7. I have wondered for some time whether there might be a 'fault' in some individual IP's where they get too hot?? The thing is, I've never had a burn warning, ever. And rice is the one thing that I cook most frequently in the IP. It's perfect and clean-up is easy-peasy. Yet, there are many people who struggle with frequent burn warnings. Could it be an occasional product defect?

  8. I did wonder this since I got a burn alert on a paella recipe too, the recipe had hundreds of positive reviews and I followed the instructions exactly. Non-rice recipes always turn out fine.

  9. 1 & 1/2 cup rice and 2 cups water. High pressure for 3 minutes and natural release for 10. This is my go to method.

  10. I gave up and just cook mine on the stove. Lol. But I might try that pot in pot method someone mentioned. Seems like that would work.

  11. I have the problem where the Instant Pot always gives me the "burn" error when I cook rice, but if I use enough water to prevent this, it throws of the water-to-rice ratio that gives me the drier, fluffier texture I like.

  12. Do a PIP method (pot in pot) to prevent burning if you really have to use the instant pot. But with the heat up time and a natural releass the IP doesn't save very much time for rice. Rice cookers work by being done when all of the water is either absorbed or boiled off which is hard to get perfect in an IP. I would actually recommend a rice cooker.

  13. I haven't actually tried the rice button because the advice online suggested cooking on high pressure is better/quicker but I should maybe give it a whirl.

  14. I uses PiP for rice. I have a 7 cup pyrex dish that fits perfectly inside. I never have problems with the rice getting hard in the bottom. Plus I can fluff the rice, and put it right in the fridge with it's cover.

  15. I had the same problem with the burn signal for any recipe with rice. Decided to cook rice with the pot in pot method. A pot that contains rice, liquid and anything else on a trivet, with a cup of water beneath it. Perfect every time. Rince your rice until the water is almost clear and use a 1:1 ratio minus a good tablespoon of water per cup since your wet rice has some water already. Check Amy and Jackie web site as others have suggested to get the ratios and timing depending on the grains you are cooking.

  16. Each rice is different. There's a chart in the little booklet that comes with the machine. In my experience, the chart isn't accurate unless you use manual, low pressure. Even so, I regularly decrease the time by a minute or so. Also, don't let it do a natural release. When the timer goes off, let the pressure out. Take it out of the pot if you aren't eating it right away. The warm feature dries it out very quickly and will burn it. I don't use the pre-programmed rice setting at all.

  17. I normally spray the pot with cooking spray to keep it from sticking. Also I rinse my rice very thoroughly. I do a 1:1 rice/water ratio and 5 minutes on high pressure, quick release for jasmine rice. You could also try adding some olive oil to the rice to keep it from sticking, maybe like a tablespoon or two!

  18. Funny! I’be had the worst luck cooking rice in anything OTHER THAN an Instantpot! Check out the Amy + Jacky blog as suggested. Once you get the formula (different for different rices and preferences), I’ll bet you’ll never go back to regular pot rice cooking

  19. I use a smaller ceramic pot on the trivet, and add some water underneath to steam the rice. Never get that sticking like when you put rice directly in the pot

  20. Here’s my method, 1:1 rice to water, hit the rice option ~8 minutes. Let naturally release 10 min after the beep. Total 18 min. Release pressure and open the lid. Perfect rice, at least for me!

  21. I'm sitting here munching on my MIL's awesome Jamaican rice and peas (with homemade coconut milk mmm!) that she made in my instant pot. I don't know how the hell her non-technologically-inclined-self figured out how to do it but damn it tastes good.

  22. Spray instapots with nonstick spray. Then wash rice thoroughly with cold water. You can even let it soak for 5 minutes. Then place the rice inside the instapot. You're going to measure the level of the rice with your index finger touching the bottom of the pot rice should reach the first knuckle Point under your nail bed and then when adding water should reach your second knuckle best you should have correct ratio of rice to water

  23. If it's burning or still hard then you're not putting in enough water. Short grain needs 1:1 ratio. I cook mine for 11 mins then let it nat release.

  24. Sounds like the water is boiling off too soon. If your IP is not leaking pressure (???), then Maybe you need a little bit more water for that kind of rice. What kind of rice are you cooking?

  25. What rice are you trying to make? I usually make basmati rice and do the following to get nice, fluffy rice:

  26. High pressure for 6min. Same amount of water as rice. For two people I make 1 tea mug of water with 1 tea mug of rice. Wash the rice first. Salt.

  27. I'd try experimenting with different types of rice. I use basmati, 1:1 ratio, 5 min high pressure 10 min release, and it comes out perfect. If I don't put it into a container within an hour it'll start to dry up, so I always serve it right away and put the rest in a sealed container.

  28. I cook rice all the time and never have any issue. All I do it equal parts of rice and water; I usually do 3 cups of each for my family. A dash of salt. Pressure cook for 6 minutes and I let it naturally release until I'm ready to eat it. Sometimes the burn warning will come up, but I just ignore it and let it finish. It is always perfect. Maybe try a different rice? Or maybe a touch more water? Good luck!

  29. 1:1 rice to water make sure you rinse the rice well and you are using a measuring cup for both the rice and water if you use the notches inside the pot it won't work. High pressure for 4 minutes make sure keep warm is turned off and let the pot sit after the timer finishes until the pressure naturally releases and you can open the pot without opening the vent valve

  30. I live at a high altitude so I had to try out different amounts of water. However as for your rice sticking I recommend you spray the entire Instant Pot with cooking spray

  31. I do 5 mins pressure, natural release for 5 min, then let it sit for 5 mins. I mostly do basmati and long white, but this works well every time.

  32. Put 25% more water than the recipe says and see what happens. Also white rice needs 4 minutes on high not 12 minutes like some recipes say.

  33. Long grain brown rice here: Brown a pat of butter (could sub oil) with sauté mode then toast 2 cups of washed rice in the butter, stirring intermittently for ~3 mins. Add 2.25 cups of water and stir. Cook for 15 mins with high pressure followed by natural release. Perfect every time...

  34. I do basmati rice and brown rice often. For both, I rinse the rice first for a few mins, then add more water than a 1:1 ratio. Today I cooked 3 cups of basmati rice and I put almost 4 cups of water. I never do a natural release with rice and I turn off the "keep warm" function so it doesn't overcook. As soon as it beeps I release the pressure with the valve and my rice is always PERFECT. I do 4 mins for basmati / white rice and 22 mins for brown rice.

  35. I typically make jasmine rice, which is also long grain. But I do the water ratio listed on the rice bag to at least 3 cups rice, and then cook on high pressure for 5 min. As soon as it is done, I manually release. Always have great rice!

  36. I always do 1 cup of water for 1 cup of rice for 5 minutes manual pressure high heat. I like to put a little butter and salt in while it cooks. Let it realease naturally. Once it's done immediately fluff the rice so it doesn't get hard at the bottom!

  37. One problem I had when doing rice in the IP was rinsing vs not rinsing. Rice will hold A LOT of water when you rinse. This means you with rinsed rice, you should follow the directions of 1:1. 1 cup rice 1 cup water.

  38. I have an 8 qt instant pot Duo Crisp with no rice function and have this problem with rice and I concluded that it's a 8qt vs 6qt problem since most recipes are for 6 qts and most people have 6 qts. I assume it needs to be filled more.

  39. I love rice from the IP. It took us a while to find a recipe that works for us and finally did. Here is what we do: Spray the bottom of the IP with cooking spray. We use a lot. Rinse basmati rice until it runs clear. Dump the rice in, Add chicken stock, plus a extra little bit. We do 1:1 + extra squirt. Bay leaf, salt…. Anything else you want. Shake the pot to even it all out. High pressure for 7 minutes. Let sit 10 minutes then quick release. Yummmmmmmmmmmm

  40. This comes out perfect every time: 2c rice, rinsed well, 2c water. Cook 4 minutes on high, release for 10.

  41. Is your rice fresh? Rice that has gotten old in the cupboard or store can turn hard as rock. Start with rice you know is fresh. Maybe buy from an Asian market.

  42. I am an Indian who lives in rice. I started cooking rice when my rice electric cooker gave up and I was not happy with instant pot output, but now I can confidently say that I mastered it with instant pot too. I use rinsed Sona masoori rice ( rice to water ratio is 1:2 ratio), pressure cooker - 4 mins high. I normally open the lid after 15 mins or so but you can release the pressure immediately as well.

  43. Rice is a steaming process, the Instant Pot is a pressure cooker. Just like how you love your InstantPot, buy a Zojirushi and you'll feel the same about it and rice.

  44. Who needs a pressure cooker to make rice? Just use the saute function to pilaf it with some oil, then cover it with twice the volume of water, wait for it to boil, then cut the heat off and cover it for 15 minutes.

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