Yasuke, a former Mozambique slave who became a samurai in 1581.

  1. Came looking for this reference. I thought Nioh was so cool for the focus it put on real historical elements of Japan, particularly the lesser-known elements like an Irish samurai or an African samurai. So cool.

  2. Yeah documentary necessary now! For an outsider to make samurai status means mad props from the locals and the feudal lord who elevated him. IDNK

  3. (Idk if this is true or not) when he arrived to japan as a slave, the feudal lord at that time thought he was a god because he’s never seen a black man before and because the god of prosperity is represented as a black statue. The feudal lord invited him to his castle and ordered for the black pigment to be rubbed off his skin, believing it to be ink. After the feudal lord found out that pigment was really Yasuke’s skin, he threw a feast in Yasuke’s honor and made him a samurai. I think they also became best friends.

  4. Photography was still in its infancy back then, and color photos would not being to appear until 1746.

  5. It is debated whether he was inducted as a samurai. As records show he was gifted a sword and sheath not made a samurai, but a fascinating story nonetheless.

  6. I spent waaay too long trying to find out if this was actually him (you know, like a really well-preserved mummy). Turns out it's a piece of art.

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